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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 21 Recap

Before Chu Yunxiao was caught, Shangguan Rufeng asked Chen Feng to continue to send additional manpower to catch the turtles in an urn for Chu Yunxiao. Leng Xingchen has been locked up, Shangguan Rufeng liked her and asked her who she would choose between Chu Yunxiao and him. Leng Xingchen said without hesitation that he could not even compare to a single piece of Chu Yunxiao’s hair. Chu Yunxiao made Ji Xuanyuan a free man.

Ji Xuanyuan had long regarded him as a friend, so he didn’t want to leave. Shangguan Rufeng told Leng Xingchen that she had the blood of the former royal family, and with the current strength of the Ghost Palace, he could help Leng Xingchen recover the country. He gave her two choices, one is to obey him, and the other is to die. Leng Xingchen would rather die than obey him.

Chu Yunxiao and Ji Xuanyuan found Shangguan Qianqian and said that her father Shangguan Manor was still alive. The two anxiously wanted to leave Qixia Mountain Villa and were besieged by Shangguan like wind. Just when Shangguan Rufeng was about to kill Chu Yunxiao, a masked man in black came forward to rescue Chu Yunxiao, and he and Ji Xuanyuan left Qixia Villa.

Although I don’t know who this masked chivalrous is, Chu Yunxiao has an inexplicable sense of familiarity. They were going to find Hu Wanhua and the two to rendezvous, and then discuss the next move, but they did not know that Hu Wanhua and Gao Yue had been captured by Chen Feng long ago. Gao Yue was surprised and delighted when he saw his father who had died and resurrected.

Gao Shi told them that this incident could be traced back to the covenant signed with Shenshui Palace. He and Nangongmiao felt bad after hearing that the leader of the Scimitar League and the leader of the Beggar Gang disappeared, so they thought of a method of severe injury and suspended animation. Unexpectedly, Ghost Master saw through their plan. As for Nangongmiao, he has been tortured to death by the ghost son. Although the leader of the beggar gang has not died, his internal strength has been lost.

Shangguan Qianqian sneaked over to Houshan and saw that it was heavily guarded. Gao Yue and Hu Wanhua stunned the guards, got the keys and rescued Gao Shi and Qiao Rui. Shangguan Rufeng sternly questioned Shangguan Manor, accusing him of pushing himself into the fire ruthlessly because of the Tie Family. He thought that the person who saved himself from the fire was a savior, but he pushed Shangguan like the wind into another hell.

Before he started to learn to speak, he had already learned how to kill. Shangguan Rufeng was in extreme pain. He pushed all the pain and hatred on Chu Yunxiao, and Shangguan Manor was also in great pain when he looked at his already irrational son. Shangguan Rufeng left the prison. Shangguan Qianqian, who was hiding in the corner, heard all the conversation and burst into tears. She did not expect that her beloved brother would imprison her father for many years.

She was determined to rescue him. Shangguan Rufeng slowed down, and once again begged Leng Xingchen to be with him. If she cared about his identity, he could no longer care about the ghost palace. But even though Shangguan Rufeng was so humble, Leng Xingchen still stated that the person he liked was Chu Yunxiao, and Shangguan Rufeng knocked her out for this.

Soon, news of Gao Shi and others escaping reached Shangguan Rufeng, and he ordered additional personnel to search. Chu Yunxiao and Gao Yue reunited, and after they talked about their experiences, they planned to find a place for long-term discussions. Shangguan Qianqian asked his brother why he had to put his father in a dungeon to torment him, and then learned about Shangguan Rufeng’s painful experience.

She begged her brother to let her father go. Shangguan Rufeng was unwilling. Shangguan Qianqian threatened her with death, but he was easily forced to use the knife and ordered Chen Feng to look at her well.

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