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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 20 Recap

Chu Yunxiao told them that the reason why he came to Qixia Villa was because he suspected that Shangguan Rufeng was related to Young Master Ghost. Before that, Qiao Rui had disappeared and Shangguan Rufeng happened to pass through Fuzhou. This time Gao Shi and Nangongmiao disappeared, and Shangguan Rufeng also disappeared. Appearing in Huashan, this has to make him suspect that there is a connection between them.

Seeing that one of them was dead, Shangguan Rufeng urged that the sentence be suspended. Shangguan Qianqian took Hu Wanhua and Gao Yue to stroll around Qixia Mountain Villa. Gao Yue discovered the wooden sword he gave his father when he was a child. In a heavy mood, she went back to Qixia Villa with Shangguan Qianqian on the pretext of being unwell.

Leng Xingchen didn’t want to believe that Shangguan Rufeng was a bad person. Chu Yunxiao knew that what happened last time made her feel good about Shangguan Rufeng, but these things involved were related to Shangguan Rufeng. He had to doubt Shangguan Rufeng’s identity. During the period, a deaf-mute man came, and Chu Yunxiao deliberately mentioned the names of Young Master Ghost and Shangguan Rufeng.

This deaf-mute man took a break and let Chu Yunxiao understand that he was lying to them. Gao Yue believed that the disappearance of her father’s body was related to Qixia Mountain Villa. She planned to search that small road. Hu Wanhua accompanied her. Chu Yunxiao told him not to act rashly if he found a clue. Shangguan Qianqian went to look for her brother and found a nice necklace on his bed, which she took away.

Chu Yunxiao and Ji Xuanyuan were looking for clues at Qixia Mountain Villa, but he didn’t want to tell Leng Xingchen about this because he felt that Leng Xingchen was still safe for the time being. That night, they searched around and found nothing. The next day, they followed a suspicious person and found a place guarded by guards. After lying to Chen Feng, the two touched back here.

At the same time, Leng Xingchen found the necklace on Shangguan Qianqian’s neck and learned that it was sent by Shangguan Rufeng. Leng Xingchen immediately went to him and asked him clearly. Chu Yunxiao discovered the organ and pushed it into the dungeon, and ordered Ji Xuanyuan to guard it outside. In this hidden dungeon, Chu Yunxiao spotted an old man with white temples.

He claimed to be the owner of the Shangguan Manor of Qixia Mountain Villa. He was originally one of the dead men of the Tie Family, so he knew that Chu Yunxiao was surnamed Tie. Leng Xingchen questioned Shangguan Rufeng about the necklace. Even though Shangguan Rufeng’s reasons were well compiled, Leng Xingchen saw through him. After hearing the news from his servant, Shangguan Rufeng finally revealed his true colors and knocked out Leng Xingchen.

Chen Feng wanted to lead people to set fire in the back mountain. Ji Xuanyuan stopped him and was almost stabbed from behind by Chen Feng with a sword. Fortunately, Chu Yunxiao rushed to point Chen Feng’s acupoint in time. Chu Yunxiao was worried because Shangguan Dongyuan told him that Shangguan Rufeng is now the master of the ghost hall, that is, the ghost master.

Every master of the ghost hall is called the ghost son. In order to preserve the blood of the Tie Family, Shangguan Dongyuan sent his children out. Shangguan Rufeng survived a catastrophe, found him and avenged him. This is also Shangguan Rufeng. The reason for hating Chu Yunxiao. Hu Wanhua and Gao Yue were shocked when they saw the corpse of the leader of the Scimitar League exposed in the wilderness by the lake.

Chu Yunxiao pressed his acupuncture points heavily, but did not kill him. Leng Xingchen woke up and found that she was locked in the house, angrily she broke all the fragile objects in the house. Gao Yue felt that these recent events made her feel so tired, and Hu Wanhua comforted her. Chu Yunxiao already knew the details of Shangguan Rufeng and knew that he was a victim back then, so Chu Yunxiao didn’t plan to kill him.

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