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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 19 Recap

When they came to the mourning hall, they found that Gao Shi had gone to funeral, because Gao Shi’s body began to rot and smell bad this morning. Chu Yunxiao caught up to stop him, Gao Yue ordered the people to lift the coffin back again. Chen Quan knelt down and confessed his mistake. He said Gao Shi did not aphasia before his death, but he told Gao Yue not to tell Gao Yue about it, lest she do it for himself. Revenge, he didn’t make it clear who hurt him.

Just as Leng Xingchen was about to open the coffin for an autopsy, he unexpectedly discovered that Gao Shi’s body was missing. Gao Yue was so angry that he would go to Nangong Ye’s father, Nangongmiao, to inquire about it, but was persuaded by others to calm down.

Chu Yunxiao said that the person who took Gao Shi’s body would definitely leave a clue, so Gao Yue asked the middle school disciple to find the clue. Hu Wanhua and Ji Xuanyuan were in a group, while Leng Xingchen and Chu Yunxiao were in a group to find clues. The two met Nangong Ye on their way. Nangong Ye still cared about the headless general last time, and had a bad attitude towards them.

As a result, they didn’t wait for them to talk about Gao Shi, they accidentally learned that Nangong Miao was missing. The last time he parted with Nangong Ye and said that he wanted to talk to Gao Shi again, he disappeared. Chu Yunxiao told him the news of Gao Shi’s accidental death, and Nangong Ye was very surprised, and immediately prepared to go to Huashan to ask Gao Yue to ask questions.

On Huashan, Nangong Ye and Gao Yue misunderstood each other. Gao Yue believed that Nangong Ye took his father’s body, and Nangong Ye believed that his father’s disappearance was related to the Huashan School. The two broke into a fight, and were blocked by Chu Yunxiao. Chu Yunxiao persuaded them to sit down and have a good conversation. Chu Yunxiao figured out the whole story, hoping that they would not get angry until the truth came out.

Nangong Ye was going to wait at the inn under the mountain. Both Hu Wanhua and Ji Xuanyuan thought that Nangong Ye had a problem, so Chu Yunxiao asked them to follow Nangong Ye in secret. Chen Quan told them that the last time he saw Nangongmiao was when he was arguing with Gao Shi, he felt that Nangongmiao still cared about retiring.

Chu Yunxiao was 90% confident that Nangongmiao’s disappearance was related to the disappearance of Senior Gao Shi and the Covenant of Beauty Tu, and that they might have been taken away by the same person or the same force, and they might still be in the Huashan Mountain. Gao Yue decided to increase the manpower to search the entire Huashan Mountain, unless the murderer can fly away, otherwise she must find this person.

Chu Yunxiao felt that Nangong Ye might not be the person they were looking for. If they found a breakthrough, they could push back and start investigating Nangong Miao’s disappearance. Gao Yue has already expanded the search range, and she and them are divided into four groups and finally meet in one place.

The crowd searched and found traces of the Wind Sword left by Nangongmiao on the way, and there was a signal from the Ghost Palace in front of them. They asserted that the incident was related to the Ghost Palace, and Nangong Ye planned to return to the mansion to gather people to rescue his father. Shangguan Rufeng came to Chu Yunxiao and the others, planning to unite their forces to arrest the ghost son, Gao Yue also went to Qixia Villa with them.

The leader of the Scimitar League and the leader of the Beggar Gang, Qiao Rui, have been forcibly beaten, and one of them died unbearably. Chu Yunxiao began to doubt Shangguan Rufeng, and when he asked who he had learned from, Shangguan Rufeng’s answer was ambiguous.

Seeing that Shangguan Rufeng had something to do, Chu Yunxiao left first. Shangguan Qianqian wanted to take them around Qixia Mountain Villa, but Chu Yunxiao refused on the grounds that she was tired from the recent travel and asked her to take them to a place of rest.

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