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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 18 Recap

Shangguan Rufeng took people back to the Valley of Souls, but only a few surviving news was posted on the rivers and lakes. Recently, he is taking people to various schools to explain the matter. Leng Xingchen had been thinking about why someone would take the Beggar Gang and abduct Qiao Rui under the guise of Shenshui Palace Empress, Chu Yunxiao inferred that this might be related to the covenant on the beauty picture.

In this case, both the Nangong Family Patriarch and the Huashan Sect may be in danger. Chu Yunxiao wants to find time to tell Gao Yue to make them be more careful. Gao Shi was seriously injured and returned to the Huashan faction. Chen Quan immediately helped him in.

Chu Yunxiao and Leng Xingchen went to the Beggar Gang, but the Beggar Gang had long known that Chu Tiankuo was arrested. They exhausted the strength of the entire gang, but they have never been able to find news about the leader Qiao Rui. Qiao Rui’s martial arts is so great that Elder Cui can’t think of anyone who can easily take him away.

Following Chu Tiankuo’s thoughts, Leng Xingchen felt that as long as he checked which masters had recently appeared near Fuzhou, he should be able to know who took Qiao Rui. Gao Shi was seriously ill and unconscious, and they planned to let people go down the mountain to inform Gao Yue as soon as possible. Chu Tiankuo wrote a letter and asked to send it according to the address on the letter.

In the conversation with Elder Cui just now, Chu Yunxiao kept silent about Lord Ghost, which surprised Leng Xingchen. Chu Yunxiao said that Young Master Ghost might have a clear identity like Li Jingyi, so he refused to show his true colors and his martial arts was very strong. After Chu Tian was so wide, he invited Hu Wanhua and others to a banquet and thanked them for what happened last time. Seeing Gao Yue’s discomfort, Leng Xingchen also gave Chu Yunxiao a look. Lin Shan rushed to the Chu Mansion to tell Gao Yue about Gao Shi’s serious injury, and Chu Yunxiao rushed back to the Huashan faction with them.

When they hurried back to the Huashan School, the Huashan School was completely ill, and Gao Yue didn’t even see his father for the last time. She lay on the bedside crying in pain, then turned to ask who killed her father. The top priority is to find who Gao Shi met that day, and he and Leng Xingchen split up. Leng Xingchen comforted Gao Yue. Now that Gao Shi has passed away, the rise and fall of the Huashan School are pinned on her. She needs to become stronger. The Ghost Palace is also investigating the cause of Gao Shi’s death. These ghost masters must know who he saw before his death and what he said.

Hu Wanhua prepared some food for Gao Yue. When Leng Xingchen saw that he couldn’t tell the occasion, he pulled him out, and Ji Xuanyuan, who was thoughtful, kept Gao Yue at the door. Chu Yunxiao investigated and found that there was a long period of time between Gao Shi’s injury and death, but Gao Shi did not confide in anything. Perhaps the murderer was someone from the Huashan School, and Gao Shi was deliberately covering him.

The people in the ghost hall were outside Chu Yunxiao’s door, and he was almost spotted by him. Gao Yue was panicked, Ji Xuanyuan walked with her to relax. When Gao Yue talked about his father’s agreement to cancel the marriage contract, Ji Xuanyuan had a hard time saying that he wanted to tell Gao Yue that it was him who knelt outside the door all night.

But in the end, Ji Xuanyuan still didn’t say anything. Leng Xingchen has not performed an autopsy on Gao Shi yet, but she noticed that Gao Shi did not have any external injuries or signs of internal injuries. If she guessed correctly, Gao Shi was most likely to be poisoned by flowing beads, commonly known as mercury. Moreover, on such a hot day, the body should have rotted under normal circumstances, but Gao Shi’s body was intact. According to Chen Quan and others, they found that someone in the Huashan faction might be lying, so they went to Gao Yue.

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