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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 36 Recap

Song Yunhui thought for a long time in the Children’s Palace, and got up abruptly to call Feng Gong, shocked to pick up the doctor. Song Yunhui asked Feng’s salary to calculate the investment in merging the two berths. Doctor Tao watched Song Yunhui drop the bag and watched for him. Cheng’s father and Cheng mother who came to pick Song Yin saw that Doctor Tao held Song Yunhui’s bag.

In a hurry, Father Cheng asked Dr. Tao and Song Yunhui what the relationship was, and Mr. Cheng pulled Dr. Tao not to let her go. Doctor Tao struggled, and Cheng Kaiyan, who rushed over, thought she had beaten Cheng’s mother and immediately furiously pressed Doctor Tao on the chair and beat him severely.

Song Yunhui hurried to the scene and saw Cheng Kaiyan tore the doctor’s hair like crazy, cursing swear words in his mouth, attracting many people to watch, Song Yunhui hurriedly apologized to Doctor Tao, and then left with the terrified Song Yin. Cheng Kaiyan chased him up and asked for a divorce from Song Yunhui.

Song Yunhui came to the Ministry to find Director Lu. Director Lu said that the investigation team had gone to the East China Sea because the Ministry received a second letter of report saying that his relationship with Liang Sishen was improper and was suspected of betraying national interests. Song Yunhui was very angry. This was obviously slander, but he calmed down and took out the Donghai plan.

Director Lu believes that the current situation is very unfavorable to Song Yunhui, and the joint venture cannot continue. Song Yunhui is very persistent, he can stand the investigation. Director Lu asked Song Yunhui if he had disclosed the bottom line to the other party during the negotiation. Song Yunhui remembered that he did show them the information, but all this was an equal cooperation. Director Lu sighed and said that Song Yunhui was too reckless, and the second letter said about this.

As an urgent matter, Song Yunhui needed to save himself. Director Lu said that the leaders of the ministry still believed in Song Yunhui’s character, and he did everything he could. Then he had to wait until the investigation team came back. Song Yunhui needs to go back to the East China Sea and negotiate with Luoda immediately, and can no longer cooperate with Liang Sishen in private. Song Yunhui sighed. He understood that only by suspending the joint venture could he prove that there was no improper relationship between him and Liang Sishen, but he had to talk about it. Song Yunhui must continue to talk about it.

For the future of Donghai, he will not hesitate to let him leave the leadership position. Director Lu was speechless, calling Song Yunhui a fool, but Song Yunhui just couldn’t give up. After all, the joint venture had been discussed for so long. Song Yunhui wanted to use the five million yuan that he wanted to reach Luoda at the East China Sea Pier. Director Lu couldn’t stop him seeing him so firm, even if it was the result he least wanted to see.

Song Yunhui went back to Donghai to meet with Ma Baoping. Ma Baoping said that Director Zhou meant that he wanted them to talk first. Ma Baoping conveyed what the leader said, followed by what he personally wanted to say to Song Yunhui. The joint venture negotiations are now suspended, and negotiations will continue as long as there are no errors in the investigation.

Song Yunhui meant that no matter what the results of the investigation were, the negotiations could not be stopped. They had been in a factory for five years and had a rare deep talk. Today Song Yunhui said what he was saying. Song Yunhui knew that he had never stopped working with Ma Baoping. Donghai’s achievements today cannot be achieved without Ma Baoping’s support.

He has a bottom line and always regards Donghai’s interests more than him personally. Song Yunhui handed over all the materials of the previous negotiations to Ma Baoping, hoping that he would continue to talk on his behalf. Ma Baoping said that after the joint venture is negotiated, he will write a report to it and suggested that Song Yunhui be the director of the joint venture factory. Song Yunhui smiled, and entrusted Donghai’s future to Ma Baoping.

Returning to the office, Song Yunhui was upset and received another call from Cheng Kaiyan. She said that she would move away as soon as she packed her things. Song Yunhui wanted to talk to her again. Cheng Kaiyan refused. The purpose of her call was to investigate the problem of the team. She could help Song Yunhui speak and save him face. Cheng Kaiyan said that they should change their living method to stop the same as before. Song Yunhui should go home early, respect her opinions on family matters, and let Liang Sishen leave.

Song Yunhui did not agree and asked to meet her. Cheng Kaiyan sighed and said no, Song Yunhui’s attitude was already obvious. Song Yunhui had not visited her for the past three days, and these three days were very long and tortured for her. This kind of marriage was never what Cheng Kaiyan wanted. At the end of the call, Cheng Kaiyan said that Song Yin would live here first and pick her up when the formalities were completed.

Cheng Kaiyan went to the investigation team. The investigation team asked her about the relationship between Song Yunhui and Liang Sishen. Cheng Kaiyan said that Song Yunhui would not betray the East China Sea, let alone betray the country. He is not a good husband, but he is a good man. The investigation team said that there are many differences between what Cheng Kaiyan said and what Cheng’s father said. Cheng’s father took the initiative to find the investigation team and explained Song Yunhui’s departure from Jinzhou up to now.

Cheng Kaiyan said his family affairs and Donghai factory. It didn’t matter and left. Father Cheng was waiting outside, and was very worried when he saw Cheng Kaiyan lost his soul. Memories have flooded my heart many years ago, from the young couple who was at the beginning to the couple of Qin Se and Ming, and now the unbearable situation, the breakdown of the marriage is irreversible.

Yang Xun went to find Liang Sishen to sign. Yang Li suddenly called him and cried that Yang’s mother had cancer. Upon learning of the bad news, Yang Xun was stunned for a long time and told Yang Li not to tell his mother Yang that everything would be resolved after he went back. At the same time, Xun Jianxiang also came over, saying that he wanted to tell Liang Sishen about Song Yunhui’s accident. If he wanted to protect Song Yunhui, only Liang Sishen could help.

Uncharacteristically, Yang Xun pulled Xun Jianxiang to tell him not to go. He had to sign with Liang Sishen today. Xun Jianxiang is annoyed. How many times Song Yunhui has known him for so long and helped him, how could he be so ungrateful! Of course Yang Xun knew, but he had to do this. Xun Jianxiang grabbed Yang Xun and almost punched him up, but Yang Xun still hugged his leg and begged him not to go. Xun Jianxiang was deeply disappointed. He never looked down on Yang Xun, but today he was disgusted by his ingratitude. Xun Jianxiang did not stop Yang Xun again, but they were no longer friends from today.

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