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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 35 Recap

Yang Xunwo’s room looked at the information, and when he heard Xun Jianxiang’s return, he quickly hid the information and lay down and pretended to sleep. When Xun Jianxiang came back, he turned on the light and said that he had discussed with Song Yunhui, and in a few days he would be transferred to Donghai. . Yang Xun suddenly became anxious, and quickly said that he was quitting a four-star hotel. After all, he left Xun Jianxiang and his market collapsed by half.

Seeing this, Xun Jianxiang laughed and talked to Yang Xun about Song Yunhui’s ideas and asked him to become a high-end market. Yang Xun was very happy, and immediately began to think about the high-end shopping malls. As long as he made high-level things, Mother Yang would be happy. Yang Xun knew in his heart that he could not afford a four-star hotel, so he immediately changed his mind, and understood that Xun Jianxiang went to Song Yunhui for him, so he apologized for what happened these days.

Early the next morning, Xun Yang cooked noodles for Xun Jianxiang and said that he would tell him about the next plan. In the second and third phases of the market, Yang Xun gave Xun Jianxiang 10% of the shares, and the high-end market also accounted for tens of thousands of dollars. Xun Jianxiang knew that Yang Xun must have something to ask him. Can his tens of thousands of dollars have such great benefits?

Yang Xun said that he wanted to pursue Liang Sishen, and Xun Jianxiang had promised to help him pursue it before. He must spit a nail and he must fulfill his promise. Yang Xun said that he thought about it and found out that he and Liang Sishen did have a gap, so he decided to cooperate with Liang Sishen in a high-end shopping mall.

As long as the long-term cooperation continues, he will have a way to make Liang Sishen tempted. Yang Xun asked Xun Jianxiang to apply for Liang Si, and as long as he invited her, he would use his skills to convince her.

Xun Jianxiang bit his scalp and went to Liang Sishen. He had no words to ask for words. The atmosphere was very embarrassing. Liang Sishen thought that he had to borrow money from himself and expressed that he was okay. Xun Jianxiang quickly denied it, just chatting with her idle. Liang Sishen complained that he was boring to death in the past few days, and there was nothing to work for Song Yunhui’s evaluation. Xun Jianxiang took the opportunity to ask her to go to the market and wanted to run after an appointment, but Liang Sishen keenly realized that it was Yang Xun let Xun Jianxiang come to invite her.

Xun Jianxiang said embarrassingly that Yang Xun still wanted to cooperate with Liang Sishen, but to do a high-end shopping mall. Liang Sishen resolutely agreed to go. After all, she had hurt Yang Xun last time, and she had always wanted to find an opportunity to comfort him. Liang Sishen insisted on going directly now, Xun Jianxiang worried that Yang Xun was not ready, so he could only follow her back to the market.

At the same time, the female workers in the knitting factory in the land that Yang Xun was interested in also came to the market to find Yang Xun, led by Ren Xia’er and others, and asked how Yang Xun wanted to relocate these workers. Liang Sishen and Xun Jianxiang came back to meet this scene. Yang Xun and the female workers said that the factory had to sell him. He also paid according to the standard set by Donghai, but the female workers could not listen to anything and almost pinched. , Yang Xun quickly invited several aunts to the office.

Liang Sishen also took Xun Jianxiang back to the office, insisting to listen. Yang Xun confessed that the procedures for his piece of land had not yet been completed, and he would not buy it if they continued like this. The female workers refused again. One of them cried and begged Yang Xun to buy the market, saying that her father needed 8,000 yuan for his illness. Yang Xun felt the same, but no matter what problems they encountered, it had nothing to do with him. He had already decided not to buy the factory.

The female workers were about to leave, and Liang Sishen suddenly appeared. These female workers have difficulties at home. Yang Xun has a way to help them, but Yang Xun said that saving the emergency does not save the poor. He let the poor understand this truth. At the beginning, he carried a pole and sold steamed buns. When he was only fifteen years old, how could no one help him?

If he blindly helped them, they would never have the chance to live. Yang Xun would not give them a penny more, but would give them some stalls in the second and third phases, selling knitting factory products, and teaching people how to fish is worse than teaching people how to fish. Liang Sishen also vouched for Yang Xun. As his collaborator, the female workers agreed.

The price of the East China Sea oil pipeline is close to 30 million yuan. Although it meets Jean’s standards, the ministry does not have such large funds. Song Yunhui can only find another way. Ma Baoping came to Song Yunhui and showed support for him to engage in oil pipelines.

Song Yunhui decided to shelve it for a while, and the ministry couldn’t get so much money. Song Yunhui asked a fake to accompany Song Yin to the Children’s Palace to learn the piano. He hasn’t seen Song Yin for a week. As for what Cheng’s father said last time, Song Yunhui felt that they were all pragmatic people and shouldn’t waste time on this kind of thing, just as it didn’t happen.

Cheng’s mother advised Cheng’s father to return to Jinzhou first. After all, being so stiff was not good for Cheng Kaiyan, but Cheng’s father had to force Song Yunhui to lower his head. As long as he recognized that he was in front of Cheng Kaiyan, he would always be shorter, no matter how old an official might be in the future. He dared not be Chen Shimei. Cheng’s mother felt that living a life was not a lawsuit.

Cheng’s father said this, but it was Cheng Kaiyan who lived with Song Yunhui all his life. Cheng’s mother felt sorry for Cheng Kaiyan. She couldn’t sleep all night and she had to go to work during the day, and she had to look indifferent in front of them. Father Cheng felt very distressed when he heard that, he got up and planned to go to Song Yunhui and bow his head. When Cheng Kaiyan heard the conversation between the two, his eyes were red, and he told Father Cheng not to go.

Their family didn’t owe Song Yunhui, so there was no need to apologize to him. Cheng Kaiyan figured it out, this day can’t be passed on in a silly manner. Cheng’s father and Cheng’s mother let Cheng Kaiyan make up for sleep at home, and they are going to the Children’s Palace to see Song Yin.

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