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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 35 Recap

Five months later, Lu Ke and Zhang Mang’s wedding were in intensive preparations. Lu Ke complained to Pomelo in the bar because she was picky about her wedding invitations. There were too many styles. After Yao Yuan played a song, two girls gathered around him and wanted to add him to WeChat. Yao Yuan declined to say that he has a girlfriend. Old Huang couldn’t help but ridicule that he had been single for more than half a year, but Yao Yuan said that this was to concentrate on his work. They are all pretending to be contemplative.

Seeing that Lu Ke was about to get married, Si Yi couldn’t help feeling that her best friend was finally abducted, leaving her alone. Lu Ke asked Siyi to talk about a serious relationship quickly, don’t cling to her all day. Siyi said who to talk to, Lu Ke mentioned Yao Yuan, and Siyi said that he was busy and she was busy too. She asked Lu Ke whether her bridesmaid had decided. Lu Ke said that Guan Yue was quite suitable, but Siyi was dissatisfied that Guan Yue was not suitable for her. The bridesmaid must be her.

Lu Ke wanted Ella to be her wedding resident, Zhang Mang said he would ask, but Lu Ke said she wanted Siyi to ask, Zhang Mang asked why, Lu Ke said the bride’s wish still needs a reason .

That day, Lu Ke gave Siyi a bar address, saying that Ella would perform there at night and asked her to ask. Siyi thought it was strange that Lu Ke was so eager to ask her to find Ella. Lu Ke laughed and said who made Siyi be Where is her bridesmaid. In the evening, Siyi came to the bar and walked over after watching Ella’s singing, only to see her chatting with Yao Yuan. Then Ella walked away because of something. Siyi asked how Yao Yuan came. He said that Lu Ke asked him to ask Ella to be the resident singer for her wedding. Siyi said that Lu Ke had also said this to her. Yao Yuan seemed to understand Lu Ke. Why let them do this together? Si Yi knew that Lu Ke wanted to match them up.

Next, Ella sang a song for Siyi and Yao Yuan. Yao Yuan invited Siyi to dance. He was very grateful for Lu Ke’s arrangement, but Ke Siyi said there was something Lu Ke might not know. She recently met a doctor, Yao Yuan I was a little disappointed. Then Siyi accompanied Lu Ke to buy furniture. Lu Ke asked her and Yao Yuan what they thought. Siyi told her not to be nosy, so she hurriedly spent time at the wedding. She also bought a piece of furniture for Lu Ke as a wedding gift. .

Lu Ke ate with Siyi and Guan Yue. Guan Yue laughed and asked Lu Ke what name for the child. He also teased that it might as well be called Busy. The three happily toasted Lu Ke’s wedding. Cheng Nan happened to meet the sweet and lovely Jiang Qian, whether they were from a school or a colleague. Lao Huang saw that he was chatting with Jiang Qian on WeChat and asked him to take the initiative to attack, but Cheng Nan felt that he had committed a crime before and was not worthy of her. Lao Huang said that Lu Ke was about to get married, so let him stop entanglement, and wait until he and the girl get better, then slowly tell her the past.

At the magazine office that day, Lu Keyou Siyi went to the tavern at night, but Siyi said that she could not go on a date. Lu Ke wondered why Siyi liked Lao Yao, but why he refused to give him a chance. Zhang Mang felt that everyone has their own ideas, and Si Yi has always been so mysterious.

Yao Yuan told everyone that he was going to Russia to do a project, and Huang asked him how long he was going. He said it would be about two years. Lu Ke was dissatisfied that he wanted to run away again. Yao Yuan said that he went there to do the project without running. Lu Ke said that Siyi and the doctor didn’t get well, and the two of them only met a few times. She asked Yao Yuan if he just gave up. Yao Yuan said that he couldn’t be with Siyi was the biggest regret in his life, but he didn’t want to ask her. Her soul was unfettered. He liked her, so he couldn’t ask her to change for him.

When Cheng Nan came to the tavern, he saw Lu Kezai and chatted with her. Lu Ke heard Lao Huang say that he was going on a date, and Cheng Nan said that he was not ready to fall in love. Lu Ke encouraged him to face many things without being prepared. After Cheng Nan went back, he plucked up the courage to tell Jiang Qian about his past. Jiang Qian said that those were all over. She liked him now. Cheng Nan was very happy to hear it.

Yao Yuan was going to Russia, Lu Ke could see that Siyi still cared about him, so she told Yao Yuan to make it clear. Siyi was afraid that they would reunite and separate again, and she would hurt him more deeply. She didn’t expect that she had become timid after experiencing so much. Lu Ke said that she was not timid but soft. Lu Ke felt that Siyi loved Yao Yuan, and Siyi was sad and wept. She was particularly afraid of gains and losses. She didn’t want to be tired of feelings for a lifetime like her mother. Lu Ke comforted her that she would not, and that he would always be by her side.

That day everyone gathered in the tavern to chat. Zhang Mang suddenly received a phone call from the hotel saying that the lawn they had booked was damaged by water and other places had been booked. He told Lu Ke depressedly that they might not be able to tomorrow. The wedding was held, and Lu Ke was very anxious after hearing it, not knowing what to do.

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