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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 34 Recap

Shen Siyi felt that Lu Ke was a little abnormal recently, as if she was pregnant, so she asked her if she had told Zhang Mang. Lu Ke didn’t know how to tell him that she was hesitant to get married and have children. She felt she was not ready yet. Siyi looked at the helpless Lu Ke and hugged her and comforted that she was okay. In the evening Zhang Mang and Lu Ke were watching TV on the sofa. Zhang Mang suddenly felt that it would be nice if they had a daughter. Lu Ke said that his wish would come true soon, and he was going to be a father. Zhang Mang was not excited. He was excited, he didn’t speak, and Lu Ke was a little disappointed seeing his reaction.

That day, Ye Zhou took Guan Yue home to see her parents. Seeing that Guan Yue and his father seemed to be arguing about something, Ye Zhou misunderstood that he had an opinion on Guan Yue, and couldn’t help rushing to his father that Guan Yue was already trying to please them. Thinking that his father and Guan Yue were discussing the game on TV, the family continued to eat happily after the misunderstanding was resolved.

After Lu Ke got up in the morning, she saw Zhang Mang left a word about it, and she would meet in the tavern at night. After the meeting in the magazine, Siyi said that she would invite everyone to dinner. Lu Ke said she would not go, and Zhang Mang made an appointment with her in the evening. She felt that Zhang Mang’s performance was too bad that night. She probably wanted to apologize to her at night. Siyi smiled and said that maybe she proposed to her, but Lu Ke felt it impossible.

In the evening at the bar, Zhang Mang held the ring on one knee and proposed to her. Lao Huang and Yuzi took out a box covered with cloth. Lu Ke asked if it was a pigeon inside and asked him not to let it out. She was most afraid of pigeons. Lu Ke hurriedly stopped when the music sounded. She asked Zhang Mang to stand up and said that he hadn’t figured out why they wanted to get married. She told him not to force her to make a decision now, and then hurried away.

When Siyi and Yao Yuan met, she talked about Zhang Mang’s proposal. She heard that it was messy and there were pigeon dung everywhere. She also said that Lu Ke did not agree to him because she felt that Zhang Mang was only asking her out of duty. Marriage. Yao Yuan said that Zhang Mang was too meaty. There is nothing to think about. If he was replaced by a woman he likes giving birth to a child, he would wake up happily in his dreams. Siyi knew that Yao Yuan wanted to start again with her, so she said that she would look for him when she thought about it.

Seeing that Lu Ke was depressed, Siyi took her to Tokyo to relax. The two of them were very happy to go shopping together. One day when they were playing a game on the roadside, a Japanese woman walked over in a panic, asked them to help her keep something and left in a hurry. At this moment, a group of people who looked like gangsters came over. Siyi and Lu Ke wanted to slip away. They did not expect that when they got up, their things fell to the ground. Lu Ke quickly picked up the things and pulled Siyi and ran away. The group chased after them.

Then they met the Japanese woman again, and she said that there was evidence of their crime in that thing. They fled together, but they were still caught by the group. The leader said that the person who had seen the thing could not leave alive, and the Japanese woman was dragged down for disposal. Then it was Siyi and Lu Ke’s turn. The two of them were frightened and hugged each other tightly. The leader said that if they have such a good relationship, let them go on the road together. Then someone pointed at them with a gun. Lu Ke stepped forward to grab the man’s gun, and suddenly the gun rang, but color bars sprayed out of it. It turned out that this was a program group recording “The Best of All “.

At the hotel, Lu Ke found that her “big aunt” was coming, and Siyi said she didn’t have to worry about getting married now. Lu Ke cried, and Siyi knew that she still wanted a child, so she comforted her to have another child. After returning from Tokyo, Lu Ke told Zhang Mang that she was not pregnant, but her period was postponed. Zhang Mang wanted to understand that he wanted to marry her. Lu Ke asked him to wait for her. She brought out a lit candle and proactively proposed to Zhang Mang in a romantic atmosphere. Zhang Mang smiled and said that he was willing. Kiss together sweetly.

Siyi knows that Lu Ke and Zhang Mang are very happy after getting engaged. At this time, she is on the way to find Yao Yuan, and she wants to reconcile with him. When she arrived at the bar, she overheard the conversation between Yao Yuan and Lao Huang. He was prepared to give up a good opportunity for career development for her, so she hesitated again. Yao Yuan sent her a lot of messages, and in pain, she squatted on the side of the road thinking for a long time, and then she responded to him with a lot of words, but she deleted it and just wrote a simple sentence.

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