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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 25 Recap

Zhong Wumei came to Qiyu Palace to negotiate with Jin Chen and Liu Xiuwen. Liu Xiuwen said that if he wanted to protect Lin Luojing, he would hand over what they wanted, and they would naturally give Zhong Wumei what he wanted. Zhong Wumei said that they had colluded with each other and stole the crystal beads, which caused the people on both sides of the Shengjing River to make a living. Is this what Liu Xiuwen calls righteousness?

Liu Xiuwen made Zhong Wumei not have to tell him these great truths, since ancient times, there is nothing to sacrifice. In his eyes, whether it is Lin Luojing or Sheng Jing, he can sacrifice, and now it is what Zhong Wumei is willing to sacrifice. Jin Chen snapped his fingers, and his subordinates brought in a person who was similar to Lin Luojing in shape and clothing from outside, threatening Zhong Wumei and letting him cut his arm with a knife.

Zhong Wumei didn’t immediately agree. Jin Chen smashed the woman with her head covered. Zhong Wumei hurriedly went over to check and found that the woman was not Lin Luojing. Zhong Wumei and Liu Xiuwen were relieved. Standing in a room watching all this, Lin Luojing had tears in her eyes, but could not move or speak.

Jin Chen handed the sword in his hand to Zhong Wumei. Zhong Wumei immediately slashed a sword on his arm, his arm bleeding. Jin Chen asked him to go to Kongwu Peak with the method of opening the crystal beads the day after tomorrow to find himself, and emphasized that he should go alone, otherwise Lin Luojing would lose his life.

Tang Meng’s personal maid killed Mixiang privately and untied Jiang Xuanyu. Tang Meng found it, and slapped the maid down. The maid argued that if Mixiang breathed more time, Jiang Xuanyu might be dangerous. Jiang Xuanyu asked Tang Meng what she was doing. Tang Meng said she was protecting Jiang Xuanyu and they were safe now. When Jiang Xuanyu mentioned Lin Luojing, Tang Meng lost his temper. He learned from Jiang Xuanyu that Tan’er had told him everything and asked someone to drag Tan’er out.

Zhong Wumei decided to go to Jinchen’s appointment alone. Zhang Ji was worried that if he asked to bring him, he would definitely go through the fire and water for the prince. Zhong Wumei asked him if the magpie was in danger, he might die in vain if he went to save it, whether he would save it or not. Zhang Ji immediately went to the rescue by himself, and Zhong Wumei interrupted him immediately. Zhong Wumei gave Xie Que and Zhang Ji a marriage, but he and Lin Luojing’s wish was ignored.

Zhong Wumei and Liu Xiuwen met to rescue Lin Luojing, and the two came to meet in front of a dilapidated house. Liu Xiuwen is responsible for leading away the guards, and Zhong Wumei is responsible for rescuing Lin Luojing. Unexpectedly, Jin Chen did not go out and caught two people who were planning to save people. Jin Chen took the three of them to Kongwu Mountain, Zhong Wumei and Liu Xiuwen were locked in a cage, and Lin Luojing tied to the cross in front.

Zhong Wumei handed the incomplete page of the crystal bead to Jin Chen, but Jin Chen only gave Lin Luojing a month’s remedy. Jin Chen gave Lin Luojing two choices. She could choose one person to take and leave, and the other person would die here. Jin Chen released the two of them, let them fight, kill each other, and then take Lin Luojing away.

The two picked up their own swords. Liu Xiuwen said that he was originally a person living in the shadows, and Lin Luojing was light. He was willing to die for Lin Luojing and let Zhong Wumei kill him. Jin Chen knew that Liu Xiuwen would leave the antidote to Lin Luojing. So he controlled him and went to kill Zhong Wumei.

Zhong Wumei cut the rope that bound Lin Luojing, and Liu Xiuwen stabbed Zhong Wumei. Lin Luojing cried bitterly while holding Zhong Wumei, the crystal beads floating out of her body. Jin Chen furiously controlled Liu Xiuwen to kill Lin Luojing, and Liu Xiuwen killed himself without being under control. The role of the bracelet is to have a chance to read files, Lin Luojing chooses to go back to redeem.

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