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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 24 Recap

Jiang Xuanyu hesitated, Lin Luojing continued to say that Jiang Xuanyu must miss Tang Meng a lot these days. Now that something happened to her, how could he not worry and let him rest assured. Lin Luojing believes that Mi can solve the problem soon at noon, and they don’t have to escape the world here. Lin Luojing saw that he still couldn’t make up his mind, so he had to move out Tang Meng’s father’s last words to save Tang Meng. Jiang Xuanyu no longer hesitated, and ran out of the door with two Habayashi Wei.

Lin Luojing touched the letter paper and found that it was the same paper from Jinchen Mansion that was the same as the paper used to blame the magpies last time. Jin Chen came in from outside and brought a few people in black to catch Lin Luojing. Lin Luojing asked him to let go of the magpies, and she followed him, Jin Chen agreed.

Jiang Xuanyu brought Ajun Ahu to the ruined temple at the trading site, he shouted a few times and no one responded. So he went into the ruined temple and inspected it. As soon as he turned around, he saw the incense burning in the temple. He covered his mouth and nose and wanted to run out of the temple. The door was suddenly closed, and two men in black appeared to prevent Ajun, Ahu and Jiang Xuanyu, and Jiang Xuanyu was stunned. After Jiang Xuanyu was stunned, Tang Meng walked out of the hidden corner.

Lin Luojing was caught in a hut by Jin Chen, Lin Luojing couldn’t move, and the two confronted each other. Lin Luojing learned that Xiaoyu was Jin Chen’s person. That day Xiaoyu died in front of him in order not to expose him, but he was indifferent. Jin Chen unlocked Lin Luojing’s acupoint, closed the door, and then left by himself.

Magpie went to the palace to tell Zhong Wumei and others that Lin Luojing was arrested. Lin Luojing opened the door and someone was guarding it. Lin Luojing looked for a way to escape everywhere, but couldn’t escape.

Zhong Wumei led the soldiers to the previous residence of Lin Luojing and others to search, and found something on Qi Yu’s elite soldier in the gap of the porch. He suspected that Liu Xiuwen and Jin Chen had jointly captured Lin Luojing. Before there was no evidence, it was difficult to besiege rashly, so Zhong Wumei sent a team of guards to stare at Liu Xiuwen.

Zhong Ziyun broke the barrier and awakened Hua Ying later, telling him that the crystal beads had been stolen and the head had disappeared. Hua Ying hurriedly went to Jin Chen, trying to rescue Hua Yingyun. Jin Chen took out Lin Luojing’s handkerchief, Hua Yingtai had no choice but to grab it, and was caught by Jin Chen with a tie.

Liu Xiuwen came to question Jin Chen why he didn’t tell him that the shift of the crystal beads would cause the Shengjing River to dry up. He just wanted to benefit Qiyu and didn’t want to hurt the people of Shengjing. Now even the Qiyu people… Jin Chen interrupted him. If the crystal beads were secretly replaced by Liu Xiuwen himself, how could he be blamed. Liu Xiuwen was very annoyed and didn’t plan to cooperate with Jin Chen anymore.

Jin Chen took out Lin Luojing’s handkerchief, and Liu Xiuwen wanted to grab the handkerchief in horror. Liu Xiuwen asked Jin Chen that she had already parted ways with King Yuanzheng, and why did she catch her. Jin Chen asked the true and false in this world, Liu Xiuwen still didn’t understand it, Zhong Wumei and Lin Luojing were in a good relationship, and they never separated. Liu Xiuwen wanted Lin Luojing to come over, how could Jin Chen agree.

He said that there is a limit to self-deception. Since Jin Chen can give Liu Xiuwen an antidote, he is not afraid of checking it; since Jin Chen has caught Lin Luojing, it is impossible to give her away. Jin Chen reminded Liu Xiuwen not to think about what he had, as long as he was obedient, he would ensure Lin Luojing’s safety. Jin Chen came to the dungeon and saw Lin Luojing walking around in the dungeon, probably thinking about how to escape. Jin Chen gave Lin Luojing cold frost and snow to better control them.

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