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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 23 Recap

Zhong Wumei and Zhang Ji were about to leave on horseback. Qiyu people called them and asked if they were the ones who did the evil. The onlookers were very puzzled and asked questions. The man went on to say that in the morning, he saw them sneakily looking for water in the village, and it was enough to poison the tributaries. He also wanted to poison more people in the Juxian Canal. Someone followed suit, and it is certain that they poisoned it.

Liu Xiuwen arrived. He said that through the water crisis, he would be punishable by poisoning the rivers where his Qiyu villagers depend. The father of the person who had just been rescued defended him by saying that they were not like poisoners. Liu Xiuwen revealed the identity of Zhong Wumei and was worthless for Lin Luojing.

Liu Xiuwen said that his temperament had changed drastically, torturing Lin Luojing in this way, and also putting venting on Qiyu’s children. Zhong Wumei asked him to show evidence. He said that the Shengjing River has only one main stream, one flowing to Shengjing and one flowing to Qiyu. The gates along the river basin are guarded by Zhong Wumei. After the dry-flow incident, Liu Xiuwen heard that Zhong Wumei sent someone to investigate the source, but he did not see that the upstream gate opened the gate to release the water, but some people poisoned it. Only Zhong Wumei has been to this village these days. This poison was not caused by him. , Is it possible that he wrote Liu Xiu’s article.

Zhong Wumei defended that he came here for the investigation as well, how he became the poisonous person in Liu Xiuwen’s mouth. Liu Xiuwen asked Zhang Ji to take out the water bag that Zhang Ji had fallen by the river. However, Zhong Wumei explained that the villagers and others wanted to detain them. Wen Ruyu is here. She said that when she was drinking water by the river, she happened to see someone stealing Zhongwu’s water sac. The person who stole the water sac ran away, but she could catch the poisoned person.

Zhong Wumei and Wen Ruyu recounted the past. Wen Ruyu met his real name emperor Feng Xianggong. He is a talented man who is preparing to go to Beijing to take the exam. He hopes that Zhong Wumei will give him a place to live when he arrives and help him in the future.

Liu Xiuwen had a conversation with Jin Chen. He understood what Zhong Wumei said. He suspected that the person who stole Zhong Wumei’s water pouch and poisoned Jin Chen was the person. In order to dispel his doubts, Jin Chen had to give another antidote to Hanshuangxue, hoping to dispel his worries. Seeing him like this, Liu Xiuwen decided to trust him again.

Jin Chen knew the whereabouts of the other page of the crystal bead. He asked Liu Xiuwen to lend him an elite group to protect him. Liu Xiuwen agreed. Liu Xiuwen handed the antidote to Yiyi to check its authenticity, and gave them the antidote so easily, which is not like Jin Chen’s usual style.

Tang Meng asked Jiang Xuanyu to follow Jiang Xuanyu to find out where they lived, to tell Jin Chenlin that Luo Jinghao Jiang Xuanyu was in that hut, and there was a Yulin guard outside the door guarding the extremely high martial arts, and she had been marked by the way to the hut. Jin Chen said that she did a good job, but she didn’t expect this daughter of a boudoir who lived in the simplest form to be cruel and decisive. Tang Meng still had a handle in Jin Chen’s hand, and had to do things according to his instructions. After Jin Chen learned of the residence of Lin Luojing and others, he followed the signs and found the place.

Jiang Xuanyu hurried in with a letter. The letter stated that Tang Meng had been kidnapped and asked Jiang Xuanyu to pay ransom with one hundred thousand taels alone within six hours. Fengyun Twelve Villages gathered masters, how could Jiang Xuanyu be their opponent, Lin Luojing asked him to bring Yulinwei Ajun Ahu outside the door. Jiang Xuanyu disagreed. Lin Luojing said that the Twelve Villages of Fengyun were very close to here, so Jiang Xuanyu was asked to go and come back quickly, and because it was located in a remote area, it would not be easy to be spotted.

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