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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 22 Recap

Lin Luojing took the magpie to the surrounding farmland and picked a large basket of fruits and vegetables. Hearing the barking of the dog, the two ran away quickly. The three of them baked everything, and Jiang Xuanyu thought it was quite delicious. Lin Luojing was worried about Zhong Wumei, Jiang Xuanyu comforted her, Zhong Wumei was wise and decisive, and he would definitely be able to handle it properly. She would be responsible for eating and drinking here, so that he would have no worries and would be the best help to him.

Jin Chen locked Hua Yingyun in the dungeon, Hua Yingyun was still struggling, Jin Chen said that this was a celestial rope, even if she consumed all the mana, she couldn’t solve it. Jin Chen’s ancestor was a master of the Tianyi School, and he was also related to the head of Hua Yingyun. Hua Yingyun asked him what his purpose was. Jin Chen took out the crystal beads. She was shocked when she saw it. Jin Chen asked her how to open the crystal beads.

A hundred years ago, Hua Yingyun stole Hua Yingxue’s guardian crystal and broke the barrier. After that, the whereabouts of the crystal beads were unknown, and Hua Yingchi was punished for it. Hua Yingyun was unwilling to tell any news about the crystal beads, and Jin Chen couldn’t help it.

Liu Xiuwen came to Jin Chen and saw that Jin Chen was trying to open the crystal beads. He picked up the book on the table and found that one page was missing. He questioned Jin Chen. After so long, Jin Chen didn’t realize that the book was missing a page. Liu Xiuwen gave Jin Chen a few more days, if he still could not open the crystal beads, he would take it back.

The lower tributary of the Shengjing River was poisoned by people, and the place it flows through is the Qiyu village stationed in Shengjing. Villagers are already poisoned. It is said that a few days before the poisoning, the regent had sent people to the vicinity of the tributary. In fact, the poison came from Jin Chen, and he poured a bottle of potion into the water. Jin Chen made Liu Xiuwen mistakenly believe that the person who wanted to destroy Qiyu’s village was his already forgotten enemy Zhong Wumei, hoping to ignite his fighting spirit.

Zhang Ji reported that villagers in Qiyu village made trouble, not only because of the dry flow but also because someone poisoned the lower reaches of the Shengjing River. Zhong Wumei decided to investigate it himself.

Zhong Ziyun hurried back and asked about Zhong Wumei and Lin Luojing, Zhong Wumei dispelled her worries. Zhong Wumei found that the crystal beads that Zhong Ziyun was carrying had been dropped, and suddenly realized that the Shengjing River had been cut off recently. Zhong Ziyun told Zhong Wumei’s head Hua Yingyun that Hua Yingyun had disappeared, and Zhong Wumei felt that they had gone for the crystal beads. When Zhong Ziyun learned about this, he blamed himself very much.

The most urgent task is to find the flowers late, and then they will take charge and see if there is any way to find the crystal beads. However, Huaying has been in retreat for a long time. Once he enters the magic flower fairyland to practice, after setting the barrier, outsiders cannot enter. Zhong Wumei asked Zhong Ziyun to find a way to break through the barrier, and she said she would try her best.

Jin Chen entered Jiang Mansion with a mask and played the piano brazenly. Jin Chen told Tang Meng that Jiang Xuanyu was with Lin Luojing and he wanted to use her to find Lin Luojing. Jin Chen used what Tang Meng had done before to threaten her and brainwashed her. He said he could help her get rid of Lin Luojing.

Zhang Ji sent a letter to Lin Luojing, informing Lin Luojing and Magpie that they had gone to Qiyu Village to investigate the poisoning. Lin Luojing worried that Zhong Wumei would fall into the trap of a caring person because he wanted to solve the problem too much. Just when he didn’t know what to do, the system king appeared. In front of her are two choices. A informs his former rivals, and B leaves here to find him. Lin Luojing remembered that Zhong Wumei had said that no matter what happened, she could not leave here, she could only choose the first item.

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