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The Message 风声 Episode 30 Recap

Wang Tianxiang gave Gu Xiaomeng a comb and showed her pictures of Liu Zonglin’s torture.

After observing Li Ningyu, Naoto Katori said that she is a person with extraordinary IQ and self-control ability, so the polygraph and confessional have no effect on her. Naoto Katori used hypnotism on Li Ningyu in an attempt to enter her subconscious and pry into secrets. Li Ningyu quickly entered the state and confessed that his father had driven away his elder brother, who had been deprived of his name by his father, and that he had no name, no surname, nor a ghost. Later they became a fake couple, and Longchuan asked Li Ningyu to talk about her lovers.

Katori took out four wooden figures, representing Li Ningyu’s two lovers and fake husband, and Wu Zhiguo. Li Ningyu picked up the wooden men and explained one by one: She bought the ferry tickets with her first husband’s money and started a new life in order to realize her dream. Her second husband died. Katori asked if the fake husband was Li Ning. Are Yu’s accomplices also the Communist Party? There is also Wu Zhiguo, Li Ningyu is silent, and the fragrance reports to Longchuan that Wu Zhiguo is not Li Ningyu’s lover. If Li Ningyu is an old ghost, she would not choose to have feelings with men like Wu Zhiguo. .

Wang Tianxiang interrogated Gu Xiaomeng and pointed out that she had concealed a lot of things related to Li Ningyu. Now Li Ningyu had the opportunity to push all the suspicions of the old ghost to Gu Xiaomeng. Gu Xiaomeng suddenly admitted that she was the old ghost. Wang Tianxiang was shocked and warned her that whether handwriting identification, family dinner, or poisonous handyman was killed in the end He Jianzhu, Gu Xiaomeng was the cleanest one, but now she wants to jump out and put on the clothes of the old ghost to replace Li Ningyu committed the crime.

Gu Xiaomeng confessed: After Jin Shenghuo died, Li Ningyu already knew that Gu Xiaomeng was an old ghost, and she was also the one who killed Morita, but she did not dare to report it because after Jin Shenghuo and Bai Xiaonian died, Wu Zhiguo and Li Ningyu were special. No one believes his testimony, so Gu Xiaomeng can frame that Li Ningyu assassinated Morita. Because Morita saw that Li Ningyu was an old ghost, she changed her plan to kill Morita.

She didn’t report Gu Xiaomeng just because she was afraid that she could not escape the suspicion of her accomplices. , And Gu Xiaomeng can also prove that Li Ningyu instructed him to steal Jin Shengxian’s pill box and cut him, because only Li Ningyu can recover the second-generation Enigma cipher machine, and the second-generation machine structure can be found in her room. , And that handyman is the most beautiful thing Li Ningyu and Wu Zhiguo have done for them. Wang Tianxiang asked Bai Xiaonian and Li Ningyu how they would put the medicine in Wu Zhiguo’s hands.

Gu Xiaomeng explained that after the family dinner that day, Wu Zhiguo held Bai Xiaonian on the dining table and took it at that time. Wang Tianxiang asked three questions: In this case, how could Li Ningyu, who has been intimidated by her everywhere since entering Qiuzhuang, say to her, “If you are an old ghost Gu Xiaomeng, you can go home safely”; second, If Gu Xiaomeng is an old ghost, why would Wu Zhiguo, who kills without blinking, not kill her?

Third, since Gu Xiaomeng is a senior agent like the old ghost, why is the note in the pill box in her own handwriting? Gu Xiaomeng couldn’t come to a lie. Wang Tianxiang warned her that she and Longchuan are not good at fooling around, so she will not be allowed to mention that she is an old ghost from now on. Even if she is, Gu Xiaomeng can only get out of Qiuzhuang alive. It could not be Li Ningyu, because the lives of Wang Tianxiang and Gu Xiaomeng were in Gu Xiaomeng’s hands.

Long Chuan asked Li Ningyu how he would rescue Gu Xiaomeng from Qiuzhuang. Li Ningyu said that he could use his brother to hold her younger brother, threaten her father, and rescue her from Qiuzhuang. Her words reminded Longchuan of Yoshiko. Li Ningyu said Yoshiko was Longchuan’s true lover, but she was dead. Yoshiko Longchuan was the name given to her by Longchuan Feihara, perhaps from Longchuan’s mother. Ryukawa cried, and said that she deserved to die when she gave birth. Naoto Katori saw that Naoto Ryukawa had lost his mind and immediately awakened him. Li Ningyu said that Ryukawa was too obsessed with Katori’s hypnotic games, but he didn’t know what was happening at the scene. Doctor, everyone can be hypnotized.

Long Chuan was annoyed whether Katori hypnotized herself too, Katori apologized for being too careless, Li Ningyu is a master of hypnosis, after she led the opponent into the arranged consciousness maze, when the opponent relaxes her vigilance, she turns from defensive to offensive and becomes real The hypnotist, Katori asked Long Chuan to give him another chance. Long Chuan was furious and drove him away. Longchuan threatened Li Ningyu by doing so, not hypnotizing, but looking for death.

Gu Minzhang called Pan Hanqing home and gave him a new identity: Zheng Tianze, the chief senior engineer of the Gu Shipbuilding Company, hopes that he will take a ship from Shanghai to San Francisco tomorrow morning, because Pan Hanqing’s true identity has been exposed, so he will stay here only Will become Li Ningyu’s danger.

Pan Hanqing felt that Gu Minzhang was afraid that he would become a threat to Gu Xiaomeng. He took out a list of admissions from Zhejiang Provincial High School and let Gu Minzhang see Dai Chunfeng’s name on it. Gu Minzhang was unknown. Therefore, Pan Hanqing pointed out that Gu Minzhang claimed to be the king of secret agents at sea. He didn’t even know the former name of Director Dai. He guessed that Gu Minzhang was Gu Junyi who had funded Dai Li back then.

He hoped that Gu Minzhang would help them escape the danger because he kept secrets for him. Pan Hanqing left after speaking. Waiting at the door with a gun, saying that the secret he knows is too dangerous. Pan Hanqing bluntly expected that Gu Minzhang was a military agent carefully arranged by Dai Li, but he dared to come here today and he has more than a list in his hand. I hope Gu Minzhang will do his best to help him. Rescue Li Ningyu. Gu Minzhang did not agree, but told his sister Li Ningyu would be released soon.

Wang Tianxiang applied to Longchuan to take advantage of Gu Xiaomeng’s testimony to them. It’s better to let Li Quandu take it down, so that Jin Shenghuo and Bai Xiaonian can all be confessed. He suggested that Li Ningyu should still be tortured. He came in and handed the interrogation record to Longchuan, who was furious, slapped him and threw him out. He reminded Wang Tianxiang that if Li Ningyu is mad and disabled during the torture process, he cannot tell his superiors.

The time given to him by the headquarters is still the last day. If they still cannot find the old ghost, both Li Ningyu and Gu Xiaomeng will go to the headquarters. Go to the trial, when Yan Ruyu and the Golden House are about to fly, Wang Tianxiang is anxious. Wang Tianxiang reminded Longchuan that in this case, Commander Matsui and Jiming Temple would not be able to confess, he thought Li Ningyu was an old ghost, Wu Zhiguo was a party of Li Ningyu, Jin Shenghuo was framed and died by Li Ningyu, Bai Xiaonian She was assassinated by Wu Zhiguo for accusing her.

Longchuan praised Wang Tianxiang for his good strategy, but it was not the old ghost that Matsui wanted to catch in the end, but the old ghost’s superior, the number one figure of the underground CCP in the Suluhang area: the old gun. Matsui wanted to cut off the entire intelligence line of the Communist Party in East China. Wang Tianxiang could beat Li Ningyu as an old ghost, but if his strategy could not catch the old gun, his life would not be saved.

Pan Hanqing believes that Gu Minzhang did not really rescue Li Ningyu. Gu Minzhang told him that Li Ningyu had the secrets of the second-generation machine in his mind and he had to save her. Steward Zhao also confirmed that the cracking of the second-generation Enigma machine was an order from Director Dai to Gu Minzhang himself.

Director Dai issued a military order to Chairman Chiang and obtained the second-generation Enigma machine structure to exchange military and material resources with Britain and the United States. Pan Hanqing was angry that Gu Minzhang ignored his biological daughter in order to complete the task assigned to him by Dai Li. Gu Minzhang told him the story of hell change, sighing that there shouldn’t be a father like him in the world, so he was born in hell. people.

Long Chuan remembered his painful childhood in the room alone: ​​his mother was a prostitute, and her father refused to give him a name because her mother was a prostitute, and her father refused to give him a name, just as Li Ningyu said: No name, no surname, neither a human nor a ghost.

Thinking of the deadline, Wang Tianxiang was anxious. He went to Wu Zhiguo’s cell in the middle of the night and found a line engraved on the wall: Kill Fangzi after Wolf Mountain, lonely grave. Wang Tianxiang went to Li Ningyu’s cell for interrogation immediately and gave her three minutes to tell him what he had just told Longchuan.

Li Ningyu told him that it was not Longchuan who was interrogating himself but a medical expert. He hypnotized himself, hoping to Going into the depths of consciousness to find all her secrets, it is a pity that she took the opportunity to see the secrets in the depths of Longchuan’s consciousness, but in the end she forgot. Wang Tianxiang dragged Li Ningyu to Wu Zhiguo’s cell in a desperate manner.

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