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The Message 风声 Episode 29 Recap

Li Ningyu told Longchuan that the blade that Bai Xiaonian hid in the keyboard should be hidden in the bass part, and the tune he played happened to have no bass. Long Chuan pointed to the three pills on the plate and said: Two pills are real potassium cyanide and one is fake. Li Ningyu will either tell himself who is the old gun or choose one to eat. Li Ningyu remained silent.

Long Chuan mixed the three pills together and shook them vigorously in the cup and let Li Ningyu choose. Li Ningyu decided to take one. Ten seconds later, she had no poisonous hair. Li Ningyu told Longchuan: It is difficult for him to find a potassium cyanide with the same density as theirs in a short time, and objects of different density and weight have different speeds when they are fast-moving. She makes judgments based on the speed of the pills when the cup stops. , So intelligence is the best luck.

Li Ningyu returned to the room. Gu Xiaomeng hugged her in the dark. He said sincerely that he was afraid that Li Ningyu would not be able to return. Li Ningyu smelled the test agent and knew that Wang Tianxiang had been checked by someone. Gu Xiaomeng said that Wang Tianxiang told himself Li Ningyu was Old ghost, the handyman was poisoned to death. She didn’t care who the old ghost was, she only cared about her sister Yu. Li Ningyu said that if he was confirmed to be an old ghost, Xiao Meng could go home safely. Gu Xiaomeng smiled and said if she was an old ghost, Sister Yu could also leave Qiuzhuang, Li Ningyu smiled bitterly whether she was willing to do so.

In the evening, Gu Xiaomeng heard the piano sound, Li Ningyu knew that Longchuan was playing, and Longchuan really found the blade in the keyboard. After returning to the room, he monitored the conversation between Li Ningyu and Gu Xiaomeng, but he still had no clue. Wang Tianxiang came in and reported that the blade on the keyboard is the same as Bai Xiaonian’s razor blade. Long Chuan glanced at it. The blade is an intelligence system. They are allotted uniformly, and this brand is everywhere on the streets. He felt that Li Ningyu was like this blade, thin and fragile but extremely sharp.

The next day, Long Chuan accompanied Li Ningyu and Gu Xiaomeng for breakfast in the East Building. Speaking of Chairman Wang’s phone call to ask Xiaomeng, he felt that Chairman Gu had a deep friendship with Chairman Wang. Li Ningyu asked if Longchuan had children. Longchuan replied that there was a boy who was nine years old and four months old. His mother died early and left him in Japan. After all, the homeland would be safer. Li Ningyu called him an imperial soldier, and he did not want his son to step in. What’s more on the battlefield, Gu Minzhang, a loving father, and the three of them were talking. Suddenly Li Ningyu had severe abdominal pain after eating chili sauce, and Long Chuan hurriedly sought a military doctor.

The military doctor prescribed painkillers and muscle relievers to Li Ningyu, but Li Ningyu said that these two drugs have anesthetic ingredients, which will affect her brain. She would rather die than lose her brain. She is willing to take Japanese Zhenglu pills, Longchuan agreed. But when she asked her why she had to eat choking chili sauce in the morning to protect her stomach and never drink, Li Ningyu explained that she used it as tomato sauce.

When Li Ningyu and Gu Xiaomeng walked from the west building to the fish pond, she sighed that she was like a remnant leaf and only hoped to fly out of the cage as soon as possible. She wanted to sit in the courtyard for a while and bask in the sun, so Wang Tianxiang sent Gu Xiaomeng back to the room first. Long Chuan was observing Li Ningyu upstairs, thinking that if he were an old ghost, he might really come in to rescue him.

In the room, Gu Xiaomeng accused Wang Tianxiang of making Jin Shenghuo and Bai Xiaonian alive. Wang Tianxiang explained that he was just saving his life and seeking wealth, but he did not understand why Gu Xiaomeng’s family background and appearance should do such a desperate thing. Now Longchuan’s eyes are fixed. Li Ningyu is so close to Li Ningyu, Long Chuan will treat her as Li Ningyu’s accomplice, or Li Ningyu will treat her as a surrogate for the dead. As this is said, Li Ningyu pushes the door in, Wang Tianxiang has a guilty conscience to leave quickly. Go back to the West Building and report to Longchuan: I have told Gu Xiaomeng everything he said.

When Li Ningyu was about to take the medicine, Gu Xiaomeng insisted on helping her open it. She accidentally found a note in the pill box: It was almost cold, and came to rescue. Gu Xiaomeng asked Li Ningyu to use this set to deal with herself again. Li Ningyu argued that the note was not written by herself. Gu Xiaomeng said that one of them must be a ghost. Now Longchuan suspected Li Ningyu, so she would push herself out. Longchuan listened to this and arranged for Wang Tianxiang to go there quickly, so as not to let one of them die.

Gu Xiaomeng was angry that Wang Tianxiang had already told herself, but she still didn’t believe that Sister Yu would be so cruel. Li Ningyu asked Gu Xiaomeng to go to Longchuan to report on herself. Gu Xiaomeng was so angry that she slapped Li Ningyu in the face. Then Wang Tianxiang came, Li Ning Yu reported that Gu Xiaomeng tried to put the note into her pill box and framed herself. She suspected that Gu Xiaomeng was the Communist Party.

The handwriting appraisal result showed that the handwriting on the note was completely consistent with Gu Xiaomeng, and it came from the same pen. Longchuan and Wang Tianxiang interrogated Li Ningyu and Gu Xiaomeng separately.

Gu Xiaomeng refused to accept it and reported that Li Ningyu could sketch. Her control over lines was beyond the ordinary. Whoever wanted to imitate would imitate the handwriting. She also borrowed the pen in her room.

Li Ningyu’s confession was that Gu Xiaomeng had planned a second note when he borrowed his pen. Long Chuan questioned: Gu Xiaomeng had not received any targeted suspicion at that time. Li Ningyu told himself when he reported that Gu Xiaomeng borrowed the pen. In a word: If she is an old ghost, she will imitate a person’s handwriting early and let her be her own substitute. Gu Xiaomeng has always been so smart and never concealed it, so she stuffed a note in the pill box not to convey any information at all, she was an old ghost.

Looking at the two confessions of Gu Xiaomeng and Li Ningyu, Wang Tianxiang is not clear. Therefore, Gu Xiaomeng said that the note was originally in Li Ningyu’s pill box. She discovered it accidentally, but Li Ningyu said that the note was Gu Xiaomeng Gu took advantage of it. Note that the cold went in secretly. Wang Tianxiang thinks that Li Ningyu framed Gu Xiaomeng, because since entering Qiuzhuang, Gu Xiaomeng has always defended Li Ningyu.

Even if that happened just now, Gu Xiaomeng did not identify Li Ningyu when he entered, but Li Ningyu bit her back. Gu Xiaomeng is a Communist Party, and his belief is above all else. Long Chuan said that women are the thinnest and fickle. He read the files of the four people carefully, and only Gu Xiaomeng was accurate. If Gu Congxiaomeng was going to treat Li Ningyu as a surrogate from the beginning, then this kind of love is important.

It was her best cover. Wang Tianxiang questioned: if Gu Xiaomeng framed Li Ningyu, Li Ningyu’s actions were too suspicious, her husband was fake, Bai Xiaonian wanted to kill her, and Gu Xiaomeng framed her, why every time she was on her If you have doubts, you can keep yourself clean. Long Chuan believes that Li Ningyu’s doubt this time is not who put the note in the pill box, but how Li Ningyu looked in the sun before the secret of the pill box was exposed. What has arrived.

After Longchuan carefully observed the fish pond, he caught a fish and put it in the interrogation room, where he interrogated Li Ningyu. Long Chuan told Li Ningyu: Piranhas originally lived in the Amazon. They were improved by the owner of Qiu to survive outdoors in Hangzhou with bright colors, but they must flow constantly or they would die, so the fish pond opened two mouths, one Water in the mouth, water out of the mouth. So Li Ningyu lied, and the note in the pill box was not about who she was trying to frame, but was passing information and calling her organization to rescue her.

At that time, she distracted Gu Xiaomeng and Wang Tianxiang sitting by the fish pond alone, just to throw the medicine box into the drainage hole and let it flow out of Qiuzhuang. This also proved from the side that the note in the medicine box was definitely not stuffed by Gu Xiaomeng. She first imitated the handwriting to blame Wu Xiguo, and later framed Gu Xiaomeng. Li Ningyu said that Longchuan’s speculation was too ridiculous. She could not see through the underground engineering structure and the direction of water flow, and accurately flow the medicine box to the people who needed to pass it.

Longchuan pointed out that Li Ningyu used the method when renovating the second-generation machine. It was the action plan for the delivery of information by the medicine box. Later, Morita was accidentally assassinated, and the information passed by Li Ningyu was discovered, so she framed the blame on Jin Shengxian, which is similar to today’s practice. Li Ningyu claimed that he did not throw the medicine box into the fish pond. Long Chuan introduced her a Japanese military surgeon: Naoto Katori, who graduated from Harvard University with a degree in psychology.

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