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The Message 风声 Episode 28 Recap

In the evening, Gu Xiaomeng wearing a beautiful red dress and Li Ningyu went downstairs arm in arm, but the two found that Longchuan had already prepared a feast in the living room. Longchuan lied that it was a birthday party for Gu Xiaomeng after checking the archives. Li Ningyu saw the old turtle in the corner and understood that this was Longchuan’s conspiracy. She secretly determined to use this opportunity to get rid of him, a traitor who was repeatedly used by the enemy.

The old turtle deliberately scratched his hand with a broom to attract Li Ningyu’s attention. Li Ningyu asked him if he was a newcomer and helped to clean the room on the second floor. Gu Xiaomeng was a bit disgusted, but seeing Li Ningyu insisted that he agreed. After Gu Xiaomeng took the seat, she applied to only spend her birthday with Li Ningyu in the evening, and Long Chuan and Wang Tianxiang had to leave. At this time, the old turtle came down and said that the door of the room was locked, and Li Ningyu went upstairs to help him open the door.

At this moment, Gu Minzhang also remembered his daughter’s birthday. With tears in his eyes, he insisted on calling Jimingsi Jixin, begging him to release Xiaomeng, and applied for a gift to Xiaomeng at night.

The old turtle rummaged through the entire room and found no evidence. Wang Tianxiang guessed that Li Ningyu didn’t know that the old turtle was coming, so he didn’t leave any information. Long Chuan believed that with her professional habits, she wouldn’t let one be unwilling. The guy walked into his room.

Gu Xiaomeng entangled Li Ningyu to dance with her, and she played the music of Morita’s assassination on the code boat. Gu Xiaomeng jumped onto the table and invited Li Ningyu to dance together. Two beauties were wearing red skirts and the other in white cheongsam, like A pair of dazzling butterflies danced on the dining table. Suddenly, they found that beautiful fireworks were set off on the opposite mountain. Gu Xiaomeng ran to the window excitedly and said that his father would watch the fireworks with him every year. At this moment, Gu Minzhang sadly told Pan Hanqing in the villa that he could leave because Li Ningyu was about to leave Qiuzhuang.

Li Ningyu’s heart tightened. She knew that the fireworks were a signal for Gu Minzhang to confess that her situation was critical and to activate the hell change plan. Gu Minzhang decided to find someone in the headquarters to replace Li Ningyu as an old ghost when she had to be a last resort, and this person is now Gu Xiaomeng. Li Ningyu thought of Gu Minzhang’s only daughter like a life. She looked at the background of Gu Xiaomeng and wept, and she played a piano piece specially for Xiaomeng. At this moment, Gu Minzhang remembered the words Xiaomeng said: The rules of the military are the most involved, and she will bear the responsibility of not affecting his father. Gu Minzhang burst into tears.

Suddenly, a scream came from Li Ningyu’s room. When Long Chuan and Wang Tianxiang heard rushing past in the monitoring room, the old turtle was dead. The autopsy result of the old soft-shelled turtle was potassium cyanide poisoning. Long Chuan angrily asked Master Li Ning Yuxing. Li Ningyu took the initiative to take out his pills for him to check. Long Chuan asked her why she hadn’t known the Prophet. Li Ningyu explained that it was potassium cyanide poisoning from the symptoms of the deceased. He and Gu Xiaomeng’s poison were still there, so he could investigate. , Longchuan left in grief.

In the morgue, Wang Tianxiang reported to Longchuan that Gu Xiaomeng and Li Ningyu had checked the poison of the spy personnel on their buttons. They were all there, and his own was also there. Longchuan checked that Jin Shenghuo was there, and it was strange that Bai Xiao The clothes on Nian’s clothes were gone. Longchuan thought that the old turtle was poisoned to death in Li Ningyu’s room. Potassium cyanide needed a wound. He ordered Li Ningyu to be taken to the West Building.

Longchuan took out the two true and false potassium cyanide and Li Ningyu gambled his life, let Li Ningyu tell which one is true, one game will determine life and death. He asked Li Ningyu who was the old gun, and the CCP intelligence agent, the old turtle, was killed by her. Li Ningyu calmly said that if he was an old ghost, he would only let the old turtle rescue, so why murder. Long Chuan pointed out that Li Ningyu never forgets his eyes.

The old turtle has been to the East Building. She asked him why he is a newcomer. Li Ningyu explained that the capacity of the human brain is limited and it can selectively remember. Long Chuan inferred that Li Ningyu applied poison to the doorknob. Because the door of the room was opened by Li Ningyu, the old turtle did not touch it when he entered the door, but when he went out he encountered a handle full of poisonous powder. At this moment, Wang Tianxiang was ordered to go to Li Ningyu’s room to look for the residual poison powder on the door handle.

Li Ningyu picked up a piece of potassium cyanide and asked Longchuan who had poisoned the old turtle with their pills. Longchuan admired Li Ningyu’s accurate judgment. Li Ningyu explained that the amount of potassium cyanide distributed by the Japanese intelligence system was slightly different from theirs, so she could tell the difference. Long Chuan told her that the pill that poisoned the old turtle was left by Bai Xiaonian. Li Ningyu reported that Bai Xiaonian had attempted to murder herself: On the third night she walked into Qiuzhuang, Longchuan invited her family to come to Qiuzhuang for dinner.

Xiaonian recognized that his elder brother was the spy responsible for his father’s death, so he needed a plan to put himself to death without the suspicion of an old ghost, so Bai Xiaonian told her when she played the piano that night There were blades on the piano keys, and he sprayed poison on the doorknob beforehand, waiting for her injured hand to reach it. Long Chuan pointed out that just three days ago, Bai Xiaonian said the same thing here. Li Ningyu said that Bai Xiaonian’s murder was unsuccessful. Of course he would not admit it. Since Bai Xiaonian recognized her brother, he has been on guard against her.

She had no chance to take poison on Bai Xiaonian. Even if she was willing to plead guilty, Long Chuan would not stand the scrutiny of a discerning person even if Long Chuan wrote such a confession into the file. Long Chuan admired Li Ningyu’s meticulous inferences, but suggested that Li Ningyu played the piano three times at the family dinner night, exchanged secrets with Bai Xiaonian, and today’s birthday party, but none was scratched by the blade. Li Ningyu said this It has nothing to do with probability, but his luck is good, but the luck of the old turtle is bad.

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