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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 23 Recap

Jiang Nansun told Zhu Suosuo about the company’s affairs, and Zhu Suosuo made her a little tougher, like this kind of perverted situation is not clean. While speaking, Zhu Suosuo mentioned that Ye Jinyan and Fan Jingang thought they were both good people. It happened that these words were heard by Ye Jinyan, and Zhu Suosuo suddenly felt embarrassed. Because of something tomorrow, Ye Jinyan asked Zhu Suosuo to go out to eat today. During the dinner, he reminded Zhu Suosuo to keep in mind the people he saw and what he said. Falling in love can but cannot affect work.

Jiang Nansun received a call from Wang Yongzheng at the company, and learned that she would return to China next Wednesday, and could not pick him up at the airport because of the night shift.

Zhu Suosuo went home from get off work and saw Xie Hongzu having a meal with Grandma Jiang. He remembered that Xie Hongzu had just eaten delicacies and seafood in the restaurant and deliberately added a bowl of food to him. Xie Hongzu did not dare to tell the truth and had to eat the food. In the evening, Xie Hongzu exercised and digested downstairs. Zhu Suosuo ran his face to face with one set and one set behind him, hoping that Xie Hongzu would not treat himself nicely, because it was impossible for two, but Xie Hongzu was sure she was the one to wait for.

Aibuer told Zhu Suosuo that Yang Ke’s cronies, Zhou Qing and Tony, had been scattered and transferred by Ye Jinyan. Zhu Suosuo asked about Yang Ke’s whereabouts. Aibuer knew Zhu Suosuo was embarrassed and reminded him not to follow Yang Ke.

Yang Ke felt abnormal about Ye Jinyan’s arrangements for himself, and felt that Ye Jinyan was so stubborn about his resignation. Although he was given the position of vice president, he was emptying himself. So I found Ye Jinyan’s theory, and the two turned over when they didn’t agree with each other, and finally broke up, and Yang Ke also resigned.

After Zhu Suosuo learned that Yang Ke was forced away by Ye Jinyan, he fought for Yang Ke. It happened that Ye Jinyan was angry, venting his anger at Zhu Suosuo, reminding Zhu Suosuo to put himself in the Jingyan Group. For so many years, Jingyan Group has never lacked sales talents like Yang Ke, and even Zhu Suosuo. The anger in Zhu Suosuo’s heart was ignited. He resigned on the impulse and gave the work card to Fan Jingang. Ye Jinyan was angry with Zhu Suosuo’s choice.

Jiang Nansun waited for Zhu Suosuo, knowing that she had lost her job, and hoped to pay the money later. Zhu Suosuo was reluctant, thinking that he and Jiang Nansun must have difficulties together. The two people in this house will continue to live for two months at most, and they must consider changing to a small house.

When Ye Jinyan went to work, he was very disappointed when he saw the empty workstations. Fan Jingang understood his idea and offered to contact Zhu Suosuo. Zhu Suosuo bluntly said that he would go to work in Yang Ke’s new company, hoping that they would pay him last month’s salary as soon as possible.

Ronaldo wanted to transfer Jiang Nansun to another team, but Jiang Nansun was unwilling to go. Jiang Nansun was not satisfied with the project bonus distribution set by Ronaldo, because this project has at least more than 300,000 rewards, but Ronaldo only gave Jiang Nansun three thousand yuan. . Jiang Nansun offered a project bonus of 70,000 yuan and threatened with the recording that day.

When Zhu Suosuo saw Jiang Nansun got back 70,000 yuan, he was curious about the source of the money. Jiang Nansun cried and said sorry, maybe in the future, he only has money in his eyes. Zhu Suosuo felt distressed when he saw Jiang Nansun running for money, and decided to give her his salary card.

Jiang Nansun and Li Yifan met. Li Yifan received a call from Daluo and knew that their grievances were resolved. He was curious about Jiang Nansun’s handling of it. Jiang Nansun bluntly said that he was short of money, so he got the project bonus by threatening.

Zhu Suosuo asked Xie Hongzu for a drink because she was in a bad mood. Xie Hongzu thought she liked Ye Jinyan. Zhu Suosuo hoped that Xie Hongzu would work hard for ten years, or he could become Ye Jinyan in the future.

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