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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 22 Recap

Facing Li Yifan’s dissatisfaction, Daluo promised to do his best to complete the project and produce results that satisfy him, but Jiang Nansun needs to work hard to increase the workload. Li Yifan did not want Jiang Nansun to bear hatred for her strong attitude, and suggested that while working here, she had better find other job opportunities.

Jiang Nansun didn’t understand the subtext in this passage, but thought that Li Yifan was a person with high demands on everything. As a result, as soon as Li Yifan left, Da Luo immediately inquired about the process of getting to know the two, and then decided to take Jiang Nansun to his studio to see the drawings tomorrow, without concealing his liking for her.

Ye Jinyan didn’t let anyone go. Yang Ke could only take the initiative to ask for someone. He didn’t expect the old man to put him in the army and even announced that Zhu Suosuo was officially an assistant. At first, Yang Ke was a little surprised, but after thinking about it, it became clear that Fan Jingang next to him hadn’t recovered. After Yang Ke left, he hurriedly persuaded Ye Jinyan not to reuse the young and beautiful female assistant. But Ye Jinyan responded on the spot.

Since Xie Hongzu came to Zhu Suosuo’s house, his performance can be said to be very popular. Not only does he act as a well-behaved “little grandson” at any time, he even makes the old grandmother happy and satisfied with a set of cards. When Zhu Suosuo returned home, he happened to see Xie Zuhong accompany his grandmother and grandmother to fight the landlord. The three of them were really happy.

Because the old grandmother did not speak, Zhu Suosuo had no reason to drive Xie Hongzu away, so she persuaded Xie Hongzu to take the initiative to choose to leave and it is best to return to Xie’s house. After all, Xie Hongzu grew up in love, did not understand the so-called human suffering, even if he wanted to break free from the bondage of his mother, it was a whim. Zhu Suosuo thought that Xie Hongzu would not get used to the lives of the people at the bottom. As a result, Xie Hongzu didn’t take her words to heart at all. Instead, he continued to stay sternly. The old grandmother looked very pleased.

That night, Jiang Nansun worked overtime with Da Luo. However, Da Luo’s attitude towards Jiang Nansun changed from being enthusiastic to “too enthusiastic” at the beginning. He especially understood that Jiang Nansun was burdened with debts, so he planned to use his power to “cover” Jiang Nansun. His income was far more than his salary. Three times more. Jiang Nansun finally understood Daluo’s subtext, and his heart changed from initial trust to repulsion, and he even dodged the opponent’s physical contact in a panic.

Xie Zuhong used to sleep on a high bed with soft pillows, and couldn’t bear the torture of the sofa, so he ran to Xiaohe’s house to sleep at night and bought breakfast the next day. Zhu Suosuo deliberately talked about it, Xie Hongzu cleverly prevarication, hippy smiled and mentioned the comfort of the sofa, and then invited his grandmother to dine with the old grandmother.

Jiang Nansun worked all night and was exhausted. Zhu Suosuo found Wang Yongzheng’s luggage. Jiang Nansun confessed that he hoped that Wang Yongzheng could stay in Canada. It is best not to participate in these chaos. If you want to sing, you can sing, you can work if you want to work, live for your dreams and do whatever you want.

Ye Jinyan hung two words on the door of the office to remind himself and also warn Fan Jingang. Zhu Suosuo liked Ye Jinyan. When she knew that she was promoted to an assistant, she was happy and worried that her colleagues would criticize Ye Jinyan. Unexpectedly, Ye Jinyan didn’t take it seriously and directly ordered Fan Jingang to move Zhu Suosuo’s work position into the office. Since then, the door remains open and the two houses communicate with each other.

As Zhu Suosuo expected, colleagues conducted gossip analysis about the assistant, and then discussed the value of Fan Jingang. Originally, Fan Jingang felt uncomfortable when he heard these words. He happened to receive a text message of concern and coffee from Zhu Suosuo at this time, which made him quite moved.

Jiang Nansun followed Daluo to the studio in Xinzhuang. The location was remote and the signal was extremely poor. In addition, there were no people nearby, so that she was disturbed and turned on the phone when she entered the door. Daluo got up again and continued to want to seduce Jiang Nansun, even grabbing her hand nervously, and constantly showing love.

Just as Jiang Nansun was unable to break free from the harassment of Daluo, fortunately, Li Yifan appeared in time to help her out. On the way back, Li Yifan was willing to testify for Jiang Nansun, but Jiang Nansun did not want to make the matter big and decided to continue to stay in the company to complete the project. She believed that after this incident, Daluo knew that he was wrong and did not dare to entangle.

Fan Jingang gave Zhu Suosuo the roster of company executives he had recorded over the years, and in particular told her to pay attention to the contact numbers of the executives and family conditions, and to send gifts to Ye Jinyan when these people celebrate their anniversary. Zhu Suosuo saw that Dai Qian’s name was written on the booklet, and Fan Jingang said that Dai Qian is special. If you want to give gifts, you must ask Ye Jinyan for instructions.

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