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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 21 Recap

In the days that followed, Jiang Nansun always prepared breakfast for his grandmother before going to work, day after day, he gradually adapted. Wang Yongzheng worried that Jiang Nansun would not be able to deal with it alone in Shanghai, so he took the time to call and care. Fortunately, Jiang Nansun has resolved the matter and there is no trouble yet.

Because Fan Jingang couldn’t stand Wang Feiyu’s frequent drinking and did not reply to the news, Wang Feiyu answered Ye Jinyan’s call and reminded him that he must show up within four hours. Seeing that Fan Jingang was drinking unconsciously, Zhu Suosuo took the initiative to play with Wang Feiyu’s bodyguards, and successfully delayed the time.

Ye Jinyan went to the meeting alone, drove away from Shanghai, and rushed to the restaurant overnight. When he arrived, he saw Wang Feiyu alone. Wang Feiyu is coming fiercely, full of new and old grudges, and wants Ye Jinyan to pay his debts. In order to rescue Zhu Suosuo and Fan Jingyan, Ye Jinyan did not hesitate to abandon the Bincheng project, and Wang Feiyu chose to release the people after obtaining actual benefits.

Ye Jinyan went to pick up Zhu Suosuo in person, but he didn’t expect Zhu Suosuo to act like a baby on the bed, so she saw through her intention to act drunk on the spot. On the way back by car, Ye Jinyan thought that Zhu Suosuo should not act rashly and did not want to see this dangerous situation again. Zhu Suosuo listened to his reproach, and his heart was happy. He looked at Ye Jinyan with admiration and couldn’t bear it. Live on the spot and hum a song.

Jiang Nansun followed up on the company’s new projects. Designer Daluo took good care of her and even took the initiative to stay with her to work overtime. Jiang Nansun, who was new to the workplace, knew no one. He mistakenly believed that Daluo was from the enthusiastic help of his superiors to his subordinates. He hadn’t noticed the difference, especially when he learned that he had a wife and children, so he didn’t think much.

Nowadays, the old grandmother has changed a lot. She no longer poses as high as she used to, just waiting for the meal to reach out. Jiang Nansun saw that she and her neighbor’s grandmother learn to make cookies, and the social circle became wider. He couldn’t help but gratify that the old grandmother was slowly changing, and at the same time, he tried to correct the patriarchal concept that remained in the other’s bones and the exaggerated expectations.

At this time, Li Yifan called and asked Jiang Nansun to meet again in the restaurant, expressing his thoughts about marriage. Although the two knew each other on a blind date and were defeated by a blind date, Li Yifan believes that Jiang Nansun has the characteristics of a good wife and a good mother. Moreover, he has a wife and a seven-year-old son. Compared with Jiang Nansun’s family situation, it can not only provide good material needs, but also It is acceptable to take the old grandmother to live together.

Jiang Nansun did not directly disclose her relationship with Wang Yongzheng, nor did she reject Li Yifan on the spot, but thanked the other party for their frankness and trust, because he could not accept the other party’s marriage principles and acted immediately. Li Yifan understands Jiang Nansun’s hesitation very well. He hopes to get the most suitable time to respond. He even said that if Jiang Nansun has not met his marriage partner in a few years, he might as well consider himself.

At the same time, Wang Yongzheng was preparing to return to Shanghai, so he sent the luggage from abroad to Zhu Suosuo’s home, and asked Jiang Nansun to help him store it. Jiang Nansun learned that Wang Yongzheng had given up work and life abroad for her. In addition to being touched, she was worried because she was burdened with debts and did not want Wang Yongzheng to be involved in it, and was not ready to welcome this relationship.

Fan Jingang sent Zhu Suosuo home to change clothes, feeling that Ye Jinyan was a little strange recently. Zhu Suosuo shared with Jiang Nansun about Ye Jinyan’s hero saving the beauty, but Jiang Nansun immediately broke Zhu Suosuo’s dream and thought that Ye Jinyan had no intention of getting married, so let her stop indulging in fantasy.

Since Zhu Suosuo came back from Binhe, her colleagues have been quite eloquent to her. They all think that Ye Jin’s words are fascinating. Yang Ke decided to find Ye Jinyan to return to Zhu Suosuo and re-arranged it in the sales department. However, in view of Zhu Suosuo’s performance, Ye Jinyan hesitated on this matter instead.

At the same time, Xie Zuhong suddenly visited, made a request for lodging, frankly confessing that he had failed to negotiate with Xie Jiayin and had nowhere to go. The old grandmother liked this young guy, so she was naturally very welcome.

Daluo took Jiang Nansun to see the client, but the client’s party A was actually Li Yifan. It is precisely because Li Yifan has a clear distinction between public and private, he did not take into account his familiar relationship with Jiang Nansun, pointed out Daluo’s problems face to face, and questioned the progress and quality of the project.

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