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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 17 Recap

The ghost master knew them very well, and Chu Yunxiao thought it might be because the ghost was always by their side, so he knew their whereabouts well. Liu Ruyi explained that she had never seen Master Ghost’s face. Before that, she was only responsible for leading people away, and Duoer was not the one that she killed. This is the end of the matter, and it is not the time to hold them accountable. Liu Ruyi took them in prison to find institutions, waiting for an opportunity to escape here.

The subordinates wanted to kill Chu Yunxiao as soon as possible, but Young Master Ghost was not in a hurry to kill them. Hu Wanhua and the three put on the clothes and masks of the guards of the Ghost Palace, preparing to escape this weird alley.

Liu Ruyi found the mechanism, Chu Yunxiao turned on the switch from inside, and the three of them also entered the strange alley. At the same time, the people in the ghost hall also found that Hu Wanhua and the three were missing, and hurried to find them, and told the ghost master about the disappearance of Chu Yunxiao and Hu Wanhua.

The ghost master sent a large number of assassins to wait for them outside the maze. Chu Yunxiao solved the three assassins. Liu Ruyi led the way out of the maze, but unexpectedly saw the ghosts and others who had been waiting for them for a long time. Although Lord Ghost has no grievances with him, his employer wants to punish him, so the talents of Ghost Palace will kill him.

Hu Wanhua proposed to release those guests who came for business talks and lie to them that the Ghost Palace was going to kill them and to take the opportunity to rescue Chu Yunxiao after causing the riots here. Ji Xuanyuan and Gao Yue were persuaded by him and immediately set out to do it. The ghost asked Chu Yunxiao to hand over Liu Ruyi.

He could let Leng Xingchen make a living. Of course, Chu Yunxiao refused to watch Liu Ruyi die. Seeing this, the ghost no longer dealt with him and ordered everyone to besiege Chu. Yun Xiao. With his three-inch tongue, Hu Wanhua succeeded in getting many martial artists to fight against Young Master Ghost. Chu Yunxiao had a helper for a while, no longer with fewer enemies.

Hu Wanhua also came, and Chu Yunxiao confronted Master Ghost and called Hu Wanhua to take the others away, and then flew away with the thrust of Master Ghost and fled with everyone. The Ghost Master was furious and ordered all these martial artists to be killed. The long bumpy running made Liu Ruyi’s injuries worse. They were about to find a hidden place, but the people from the Ghost Palace had caught up and stood on the mountain shooting arrows at them.

Liu Ruyi resolutely stood in front of Chu Tiankuo and Leng Xingchen, with an arrow in his chest, Liu Ruyi told them the way out, leaving behind the person who dragged the ghost hall with a xun. The xun sound caused the people in the ghost hall to kill each other and bought enough time for Chu Yunxiao and the others to leave.

Having escaped from the danger, they returned to Chu Mansion. Chu Yunxiao was very sad about Liu Ruyi’s death. Gao Yue left home in a hurry last time, she wanted to go back to the Huashan School to see her father. The people in the Ghost Palace tortured Qiao Rui and the leader of the Scimitar League, but both of them denied taking the Yuxi.

Chu Yunxiao was very indignant at the rampantness of the ghost hall. He asked his father if the court didn’t want to deal with the ghost island. Chu Tiankuo explained that the ghost hall on the ghost island was after all a force of the rivers and lakes. He has been investigating Tie Zhongtang’s death that year, and he was kidnapped as soon as he found some clues. It seems that his direction of investigation is right.

Chu Tiankuo said that Tie Zhongtang’s death seemed to be related to the imperial family, but it is not yet clear who is related to this matter. Hearing the word royal, Chu Yunxiao was even more worried and told his father to pay more attention. After this incident, Chu Tiankuo said that he would be more cautious.

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