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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 16 Recap

Chu Yunxiao and Leng Xingchen came to the Beggar’s help with the token of the Beggar’s help, but unexpectedly learned that Qiao Rui had come to Fuzhou to do business a few days ago, but their whereabouts were unknown. Qiao Jie is the leader of the sub-rudder. He believes that Qiao Rui was persecuted by Elder Cui and his whereabouts were unknown. Chu Yunxiao used the token to stop them from fighting and help them find Qiao Rui’s downfall.

They need to help themselves. Later, Elder Cui told them that Qiao Rui left alone to the ruined temple after receiving a letter, and then disappeared. He suspected that Qiao Rui was held hostage. Chu Yunxiao knew that the top priority was to find the ruined temple and the letter, and the group immediately set off to the ruined temple.

Ji Xuanyuan and the three were searching on the street, and found a pawnshop with the signal of the ghost hall. When they went in, the other party was indeed the envoy of the ghost hall. Hu Wanhua casually told a lie, and the people in the ghost hall took over the murder business, but they needed to enter the ghost hall to talk. The three discussed and decided to go.

They agreed to meet outside the bamboo forest in the west of the city tomorrow night. Elder Cui took Chu Yunxiao and the others to the ruined temple. Leng Xingchen found a silver needle on the pillar. The silver needle was poisonous, and it was a drug like rosemary. Chu Yunxiao checked it and found the letter hidden on the plaque. The person who signed the letter was actually Lin Shuhua.

After deduction and analysis, Qiao Rui was led to the ruined temple by letter. The opponent attacked Qiao Rui with a poisoned needle and held him hostage. At that time, Elder Cui was still at the rudder, and it was impossible for him to take Qiao Rui. Chu Yunxiao completed this task as scheduled. He asked the beggar to help him find someone.

Elder Cui was very grateful that he had returned his innocence, and immediately promised to help him get things done tonight, and they could temporarily rest on the rudder tonight. Liu Ruyi was going to the Ghost Palace with them. She wanted to be with Chu Yunxiao wholeheartedly and couldn’t help but hug him. This scene was seen by Leng Xingchen. She left jealously, and Chu Yunxiao caught up to explain, he made it clear that she was the only one in his heart.

The next day, Elder Cui helped them to get to the ghost hall. They can wait outside the bamboo forest in the west of the city tonight. That night, the three of them went outside the bamboo forest. Chu Yunxiao unexpectedly saw that Hu Wanhua and the others were also there. They also wanted to go to the ghost hall. Chu Yunxiao deliberately let him recognize himself, but they did not show that they knew each other.

Look like. The ghost master already knew that Chu Yunxiao had taken the bait, he was extremely proud, and the ghost hall hadn’t been so lively for a long time. After arriving at the Ghost Palace, Chu Yunxiao and the others were taken to different places with Hu Wanhua and the others. Chu Yunxiao and the others were taken to prison and locked up with Chu Tiankuo.

Leng Xingchen pinched Chu Tiankuo and awakened him. Chu Tiankuo told them that the reason why he regretted his marriage back then was because the real Chu Yunxiao was dead, but now Chu Yunxiao is actually Tie Chengyang’s younger brother Tie Chengyue. The young ghost outside played the piano, and Chu Yunxiao had a headache and passed out. Liu Ruyi finally understood that it was Tie Chengyang who had a marriage contract with her.

Tie Chengyue was full of revenge at the beginning. When he met an assassin on the road, the opponent recognized Tie Chengyang as Tie Chengyue and killed him. Tie Chengyue was hit hard and selectively forgot this painful memory, Chu Tian arrogantly took him as his son Chu Yunxiao. Hu Wanhua and the three of them walked in the maze and stunned the three ghost palace guards. Young Master Ghost was talking to Chu Yunxiao outside the cell, and he was not in a hurry to meet them at this time.

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