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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 15 Recap

Ying Wanli gave Chu Yunxiao the background information of Chu Tiankuo’s investigation case. Regarding Chu Tiankuo’s disappearance, Ying Wanli thought it might be related to the matter he investigated. Chu Yunxiao analyzed that even though the officials who died of misdeeds were not official officials, their methods of death were very similar. Ying Wanli said that he would tell him what clues he found.

The people behind are conspiring big things, the affairs of Shenshui Palace, and the ghost palace are all related to this mysterious force. Chu Tiankuo woke up and found himself in a strange cell. Chu Yunxiao and Leng Xingchen checked the official road that their father had walked through, and found nothing, so they went to Ying Wanli and asked.

Liu Ruyi learned that Leng Xingchen and Chu Yunxiao had gone out, and closed the door angrily. Ying Wanli said that it was almost impossible for Chu Tiankuo to be taken away by the court order officer. Chu Yunxiao finally determined that Chu Tiankuo was taken by people from the rivers and lakes. It seems that this disaster originated outside the court. Ji Xuanyuan has been kneeling outside Gao Shi’s door, hoping that he can change his mind and cancel the marriage between Gao Yue and Nangong Ye.

Hu Wanhua also pretended to be Ding Bo, who gave food, and with the help of Lin Shan, entered the Huashan School. Chu Yunxiao suspected that his father’s disappearance had something to do with the Ghost Palace, after all, he had been chased and killed by Lord Ghost before. Li Linger saw the legendary Hu Wanhua, and she brought Gao Yue and Hu Wanhua to meet that night.

Gao Yue was determined and decided to marry Nangong Ye and become the head of the Huashan School. Even if Hu Wanhua confessed to her loudly, Gao Yue understood that they could not go back to the past, and resolutely left. The Qiao gang leader of the Beggars was attacked. He kept a hand and hid a letter in the ruined temple plaque. Unfortunately, in the end he was shot down. Leng Xingchen learned that Liu Ruyi had been crying all night and felt a little heavy, so she went to get Liu Ruyi’s pulse.

When Liu Ruyi woke up, she already understood that Chu Yunxiao was no longer the brother Xiao she had known at the beginning. She just wanted to figure out what happened at the beginning, and then stop stalking Chu Yunxiao. Leng Xingchen also doesn’t know Chu Yunxiao’s past. She only knows that since falling in love with Chu Yunxiao, she feels care and fetters in her life.

Gao Yue put on the red dress, Ling’er was surprised. She didn’t expect Gao Yue to like Hu Wanhua in her heart, but she wanted to marry Nangong Ye. Gao Yue knows his mission, and the rise and fall of Huashan School is more important than personal happiness. Gao Shi called Gao Yue over. Twenty years ago, he was named Gao Changqing. He was the chief disciple of the Huashan school.

Yue’s mother actually followed her Xinhuan and left. Gao Changqing was heartbroken and changed his name to Gao Shi. He told her this because the man who had been kneeling all night fainted to the ground this morning and moved the iron-hearted Gao Shi, so Gao Shi gave his daughter the opportunity to choose.

Gao Yue ran out, just when Hu Wanhua appeared. She mistakenly thought that the person who had knelt all night was Hu Wanhua. The two embraced each other sweetly and met and never left, while Ji Xuanyuan next to him was secretly sad. Ying Wanli provided a key clue, and Chu Yunxiao asserted that his father must have been taken away by the ghost hall. Liu Ruyi said that the ghost hall was heavily guarded, so they planned to pretend to be someone who hired the ghost hall to enter the ghost hall.

Gao Yue and the three returned to Chu Mansion and learned that Chu Tiankuo had been captured. Chu Yunxiao and the others went to the Ghost Palace to save people. They also planned to find the envoy of the Ghost Palace and enter the Ghost Palace. Qiao Rui disappeared for no reason, causing riots and fighting within the gang. Chu Yunxiao brought Leng Xingchen to the beggars gang, and asked them for help if something happened.

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