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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 14 Recap

After listening to Ji Xuanyuan’s explanation, Leng Xingchen’s displeasure disappeared a lot. She said that Liu Ruyi’s body has always been entangled with two kinds of poisons, one is the blood begonia, and the other is the saussurea that specifically restrains the blood begonia. Liu Ruyi was poisoned too deeply, there is no cure, and he has about one month to live. Liu Ruyi, who woke up, told them that he had a marriage contract with Chu Yunxiao five years ago, but there was no more news after General Chu sent a letter of resignation.

She wanted to ask Chu Yunxiao to ask for more information, but Master Liu did not allow it. Until a year ago, Young Master Ghost approached her and used her mentality to ask Chu Yunxiao a clear question and forced her to kill Chu Yunxiao for herself.

Shangguan Rufeng brought Chen Feng over. Because Liu Ruyi had assassinated his son, Chen Feng had to face Liu Ruyi horizontally, and Shangguan Rufeng stopped him. Asked why she wanted to kill Shangguan Rufeng, Liu Ruyi didn’t know the reason, except that it was Lord Ghost who asked her to do so. Liu Ruyi’s blood begonia in her body was forced to kill for the ghost son.

He was really a poor person. Leng Xingchen was jealous and left the room. Liu Ruyi continued to ask Chu Yunxiao why she regretted her marriage. Chu Yunxiao didn’t know how to answer her. After all, she lost her memory five years ago and didn’t remember having a marriage contract at all.

Shangguan Rufeng persuaded Leng Xingchen, he believed that Chu Yunxiao should not know. Hu Wanhua asked Ji Xuanyuan about Chu Yunxiao’s marriage contract. Ji Xuanyuan admitted that Liu Ruyi was Chu Yunxiao’s fiancee, but he didn’t know why Chu Tiankuo wanted to break them up. Lin Shan rushed to find Hu Wanhua and told them that Gao Yue was about to marry Nangong Ye. Ji Xuanyuan realized that Hu Wanhua had known about this and was very angry.

Hu Wanhua knew that he could not give Gao Yue the life he wanted, so he was unwilling to save her. In a rage, Ji Xuanyuan told Chu Yunxiao that he was going to Huashan to rescue Gao Yue. Liu Ruyi didn’t want to go back to Liu’s house, only saying that in his lifetime, he must remind him of himself.

When Ji Xuanyuan embarked on the road to Huashan School, Chu Yunxiao wanted to explain to Leng Xingchen, Leng Xingchen’s attitude was still cold. Chu Tiankuo was busy with the affairs of the court, and went to the official road. Chu Yunxiao approached Hu Wanhua and asked him what he thought of Gao Yue, and Hu Wanhua hid his true thoughts. Chu Yunxiao didn’t understand why he obviously liked Gao Yue, but he didn’t want to face his own heart.

If he continued like this, he would regret it for the rest of his life. After hearing what Chu Yunxiao said, Hu Wanhua finally figured it out and went to the Huashan School on horseback. On the way to the Huashan School, Ji Xuanyuan saw the place where he met Gao Yue when he was a child. He never said that he liked Gao Yue, but it didn’t mean that he had let go of his feelings for Gao Yue.

Chu Yunxiao went to Liu Ruyi, and the other party asked him when he would take him back to Chu Mansion to ask clearly, Chu Yunxiao had this intention. Soon, the three of them returned to the Chu Mansion, but to a surprise, the steward said that Chu Tiankuo never came back yesterday. Recently, he was investigating several murders in the court. The investigation found that three ministers had the same method of death. They suspected that Chu Tiankuo’s disappearance might be related to his investigation of the murder.

The most urgent task is to find Chu Tiankuo, and Liu Ruyi said that their affairs can be left temporarily. When Ying Wanli saw the letter, he also felt that Chu Tiankuo’s disappearance was very strange. The ghost master is still plotting something. From their conversation, it is found that the Machete League’s killing is related to the ghost palace. The subordinates couldn’t ask anything useful, so Ghost Master asked them to continue interrogating.

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