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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 34 Recap

Yang Xun told Yang’s mother that he planned to open a high-end hotel in the East China Sea. He also said that a young and beautiful girl, Liang Sishen, would like to open a hotel with him, and then leave two rooms for Yang’s mother so that she can live the life of the city. . Xun Jianxiang asked Yang Xun to settle the design company’s money quickly. Yang Xun’s hand Xiao Ran had already greeted them, and there was no need to talk to them.

Yang’s mother quickly asked Xun Jianxiang to say that Yang Xun was not sensible, so he should fight. Scolding. Mother Yang planned to go back in the afternoon. Of course, Xun Yang did not agree. She cooked a bowl of noodles for her and said that she would come back in the afternoon to buy something with her.

Mother Yang looked around and was not willing to buy anything. She only bought a pair of reading glasses, and Yang Xun asked Xun Jianxiang to buy something for her to take home. Yang Xun sent Mother Yang to the car. Mother Yang said that she had nothing to do with her body. The mother and son went farther and farther along with the car, and the words of the warnings also drifted in the wind. Yang Xun immediately went to Liang Sishen, and Liang Sishen said that she had a treat today.

Yang Xun took out the hotel feasibility report and discussed opening the hotel with her enthusiastically. Liang Sishen reluctantly said that she could not cooperate with Yang Xun. She calculated the funds and thought that Yang Xun could not afford it, and the loan operation would be buried in the future. There are many hidden dangers, and she asked Liang Fan, now it is not so easy to go through the procedures for foreign companies. Yang Xun was wiped out from the beginning by a basin of cold water.

In fact, he had already noticed that Liang Sishen cooperated with him because he was angry with Song Yunhui. Liang Sishen admitted that Yang Xun was right, and the reason why he invited him to dinner was because of her guilty conscience. However, Liang Sishen really considered Yang Xun. The risk of self-employed hotels is too great. Yang Xun’s attitude is a bit sad.

Yang Xun returned to the wholesale market depressed, Xun Jianxiang first paid half of the money to the design company, thinking that Yang Xun was angry because of it. Yang Xun asked Xun Jianxiang if Liang Sishen knew if he didn’t borrow his brand. Xun Jianxiang said that she called on Saturday. There are some things that Xun Jianxiang didn’t want to say, but he had to say something when he saw Mother Yang today. Xun Jianxiang persuaded him to let Mother Yang have a good life for a few days, and don’t always want to be fat in one bite.

Yang Xun didn’t give up because of this, on the contrary, he aroused fighting spirit even more and ran around for this. Xun Jianxiang went through the box and found no market registration materials, and suddenly received a call from the hospital. Yang Xun drank too much wine and ran to the hospital to hang water, just to find a loan. Mother Yang heard how happy he was to be a four-star hotel. Yang Xun no longer had to ask Mother Yang to borrow money.

Guotuo loaned him seven million, and it was enough. Xun Jianxiang is in a hurry, is it just for Liang Sishen? But Yang Xun said that he was not for Liang Sishen, but for dignity. Yang Xun asked Xun Jianxiang to go. Xun Jianxiang watched his figure curled up in a chair and stayed away. He stayed away.

The next day, Xun Jianxiang went to Song Yunhui, and the two went to the highest point of the Donghai Factory. Xun Jianxiang came to Song Yunhui for Yang Xun’s business. He was determined to get a four-star hotel, borrowed money desperately, and took the knitting factory. He was afraid that Yang Xun would have trouble if he went on like this. Liang Sishen has already said very clearly, Yang Xun’s strength to build a four-star hotel is simply looking for death.

To tell the truth, Xun Jianxiang felt very sorry for Yang Xun. He drank and drank himself to the hospital, and he was still holding on. There was no one to care about him. He was a low-born man who was afraid of being looked down upon, so he wanted to fight his breath. Xun Jianxiang didn’t want Song Yunhui to stop Yang Xun, but only he could understand Yang Xun better.

Song Yunhui frankly said that he did not oppose Yang Xun’s expansion of business, but Xun Jianxiang’s words also reminded him that Yang Xun must have gone to Shanghai to see the prosperity and the rustic of the market. Song Yunhui didn’t think Yang Xun had forgotten his roots, but it might be some kind of his talent. If the four-star hotel is replaced by a high-end market, Yang Xun should do it. Xun Jianxiang thinks this is a good idea.

Song Yunhui took Xun Jianxiang to his single dormitory and asked Fang Ping to get some wine. They had a drink together. Fang Ping moved into the dormitory instead of Xun Jianxiang’s position at the beginning, and the two are very close. Fang Ping said that the factory had some problems and didn’t drink with them. Xun Jianxiang asked Song Yunhui how to live in the dormitory.

Song Yunhui sighed. He didn’t want to go home, so he asked Xun Jianxiang to go home and see if there was any heavy work done for him. Song Yunhui was panicked, a thousand words were just a word, tired. Xun Jianxiang remembered that Song Yunhui came to him and told him that the Cheng family had bullied him. He also persuaded Song Yunhui that this was the life of his son-in-law in Jinzhou, but now he was wrong. Even so, Song Yunhui still didn’t want to get a divorce, he could still insist.

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