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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 33 Recap

Song Yunhui went to the wharf to inspect and wanted to push the pipeline to transport materials. Feng Gong felt that this was a great thing, so that the transportation cost in the East China Sea could be reduced, but the initial investment was relatively large. Song Yunhui told Liu Yuhai of this idea, and Liu Yuhai also thought it was a good thing.

Liu Yuhai said that Cheng’s father told them to go home to eat at night. He really couldn’t walk away, so he asked Song Yunhui to help. As soon as Song Yunhui returned to the factory, he heard that Cheng Kaiyan had come and waited for him in the office. Cheng Kaiyan said that his parents had told him to go back for dinner. Song Yunhui keenly sensed that there might be something wrong with them this time. Cheng Kaiyan still chose not to talk. .

Song Yunhui and Cheng Kaiyan went home together and found that Cheng’s father had also invited Ma Baoping and Gao Xiangrong. When Han Zegang didn’t come, Ma Baoping made an excuse with him. Cheng Mu felt that Han Zegang and Gao Xiangrong must have some contradictions, otherwise they would not be able to speak like that. Song Yunhui instigated him back with a few words.

After chatting with a few people, Cheng’s father got to the point, sinking his face and took out the letter, saying that someone wanted to frame Song Yunhui. The anonymous letter had been written to the ministry. Cheng’s father looked at Ma Baoping and someone framed Donghai. He can’t ignore the cadres. Ma Baoping said that it was the first time he knew about this, but he would check it out and would never slander Song Yunhui. Cheng’s father received the letter. Song Yunhui said that there is no need to fight in this matter. It is still at the critical stage of negotiation, and development is the last word. Cheng’s father even showed the appearance of arresting the person who framed him anyway.

After leaving Song Yunhui’s house, Ma Baoping asked Gao Xiangrong to go back to the factory with him, saying that he had something to talk to. After a few people left, Cheng’s father first drank the antihypertensive medicine. Song Yunhui wanted to talk to Cheng Kaiyan and Cheng’s father, but Cheng’s father told Cheng Kaiyan to sit down.

Song Yunhui thought that Cheng’s father had dealt with this matter improperly. He thought it was just a trivial matter, and he didn’t need to bother about it. Cheng’s father didn’t think so, he had to beat Ma Baoping to drive away the bad guys. Song Yunhui thought that he was the one who was beaten today. Without telling him in advance, he showed up a report letter on the spot. The two almost quarreled.

Cheng’s mother also came out of the kitchen and said that Song Yunhui should remember them well. Cheng’s father said that Song Yunhui and Liang Sishen could not be held accountable, but Liang Sishen must leave the east factory. After all, Cheng Kaiyan defended his grievances and the Cheng family’s face was lost. Up. Song Yunhui was very angry, stood up abruptly, and solemnly asked no one in his family to intervene in his work, so that he would continue to treat them as elders. This is not a threat, but Song Yunhui’s bottom line.

Cheng’s father and Cheng’s mother were very angry. Song Yunhui said that he could give up his promotion, he could stay in Donghai for a lifetime, and he could give up what they thought was important. Cheng Kaiyan was surprised. It turned out that there were so many things he could give up for Liang Sishen. She felt that she was no longer worthy of Song Yunhui. Suddenly, a prolonged grievance broke out.

Although Song Yunhui did not think she was worthy of herself, she never respected her. Song Yunhui and Liang Sishen had never enjoyed it from the quarrel to the reconciliation that day. The Cheng family always felt that this matter had something to do with Liang Sishen, even though Song Yunhui explained repeatedly. Cheng’s father was anxious and wanted Liang Sishen to return to the United States tomorrow, and he had to write a letter of assurance to the Cheng family that he would never make such a mistake in the future. Song Yunhui faced such a request, only felt that they deceived people too much.

Song Yunhui and the Cheng family turned their faces, and slammed the door to leave in a rage. There was the sound of Cheng’s father throwing a teacup in angrily. Back at the factory, Ma Baoping angrily asked Gao Xiangrong who wrote the letter, apparently thinking it was written by Gao Xiangrong. Gao Xiangrong said that he was wronged. This was a loan-to-knife murder played by Cheng’s father and Song Yunhui, with the goal of instigating them to engage in internal fighting.

Ma Baoping believes that Song Yunhui has no need to engage in internal fighting. Gao Xiangrong analyzed it in a few words. Once the joint venture is negotiated, Song Yunhui is the most popular cadre in the system, but it is obviously inappropriate to be the factory director in his early thirties. This letter appeared in the ministry. In order to appease Song Yunhui, he must be promoted, so Ma Baoping must be transferred. Ma Baoping immediately felt reasonable.

Gao Xiangrong had long been dissatisfied with Song Yunhui. He felt that his socialization of logistics had cut their lives and expressed his sincere heart to Ma Baoping. The construction of the second and third phases of the Donghai Market started. Yang Xun took Yang’s mother to the Donghai to take a look. Yang Xun also planned to move the electrical appliance market over. Yang’s mother was very pleased.

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