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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 41 Recap

Forty-eight villages are in crisis. Li Yurong wants to assassinate Shen Tianshu alone.

Yin Pei was the son of Yin Wenlan. After being decent for the famous family, he personally avenged the Yin family. This is Yin Pei’s pride in his life. Zhou Fei personally admitted that it was his last comfort on his deathbed.

People in the world are the same as the sea and the sky. Like Yin Pei, they are so suspicious of their lives, or for greed or for protection. In the end, they all turn into a pile of loess, but some people do not even collect their bodies after death. The sea and sky are like curses. Whoever is contaminated will not end well. It really makes people sigh.

Zhou Fei and the four rushed back to the 48 villages with water ripples. Xie Yun was annoyed all the way. He was annoyed by Wang Lin’s entrustment to make Li Yurong unpleasant. He used to escape, but now he can no longer escape. Xie Yun begged all the way, hoping that Zhou Fei could help reconcile it and think about various ways to please Li Yurong.

Zhou Fei and others thought that the matter was temporarily over and only needed to keep the tokens in 48 villages, but they did not know that Li Jirong’s old injury relapsed at this time.

At this time, if the news of Li Jirong’s recurrence of his old illness spread, it will inevitably bring destruction to the 48 villages. Except for Dan, who is close to her, no one knows this secret, and Li Jirong has always refused to see a doctor.

Although Li Zheng gave Li Jirong the bracelet with water ripples, he never thought of telling her the truth, but he did not want to let his descendants involved in this and wrong. Now that Zhou Fei and others have returned and brought back all the tokens, Li Yurong expects that the people who are determined to attack the mountain will soon take action.

Similarly, in order not to involve his descendants, Li Jirong decided to preemptively assassinate Shen Tianshu alone. The earth braked the dragons without a head, and it must disperse, so that he could protect the 48 villages from harm.

Li Jirong’s birthday is approaching, and he does not feast on outsiders, does not produce branches, and after confirming Zhou Fei’s intentions for Xie Yun, he no longer obstructs it. Li Jirong handed over the defense map of the defense organs and personnel of the 48 villages to Li Ji. Li Ji’s efforts in Liujiazhuang fully demonstrated his strategic mind, and Li Jirong can also trust things in the village to him.

Today, another uninvited guest was welcomed in the Disha underground palace. Li Jirong’s birthday was approaching. Yu Wenzhi believed that Zhou Yitang would break away from the Anping army and return to the 48th village. He came here to ask Shen Tianshu to intercept him with the strength of Disha. Unfortunately, Shen Tianshu had his own ambition. What he wanted was not Yu Wen’s desire to give up. The two broke up again.

Thinking back then, Li Zheng was the only one man with two swords and one sword, and he was willing to inhale the poison of bone-through green into his body in order to save Duan Jiuniang’s life. Shen Tianshu surrounded the seriously injured Li Zheng with several men, but disdained to send him a trip. Shen Tianshu firmly believed that the 48 villages without Li Zheng were like a plate of scattered sand, which could be easily destroyed with a slight blow.

Li Zheng dragged his seriously injured body back to the 48th village. The first thing was to let Li Jirong neutralize himself in the village in the way of defeating himself, and in the name of sending letters, he sent Li Jirong and all the young elites in the village. Li Zheng believes that the world is endless. Even if the two swords and one sword no longer exist, there will be descendants who rise and create legends again.

Halfway through the journey, Li Jirong suddenly felt strange and opened the so-called secret letter to find that this was Li Zheng’s last words to her. Taking advantage of Li Zheng’s order to attack the 48 villages soon, Li Jirong knew that the impulse was useless. He wanted to ask for help from the Anping army of the 48 villages, but the war was tense and Wang Lin was not allowed to take action to save him.

Zhou Yitang couldn’t bear it. He privately led some Anping troops to the 48th village to rescue him, which also allowed Li Yurong to see his father for the last time. After Li Zheng solemnly entrusted the bracelet to Li Jirong, he interrupted the sound of the village rules of his descendants, and it was precisely because of this that Li Jirong had a rift with Wang Lin.

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