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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 33 Recap

Yao Yuan plans to upgrade the hotel rooms, focusing on the young people market. Shen Siyi looked at his plan and thought it was good. Yao Yuan wanted to make a publicity in the living house. Siyi wanted to check the quality of the project. So Yao Yuan took her and Lu Ke on site visits, and Lu Ke felt that he would definitely be hot after seeing the first batch of completed themed rooms. She asked Siyi if she had reconciled with Lao Yao. She felt that the two of them had a tacit understanding. Did the old relationship rekindle in Anji last time? Siyi asked her to stop gossiping and think about how to write the article.

When Xinxin went to the bar to deliver cakes, Yao Yuan chatted with her a few words, she was getting married next month, and Yao Yuan was relieved when she looked happy. This day, Siyi received a call from Ye Zhou and asked her to come to her father’s birthday party, because last year’s birthday party was very unpleasant for the father and daughter, so Siyi didn’t want to go and used to work overtime. At dinner, Lao Ye asked Siyi. Ye Zhou said that she was fine because she was too busy recently.

Later, Lao Ye attended the funeral of his friend Lao Wang. Lao Wang never saw his daughter until he died. Someone asked how Lao Ye and Siyi had been lately. He said that it would be difficult for him to meet Siyi, so the person persuaded him When you should admit your mistakes, you have to admit your mistakes. Can you bring your face to the ground?

The friend’s words touched Lao Ye a lot. He took the initiative to text his daughter. Siyi ignored it when she was in a meeting. Then she received a call from her father that he had fallen and he was alone at home. Siyi heard that she would be there soon. Old Ye hung up the phone and couldn’t help laughing. He wanted to use this to trick his daughter back. He was holding a tea box and preparing to make tea, and suddenly heard the door rang hurriedly and fell to the ground, but it was Ye Zhou who came. He thought it was Si Yi who asked Ye Zhou to come, so he stood up angrily and prepared to pour water. Thinking of Siyi really rushed back.

He explained to his daughter that he really fell but it was not that serious. Siyi said that it was fun for him to do this? Lao Ye said he didn’t do this. Can she come back to see him? He asked her to pay attention to her body and work so hard. . Later, Siyi and Yao Yuan talked about it when they were eating. She thought it was naive for her father to trick her into returning home in this way. Yao Yuan felt that Siyi still wanted to reconcile with her father, otherwise she wouldn’t run so anxiously when he heard something happened. .

Yuzi’s ex-boyfriend owes her money, she is embarrassed to ask for it, because she is under pressure recently, and she wants to quit and go elsewhere. In order to keep her, Lao Huang went to her ex-boyfriend and asked him to pay back the money, but the person let someone else Hold down Lao Huang and write an IOU with a marker on his back. Then Cheng Nan couldn’t help feeling happy when he saw the IOU on his back. Old Huang told him not to tell Yuzi, and asked him to help himself wash off those words on his back.

Lao Ye looked through the album and saw Siyi’s childhood photos and couldn’t help feeling very much. He told Ye Zhou that he was not a good father. Yuzi was in a good mood that day. She told Lao Huang that she was not leaving, and her ex-boyfriend came to her and paid her back. The ex-boyfriend didn’t mention to her that Huang was looking for him, and asked Yuzi to give him a chance to invite her to dinner. But the grapefruit came back soon.

It turned out that she knew that Lao Huang helped her get debts. She opened his clothes and saw some traces of words on his back, so she asked him why he helped her do these things, Lao Huang Said that because they are friends, it seems that Yuzu is not looking forward to this answer. At this time, when a customer asked for a drink, they did not say any more.

Lu Ke wanted to help Siyi and her father reconcile, so Yao Yuan asked her to ask Ye Zhou for help. Then Ye Zhou asked Siyi to go to the kendo gym. After finishing the move, he praised her sister’s improved skills and asked her to find a chance to compete with her father. Siyi thought he would persuade them to reconcile, saying that she would not forgive Ye Ye. . Ye Zhou said that he suspected that Lao Ye had derailed. Siyi was not surprised when she heard it. She felt that Ye Qingfeng was such a person and couldn’t change it when he was old.

Later, she followed Lao Ye and saw him walking into an alley with an older sister, and followed in, but found that the older sister was in a barbershop and was trying on a wig for him. She couldn’t help being surprised to see her father’s hair thinning, and Lao Ye was also surprised to see her. Siyi told her that he was not in good health. Old Ye said that he was in good health. Siyi asked him to compete with her. If he wins, she would forgive him, and Lao Ye said nothing.

Cheng Nan gave Lao Huang a trick and asked him to confess to Pomelo with a code. Pomelo couldn’t help but feel very sweet when she saw the code confession that appeared on TV. She walked into the room and wanted Huang to tell her personally. Huang said he saw it for the first time She fell in love with it. Grapefruit happily hugged him and kissed him.

At the Kendo Gym the next day, Siyi and her father mobilized. Her father fell to the ground instead of opponents. Siyi walked over and pulled him up. At the end of the test, the father said sorry to his daughter. Siyi’s eyes couldn’t help but red. She told her father to study again next time. She hadn’t eaten food at home for a long time. Father was very happy.

After that, Lu Ke and Siyi went for coffee. Lu Ke felt unwell and went to the bathroom. She couldn’t help being stunned when she saw the pregnancy test result.

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