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Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江 Episode 17 Recap

President Peng added the phrase “Long live the 38th Army” after commending the Chinese Volunteer Army. He endured tears and thanked the 38th Army for the tremendous efforts and sacrifices made by the 38th Army for the entire volunteer army and New China. Zheng Rui took this commendation order and shouted on the battlefield full of corpses.

This is the victory they exchanged for their lives. There were only four people in the 335 regiment. Fan Tianen waved the flag to comfort the spirits of the comrades in the sky. Liang Xingchu finally With a sigh of relief, he sat on the stool and thanked the soldiers for their bravery. On the captured U.S. military vehicle, the soldiers found a radio set. The soldiers listened to the national anthem played and cheered for their victory and the greatness of the motherland.

The U.S. Second Division retreats and fights has been mixed with the Chinese Communist army, the aircraft can not support, the Second Division suffered heavy casualties. Walker firmly believed that his orders were correct and timely, but why a small Bone Pine Peak couldn’t be attacked? He had to re-recognize these enemies from his heart.

The volunteers’ telegrams have been sent back to Beijing, and President Peng vividly thought of the chairman’s happy smoking, and said that he would send back the telegrams of instructions soon. Sure enough, Mao Zedong got a good news and went around looking for his victory smoke. Ye Zilong was worried that his body quietly put the smoke away, but the chairman could only light it up for him. Mao Zedong took his winning cigarettes as military rations. He asked Nie Rongzhen to draft a telegram to commend all the volunteers, and made Mr. Peng pursue the victory and capture Pyongyang in one fell swoop.

Liang Xingchu looked at the supplies left behind by the U.S. army’s fleeing, which left a big gift to the volunteers. The volunteers shouted at the remaining U.S. troops not to kill, and captured a large number of American soldiers. Wang Zhenzhu and Lao Ma were also noisy in the car. Lao Ma just wanted to get to the designated place quickly and be separated from the woman.

The Changjiang Chao of the 113th Division led the troops to clean up the scene. This time they were finally ashamed. Inquiring about the car company with more than 50 people, the political commissar replied that there are only 7 students left in the student class, and the rest have been sacrificed. Jiang Chao was heartbroken. This car was a treasure. So many people were lost in one battle. The U.S. army is bombing wildly in the sky, and the auto soldiers can only move forward desperately to send ammunition and food to the front. With tears in his eyes, Jiang Chao asked to call the military department that they urgently need reinforcements from the auto soldiers, and let the soldiers who are still able to take part in disturbing how much materials can be picked up at the scene.

At this moment, Lao Ma came to the battlefield with a car all the way to the battlefield. The deputy chief of staff of the 38th Army asked the wounded in the car to move with the wounded of his own troops. The reconnaissance plane has flown in the sky, and the bomber will soon When he came over, he asked Lao Ma and the other eight soldiers from the car company to drive away all the seized cars. The Civil Engineering Troupe also participated in the work of searching for prisoners. Looking at the violin on the ground, the art soldiers picked it up and gently played the tune. When the American soldiers heard the song, they also aroused their thoughts and stood up from the trenches. With the volunteers leaving.

Washington received a telegram from MacArthur that their dream of regionalizing the Korean War has been shattered. The Chinese army on the Korean battlefield is a regular army of more than 300,000 people, which can no longer be resisted by existing troops alone. He has ordered the UN army to switch from offensive to defensive. At this point, Truman had no choice but to hold a meeting to find a way to wipe MacArthur’s ass.

Mao Zedong sent a telegram, instructing the 42nd Army not to cross the Datong River but attack from the side to recover Pyongyang as soon as possible. The logistical situation of the army has been carelessly ideal. After thinking about it, President Peng decided that the army that could not trespass into the Western Front had to rest. For the third time, Liang Xingchu sent a telegram urging the urgent need for auto soldiers to pull the seized materials. Hundreds of cars and artillery were placed there but could not be transported. But far away can’t quench the near thirst.

Even now it’s too late to transfer all the auto soldiers. Moreover, the Ninth Corps of Song Shilun on the Eastern Front needs more support. They are holding on in a climate of minus 30 or 40 degrees. Chief Peng sent all the car soldiers to collect the ammunition, cotton clothes and grain seized this time, and send them to Changjin Lake at all costs, in a hurry without delay.

Lao Ma led a car of auto soldiers to the battlefield. The bombers were about to arrive, and the soldiers had to give up a large amount of supplies and quickly withdraw from the road. The American prisoners firmly believed that the bombers would not harm their own people and tried to escape by delaying time, but apparently the US Air Force did not have such an idea.

The bombs were dropped one after another, and the seven auto soldiers had already driven out seven cars full of supplies. The old horse fell behind in order to grab more supplies and drove the cars back and forth during the bombing by the US army. Watching the crazy bombing Wang Zhenzhu was worried about the safety of the old horse, but she also believed that the old horse had said that as long as he held the steering wheel, the Yankee couldn’t blow him up.

Lao Ma rushed out of the smoke in his car, and immediately received an order to form a car and transport supplies to Changjin Lake. He was very happy to learn that the 20th Army was also on the eastern front, and he deliberately told Wang Zhenzhu that the 20th Army They had their own friends, but because of the lack of medical staff on the eastern front, Wang Zhenzhu had to go with the old horse, and the two people who fell in love and killed each other had to travel along the way.

A meeting in the Washington office is being held. Ministers and others are talking about wanting to withdraw from North Korea, but MacArthur proposed four strategies. One is to block China’s coastline, the other is to bomb Chinese domestic military enterprises and facilities, and the third is to let Chiang Kai-shek’s troops enter the country. Fighting, four let Chiang Kai-shek carry out a containment attack on the mainland. But this did not satisfy the American officials.

They were unwilling to expand the war to allow both China and the Soviet Union to participate in the war. The Minister proposed to stay away from the CCP army. Their goal was that the Soviet Union focused on Europe and not China. Truman was dissatisfied with MacArthur’s crazy actions for a long time, and he would never allow him to undermine his plan to reduce the Korean War and reduce US military expenditures.

Walker reported that the CCP’s offensive was very strong, and their spirit was very strong, and they would never back down even if they made constant sacrifices. They should re-examine these enemies. MacArthur simply ignored what he said, his goal now is to fight China with all his strength.

The Volunteer Army can still confirm victory even with severely backward equipment, relying on strong will and determination. Stalin admired Mao Zedong’s strategic vision of resisting the US and aiding Korea and defending the country. He proposed to increase support for Volunteer Cloud weapons and equipment, and step up training for Chinese Air Force personnel. The 3,000 vehicles already ordered must be set off immediately.

Lao Ma is about to set off with a car company. Since the beginning of the war, the loss rate of cars has been 90%. He cannot guarantee that all the auto soldiers will be able to come back alive, but all the technologies that can come back can match him.

Fighting on the western front is fierce. After more than 20 days of secret marching on the eastern front, the Ninth Corps quietly came to the Changjin Lake area of ​​the Gaema Plateau, preparing to ambush the American troops going north. At this time, the Gaema Plateau is experiencing nearly 50 years. The coldest winter.

Oliver urged his subordinates to pay attention to the whereabouts of the Chinese army. He has found two frozen bodies of the Nine Corps soldiers, but in such extremely cold weather, the US military’s daily investigations did not find the figure of the Nine Corps. Oliver took a plane to inspect it personally. He now saw only a piece of white snow on the ground. The pistol could not even be loaded because of the cold. To his surprise, the Volunteer soldier was wearing a white camouflage and crawling on the distant snow.

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