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Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江 Episode 16 Recap

The 113th Division kept the radio silent and proceeded with full force. The soldiers walked forward with difficulty step by step on the grass and mud. If they stepped between the cliffs, they would fall off the cliffs. More soldiers were tired on the road because of lack of physical strength. side. But they couldn’t stop no matter what happened. The soldiers were already overstretched, but there was still an extremely steep Chang’an Mountain in front of them. The commander poured water on his head in this icy world and took the lead to climb the mountain.

Walker ordered the Fifth Regiment of the First Cavalry Division to garrison at Sanli. The soldiers of the 113th Division climbed up the mountain one by one with a rope. Neither Chief Peng nor the 38th Army could contact the 113th Division. They did not have the radio silent. Received an uninterrupted call from the military. The physical strength of the soldiers has reached its limit. The commander found the reconnaissance plane above his head. It was too late to dodge.

He ordered the troops to take off their camouflage and march normally. The reconnaissance plane only thought it was a failure of the US army to fly by calmly, and the 113th Division started the battle to capture Sanli under the eyes of the enemy. Liang Xingchu ordered the 113th Division to be firmly nailed to the position. President Peng finally received a telegram from the 113th Division.

A tired division still has an arduous task. While holding on to the Sanli, they must also capture the Longyuanli on the side to seal the enemy’s way of fleeing south. In order to relieve the pressure on the 113th Division, Zong Peng sent the 42nd Army to intercept the enemy from the side, and the bones and meat were put into the pot. It depends on whether Liang Daya has such a good mouth.

Walker has discovered China’s plan to lure the enemy into deep, and the encirclement is getting tighter, but he can’t do anything to rescue the besieged troops. Walker ordered that the retreat route to the south must be opened, and asked MacArthur to mobilize all the Far East aircraft to gather the air over Sanli.

Three waves of bombing were carried out one after another. The wounded soldiers lay in the trenches and still handed grenades for their comrades. The U.S. offensive failed again. They used artillery to bomb the volunteers’ positions frantically. The soldiers could only continue to fight on the positions while the wounds were covered by medical soldiers. The 113th Division sent the Fifth Regiment to defend its position. Within half a day, the five companies used their lives to squeeze the U.S. troops into the three stations. However, the U.S. Army sent tanks to fight together in Longyuan.

Use explosives to blow up the tank. The Song Bone Peak in Longyuan has been opened. There is no barrier to this place. The two sides can only face each other. Now only the 112th Division of the 38th Army is the nearest here, but the 112th Division now has no mobile force. , Li Zhongxin, the deputy commander, could only bring the deployed troops to intercept the enemy.

Fortunately, Fan Tianen of the 335th Regiment had already arrived with troops over the mountains. They received the order to rush to Songgufeng for reinforcements. Zheng Rui had completed the task of bombing the bridge and just returned to the team to continue to Songgufeng. The scholar reminded Fan Tianen that the Bone Pine Peak was a small mountain, and the enemy could climb it with a single charge. Fan Tianen firmly stated that he would never let the enemy advance half a step.

President Peng, who is far away from the command center, also firmly believes that as long as the 335 regiment can board Songgufeng in advance, it can defend it, but this time all the 38th Army has become a scud and is in a hurry with the enemy, and Songgufeng is another cruel fly. Battle of Hushan.

Liang Xingchu ordered the 223 regiment to be supported until the main force arrived. He wanted the US Second Division to be wiped out in front of the Songgu Peak. The US Second Division ignored the strategic rules and let the infantry and artillery charge together. Songgufeng. Deng Hua and others were very worried that the 335 Regiment could withstand repeated attacks and bombing by aircraft fires that were several times greater than their own. Peng Zong looked at the Chinese chess carved by Mao Anying. He believed that the strength and determination of the 335 Regiment made Liang Xingchu desperate. In order to wipe out the Second Division of the US, Songgufeng must become a frontline that the US military cannot cross.

The 335th regiment experienced a tragic bombing. The head of the regiment, Fan Tianen, shouted out the soldiers who were still alive in the position, but there were only 9 people left. Fan Tianen and the others made their last words. The scholar took out the last grenade left for them. They vowed to live and die together in the same position. When they had no bullets, they would fight with the US army with a knife and hand to the last drop of blood.

The snow covered the corpses of the heroes on the ground. Fan Tianen walked on the ground staggeringly, watching his comrades who rested here kneeling on the ground with sadness, and bowing to his comrades. The surviving talents took out the camera to take these pictures. Zheng Rui also walked step by step from the snow. He wanted to lift the body of his comrades, but they were already frozen and unable to move.

There was a telegram from the 38th Army. President Peng laughed this time and finally rounded up the dumplings. This is the first time that the Volunteer Army has seized the enemy’s equipment. Peng Dehuai personally wrote a letter of appreciation to praise the 38th Army’s brave operations. And I wish it can continue to win victories.

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