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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 25 Recap

The mother spent money to find Dao Scarhui and gave him the portrait of Su Xiaowan. As long as Dao Scarhui did a beautiful job, she would be rewarded. Su Xiaowan prepared a home for the crabs, but Gu Yanxi took the crabs away, saying that he would go to a place where he should go and take them away.

Su Xiaowan thought that she was going to find the crab and catch a few small fishes to accompany it. When Gu Yanxi found that the crab had been cooked by Gu Yanxi. Su Xiaowan was very angry and turned and left. Gu Yanxi followed Su Xiaowan on the road. Su Xiaowan saw a pig that she liked, so Gu Yanxi bought it for her. Su Xiaowan called Xiaozhu his son, and Gu Yanxi was its father. The two of them went home arrogantly. After arriving in Su Xiaowan’s room, Gu Yanxi had to go out and do errands for her to take good care of herself.

Cheng Qianyu’s maid, Dongmei, sent delicious treats to the servants. The servants of the nursing home went to drink. Dongmei went in as soon as he was about to poison Yuanhe in the wine, so everyone called Yuan He drank together, it was the young lady’s mind, and those people fainted without drinking much.

Su Xiaowan was playing with Piggy in the room alone, and a man in black used Mixiang outside the window to fascinate her and carry her out of Gu’s house. In the morning of the next day, the housekeeper and grandma reported that they had lost a lot of jewels at home, saying that it was the accident caused by the grandmother’s treat and those who drank too much.

Cheng Qianyu hurriedly explained to the mother that she did not treat her guests and was away all night and went out to send letters to her family. The housekeeper also said that he had asked, but it had nothing to do with the mother. It was the maid Dongmei who had colluded with the outside and ran away. Qiuxiang went to report to her grandma that Su Xiaowan had also been abducted, and her grandma hurriedly called someone to find Gu Yanxi.

Gu Yanxi received Su Xiaowan’s hosta and asked him to meet, and Gu Yanxi also saw that the person who gave the hosta had a tattoo on his body, the one who had been scarred before. Yuan He told Gu Ziqian the matter, so Gu Ziqian went to report to the official.

When Gu Yanxi arrived at Dao Scarhui’s gathering point, he saw Su Xiaowan, so Dao Scarhui wanted Gu Yanxi to return the grudge that had caused him to jail, and the two started fighting. Dao Scarhui was not Gu Yanxi’s opponent and was subdued, so he asked his men to set the explosive on Su Xiaowan’s body, and Gu Yanxi hurriedly begged for mercy and released Dao Hui.

So Dao Scarhui told Gu Yanxi to kneel down and beat Gu Yanxi severely. Su Xiaowan crawled to protect Gu Yanxi and told him to leave. Unexpectedly, Dao Scarhui became even worse, and Gu Yanxi stunned with a stick. Seeing that both of them were unconscious, Scarhui was also relieved and left.

Su Xiaowan hurriedly called Gu Yanxi after the new arrival. He didn’t expect to help Gu Yanxi just walk out the door and Dao Scarhui and his group would go back. Fortunately, Gu Ziqian brought the officers and soldiers to rescue them in time.

When Gu Yanxi was taken home by Gu Ziqian, Ru Ying hurriedly diagnosed and treated Gu Yanxi. At present, Gu Yanxi suffered a serious head injury and was in a coma. He needed to remove blood stasis in time. Ru Ying prescribed a prescription for him to be treated. medicine. Grandma had been worried that Gu Yanxi was crying and almost fainted, and Cheng Qianyu was regretting what she had done when she went to give Gu Yanxi medicine.

After her grandma left, Su Xiaowan stayed beside Gu Yanxi and fainted, worried that he would not be able to wake up and cry.

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