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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 24 Recap

Ru Ying went to Gu Yanxi and asked him why he didn’t like Cheng Qianyu and wanted to marry her, and Gu Yanxi told Ru Ying the truth, so he gave Gu Yanxi some medicine to defend against Gu Yanxi. Cheng Qianyu misbehaved. At this time, Su Xiaowan passed by and the market was about to arrive. Ruying was told to leave quickly, and Gu Yanxi had to pick up the bride.

Cheng Qianyu was taken into the Gu Mansion by Gu Yanxi in a happy dress. Even the fake Ruying could not accept and ran back to the hospital, while Su Xiaowan was standing on the side and watching the two of them in a bad mood. At this time, Gu Ziqian passed by and took Su Xiaowan out to relax.

Su Xiaowan asked Gu Ziqian that Cheng Qianyu and Gu Yanxi looked good, but Gu Ziqian said that there were only three most suitable eldest brothers, one is fat, one is short, and the other is stupid, so only Su Xiaowan is the most suitable. Gu Ziqian’s words made Su Xiaowan laugh.

The two went to catch the fish, but Su Xiaowan had two more children, but he quickly caught a fish and asked Gu Ziqian to be his apprentice.

The little county king knew that Gu Yanxi had married Cheng Qianyu and felt uncomfortable, but the princess persuaded him to have a concubine missing in the family, so that her ears were clean, and she also reduced some expenses.

After Gu Yanxi and Cheng Qianyu drank a cup of wine, they were like a bridal chamber. Many maids were saying that Gu Yanxi was very tempted by Cheng Qianyu’s appearance, and she was afraid that she could not hold it back, and Su Xiaowan heard those words.

After Gu Yanxi and Cheng Qianyu drank their cups of wine, they left the bridal chamber and went to Su Xiaowan’s room. Gu Yanxi hugged Su Xiaowan and kissed him. He wanted to treat Su Xiaowan as his married bride.

And the mother knew that Gu Yanxi went to Su Xiaowan’s room and went to give Cheng Qianyu an idea, so she would be fair to Cheng Qianyu, as long as there is a mother, don’t want to steal her from Mrs. Gu. position.

Gu Yanxi woke up early the next morning and found herself in Su Xiaowan’s room. She wondered if the partying wine was playing a role. Su Xiaowan went in and told Gu Yanxi to take her to bed last night. Undressing, I didn’t expect the clothes to be dragged halfway before falling out of the bed and staying motionless. Su Xiaowan couldn’t move him either, so Gu Yanxi slept under the bed all night. Gu Yanxi and Su Xiaowan apologized. Although nothing happened to them, they should leave the best things when they got married. At this time, Yuanhe and Qiuxiang went to call Gu Yanxi, and they should go and greet grandma. The couple should go to see grandma on the first day of their wedding.

After the two newcomers met their grandmother, they didn’t expect that she would give Cheng Qianyu the key to the house, and asked her to start managing the housework in the future. Unexpectedly, Cheng Qianyu readily accepted it.

Later, Gu Yanxi asked Cheng Qianyu why he drugged himself in the wine. Marrying her, he said good things to help her. I hope that Cheng Qianyu will not get me wrong. Gu Yanxi only likes Su Xiaowan in his heart, and his wife Su Xiaowan is the only one who will divorce Cheng Qianyu when the prefectural palace is over. Gu Yanxi left after speaking, leaving Cheng Qianyu alone in sadness. Cheng Qianyu cried and said that no matter what she did, she couldn’t touch Gu Yanxi’s heart.

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