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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 23 Recap

When Cheng Qianyu returned, she had already prepared the food and waited. She was concerned about the results of the inquiry. Cheng Qianyu rarely smiled and told her that today is a good day, and she suggested that it is best to drink some wine.

Su Xiaowan over there also began to worry about Cheng Qianyu, worried that Cheng Qianyu had an accident, and hurried to look for it. It happened that she met the maid and the maid and went to get the wine with a smile, and said that the old woman agreed to Gu Yanxi and Cheng Qian. Yu’s marriage, she still has to drink to celebrate. Su Xiaowan hurried over when he knew something was wrong, but found that Cheng Qianyu was about to commit suicide. Fortunately, Su Xiaowan came in time to save Cheng Qianyu.

Cheng Qianyu didn’t want to marry the little prince, but he didn’t want to beg for love like a dog, and didn’t want to add any trouble to Gu Yanxi, but the mother thought that Gu Yanxi was ruthless and shouldn’t sit back and watch Cheng Qianyu. In the situation, Cheng Qianyu wouldn’t be the case if it weren’t for Gu Yanxi, even pretending to get married and then getting married. Cheng Qianyu did not allow mother to blame Gu Yanxi. Su Xiaowan thought that Gu Yanxi should really help Cheng Qianyu through the difficulties, and took the initiative to ask Ying to persuade Gu Yanxi, which shocked Cheng Qianyu.

At this time, Gu Yanxi came, and Su Xiaowan said that he would persuade Gu Yanxi and believe that Gu Yanxi would not sit back and watch. This sentence happened to be heard by Gu Yanxi who came outside, and Gu Yanxi turned around and left. . Su Xiaowan came to Gu Yanxi with a face and face. Gu Yanxi wanted to drive her out. Su Xiaowan directly sat on Gu Yanxi’s lap and persuaded Gu Yanxi to pretend to be serious about getting married. However, Gu Yanxi said that she couldn’t do it. Since they have been worshipped, they are married.

Su Xiaowan believes that love is a matter of two people and will not be bound by a marriage, and hopes that Gu Yanxi will get back together after getting married. It must not be delayed. She also believes that Gu Yanxi will join hands in the future. Wandering around the world, Gu Yanxi agreed.

Ru Ying specially sent someone to send medicine to Cheng Qianyu, and overheard Cheng Qianyu’s words. The reason why Cheng Qianyu cruelly rejected Ru Ying today was that she actually didn’t want Ru Ying to suffer the pain of lovesickness like her.

Grandma gave Cheng Qianyu an ancestral golden hairpin, and told Su Xiaowan to get along well with Cheng Qianyu in the future. Grandma promised that if Gu Yanxi and Cheng Qianyu got married in the future, she would give Su Xiaowan a favor. Marriage, Gu Yanxi came over at exactly this time and immediately objected to finding a marry for Su Xiaowan. Grandma thought that Gu Yanxi was reluctant to bear her sister, so she asked what kind of marriage Gu Yanxi would like to find for Su Xiaowan in the future? According to Gu Yanxi’s own standards, Cheng Qianyu felt unhappy and blurted out that Gu Yanxi was looking for a twin brother for herself, not for Su Xiaowan’s husband.

Xin Ziqian came back and found that the house was decorated with lights and festoons. He thought it was Gu Yanxi who was going to marry Su Xiaowan. So he went to ask Su Xiaowan anxiously. Su Xiaowan told Xin Ziqian about Gu Yanxi and Cheng Qianyu. Xin Ziqian secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Xin Ziqian intends to leave the Gu family to live alone. Su Xiaowan is reluctant to leave Xin Ziqian, but there is no suitable reason to keep him. After all, Xin Ziqian’s self-esteem is the most important, and Su Xiaowan is worried that Xin Ziqian has packed a lot of things for him to take with him. What Xin Ziqian wanted to take away most was actually Su Xiaowan. Su Xiaowan said with a smile that she might stay by Xin Ziqian’s side, and Xin Ziqian was anxious.

In the evening, Su Xiaowan was about to send Xin Ziqian away, and Gu Yanxi also came and asked to talk to Xin Ziqian alone. Su Xiaowan had to hide away, but wanted to know what the two of them were going to say were not far away. Nearly followed secretly, but still didn’t hear anything.

Xin Ziqian hoped that Gu Yanxi would treat Su Xiaowan well and let Su Xiaowan not feel sad, otherwise, he would definitely take Su Xiaowan away. Gu Yanxi also said that he would not give Xin Ziqian this opportunity. Su Xiaowan was curious to find out what was said. Gu Yanxi just didn’t say anything. Su Xiaowan hurriedly chased after Gu Yanxi to fight, and Xin Ziqian was relieved and saddened by the two people fighting.

Xin Ziqian prepared a courtyard. After cleaning up, he set up a swing and imagined that Su Xiaowan was coming. That swing was her favorite thing, and the preferences in the courtyard were all prepared according to Su Xiaowan’s preferences.

Ruying overheard Cheng Qianyu’s words and knew that she was trapped by love and wanted a bottle of Forgetfulness Water, so she researched it day and night, and found that Cheng Qianyu was already wearing a red suit and was ready to get married. The sad Ruying didn’t believe that Cheng Qianyu didn’t have him in her heart, so she forced Cheng Qianyu to swear that if he had him in his heart, the marriage would end unfortunately. In order to make Ruying believe that she didn’t have Ruying in her heart, Cheng Qianyu spoke to the sky. swear. Ru Ying left in sorrow, and Cheng Qianyu felt a trace of reluctance in her heart. Although it was a big wedding, she did not know why, and there was no joy in her face.

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