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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 22 Recap

Ru Ying and Gu Yanxi rushed all the way to Huafang, and when they heard the little prince’s box, they immediately rushed in. This made the little prince fail. Ru Ying was so angry that Ru Ying beat the little prince. Gu Yanxi stopped Ru Ying and led the way. Qian Yu left quickly.

The little prince was beaten, in addition to reprimanding his men for being trash, he was angering the maid. The maid made an idea to ask the little prince to find a solution to the princess. The little prince acted like a baby in front of the princess concubine and persuaded the princess concubine to help raise her relatives to Cheng Qianyu. The princess arrogant son actually agreed.

Ru Ying has been carrying Cheng Qianyu to the outside of the Gu Mansion, but he heard Gu Yanxi’s name in the confusion. This made Ru Ying feel sad and gave Cheng Qianyu to Gu Yanxi. He Go back and get the medicine for hangover.

When delivering the medicine, Ru Ying suddenly suggested to Gu Yanxi that he would come to Gu’s family as a doctor, and temporarily hand over the medical clinic to Su Xiao’an. He hoped to cure Cheng Qianyu, but he also wanted to cure himself. It’s myself. Every time I saw Cheng Qianyu sad and thought about Gu Yanxi in his heart, his heart hurts. He used to wait until Cheng Qianyu forgot that Gu Yanxi looked back at him, but now he doesn’t want to wait any longer, Gu Yanxi accepted.

The next day, Ru Ying moved with her own salute, and those baby pimple medical books. Su Xiaowan saw this and guessed something was wrong, and she found out from Gu Yanxi that it was Cheng Qianyu. . Su Xiaowan went to visit with a snack, but she was stopped by her mother. She thought that Su Xiaowan must have come to see a joke, and Cheng Qianyu did not want to see anyone at this time.

The phoenix crown crisis has passed, and the shop is booming under the care of the second young master Xin Ziqian, but Xin Ziqian has already planned to leave. Xin Ziqian came to the Cuju team to look for Xiaoya, only to find that Xiaoya left a letter like a ghost symbol and left. Everyone could not understand the letter. Only Xin Ziqian knew that Xiaoya had left. Everyone felt that Xiaoya must be sad by Xin Ziqian before leaving.

The princess of the county proposed to Cheng Qianyu’s father. Cheng’s father only wanted his daughter to marry the person he liked, but due to the pressure of the princess, he had to agree to consider it. After Cheng Qianyu heard about it, she cried and cried. The mother cried and begged Gu Yanxi to marry Cheng Qianyu, lest she marry someone else. However, she was refused by Gu Yanxi, and the mother had no choice but to ask her grandmother, who agreed on the spot.

After learning about this incident, Cheng Qianyu was overjoyed and dressed neatly and went to her grandmother, but inadvertently heard that there was a dispute in the room. Gu Yanxi refused to marry Cheng Qianyu, indicating that there was someone in her heart, and grandma was so angry. Su Xiaowan quickly pulled Gu Yanxi out of the illness. Cheng Qianyu felt very sad and said that he would never threaten Gu Yanxi to marry her again.

Cheng Qianyu, who was in a bad mood, came to the back garden accompanied by the maid. It happened that Ru Ying was holding flowers here to practice how to confess to Cheng Qianyu. Seeing Cheng Qianyu coming, Ru Ying knelt on one knee and said a lot of love Sincerely confessed, I hope Cheng Qianyu can accept her feelings. Cheng Qianyu threw the flowers on the ground and satirized Ru Ying because the toad wanted to eat swan meat. She would not be with Ru Ying now or in the future. Cheng Qianyu stepped on the flower and ran.

The flowers that were trampled on were like Ruying’s heart that was trampled on. When Ruying picked up the flowers, she recalled that she had met Cheng Qian in various languages. Her heartache was like a knife cut and she stumbled away.

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