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Youth Melody 少年如歌 Episode 2 Recap

The school wants to set up a new sound club, and Roy is the instructor.

He Luoyi only got off work at night, so he was hired into the RV. He Luoyi was helpless, but she was used to it. Finally, Horoy and Horolo met in the dressing room. He Luoluo graciously called sister Heluoyi, and asked him how it feels to be a teacher in school recently. He Luoyi has already understood these routines. Generally, if He Luoluo is so diligent, he asks for it. Heluoyi let Heluoluo speak directly, what’s the matter? He Luoluo wouldn’t make a roundabout, he learned that the teacher of the school music club was sick recently, and he hoped that He Luoyi could accept this.

He Luoyi, a teacher who went to a music club, was shocked. How could he be a music teacher as a sports student? And that music club president Lin Mo was late for class the first day. He Luoluo also knew that this was because of recent events that made Lin Mo like this. He hoped that his sister could help him. Originally, Horoy did not intend to take on such a difficult job, but Horolo promised that he could agree to Horoy on one condition and anything. Holoy was a little moved.

Lin Mo was still a little depressed when he went home in the evening. His brother asked him to watch He Luoluo’s performance. He didn’t go, and he took off the posters from their room when he returned. Recently, Roy and Roy are both worried about how to get excellent teachers back to the sports team as soon as possible. He consulted the teachers who had been excellent teachers in the office. Then the teacher introduced him to the teacher points system of this school.

Different types of jobs correspond to different points. Then it mentioned that the teacher can also increase the points by taking the club. Finally, He Luoyi went to Director Chen and asked to be the instructor of the music club. Originally, Director Chen didn’t intend to agree to him, but Horoy was so good at talking and boring, so he had to agree.

He Luoyi is actually very troubled. Now this hot potato is in his hands, but he has no idea how to take him well. He is just a sports student. But since it has taken over, then stick to it. So He Luoyi went directly to the music classroom and announced to everyone that he is now the instructor of the music club, but Lin Mo always speaks harshly. He Luoyi discovered that their club now has only three members, and he heard the call from Director Chen last time, saying that it would disband after less than five members. The top priority now is to recruit people, but it is not that easy. Since the last stage accident, no one wants to join their club anymore.

He Luoyi felt that the current situation was so bad, since there was no one willing to join, he chose to take the initiative. Holoy found the information of the school owner and screened them one by one. But such efficiency is very low. Lin Mo proposed a new strategy, which is to hold a flash event for Yi’an Music Club. Everyone actively distributed the leaflets. But Holoy still felt that this kind of efficiency was a bit slow, so he chose to go to the radio station to broadcast the message.

Lin Mo also met a boy who sang very well while distributing the flyers. But it seems that I didn’t catch it, I just saw the back. After the flash, Holoy also seized the opportunity to let everyone fill out the registration form. At this time, a person named Yu Muyang entered Lin Mo’s sight.

The president of the student union chose to serve as the president of the Xinsheng Club, and asked Director Chen for a list of music talent students over the years.

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