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Youth Melody 少年如歌 Episode 1 Recap

Juvenile as an opera introduces the fresh graduates of Holoy University, with sweet appearance and sassy personality. The piano is very good. By accident, I went to Yi’an Middle School for an internship and became the management teacher of the school’s music club. It looks gentle and sweet, but it is full of little peppers. Ms. Li is a passionate and still young teacher at Yi’an Middle School. He has a good impression of the newcomer Ho Luoyi, and is very supportive of Ho Luoyi’s idea of revitalizing the music club. He also often provides various help to Ho Luoyi. .

Liu Zijiang is a grade 90 graduate of Yi’an Middle School and the new principal of Yi’an Middle School. He is kind, able to integrate into the lives of students, and he is very wise. My favorite pastime when I have nothing to do is sweeping the floor at school. Students often call him Yi’an the “Sweeper Monk”. Director Wang is a special-grade Chinese teacher, who gives a stereotyped impression and is conservative in thinking. In his eyes, the main task of students is to learn, and does not support club activities.

Teacher Zhang is kind but traditional. I am extremely passionate about my math class. Teacher Zhang in the classroom and her in private are different. Teacher Zhang in the class likes to use all kinds of exaggerated body movements and vivid metaphors to explain the math class. Her class is like A stand-up comedian, and the private teacher Zhang is reticent, but is willing to do his best to help in the face of others’ requests for help.

Episode 1: The music club may face dissolution and the music director will collapse

A large concert is being held. This is the Yi’an Music Club of the school, and everyone is very supportive. However, some students whispered below that there seemed to be something missing in the music club without He Luoluo. After the performance this time, everyone was on the stage as usual. Introduce himself, but he did not expect that Fang Xiangrui, the last one to introduce, suddenly stood up and said that he had something to say, and then announced that he would withdraw from Yi’an Music Society. Their fans were crazily retained in the audience, but Fang Xiangrui left without looking back, and the teacher was helpless below. The show still needs to go on, and the host quickly controls the scene to let the next show come on stage.

The classmates of Yi’an Music Club were called by the teacher to give lectures. This performance is actually very important. If it is to warm up the national youth art group competition next month, the teacher asked Fang Xiangrui whether he was leaving the club and why the people of the country should be To be a witness? Fang Xiangrui was also very dissatisfied. He actually submitted it last month, but he did not approve his application because he was preparing for the competition.

There was no He Luoluo team at first, and they were like a mess of loose sand. They were nothing. In fact, it is not that Fang Xiangrui wants to quit the club alone, and Zhan Yiwen, who is in the same club, also wants to leave. Lin Mo really couldn’t accept this fact now. He still wanted to go up and do something, but the teacher went straight away and asked him what was going on. He kicked his nose to the face, did he give the face? Even dared to want to do it in front of the teacher.

Fang Xiangrui left without looking back, Lin Mo was also very aggrieved. Since He Luoluo was gone, everyone has changed their faces. They said they loved the club more than anyone, but now everyone wants to leave. And another teacher next door is also asking Holoy what he wants to do. In the end, He Luoyi was assigned to Yi’an Middle School as a physical education teacher. After he got the honor of excellent teacher, he could come back to make demands.

After practicing, He Luoluo received a text message from Lin Mo, telling him that Fang Xiangrui and Zhan Yiwen both chose to withdraw from the club. He Luoyi heard of the name of the music club on the first day he went to school. He Luoyi was not familiar with the school and couldn’t find the director’s office. Fortunately, there is another male teacher leading the way. Finally, Director Chen asked Teacher Xiao Li to take Holoy to familiarize himself with the school environment, and then asked him to act in the second-grade physical education in the afternoon.

Other classmates gossiping behind the scenes, saying that Lin Mo can still have the face to stay in the music club. Since there was no, He Luoluo, the music club has not been as good as before. It was because of Lin Mo that Lin Mo felt uncomfortable when he heard these words, but he did not say anything. At this time, Fu Yunzhe passed in front of everyone. He was a new transfer student this semester, but because his grades were so good, he immediately became the chairman of the student union.

In fact, He Luoyi was very confused. He had never been a teacher, so he wanted to learn a little from Teacher Li, but Teacher Li had never taught physical education, so he could only teach him from his special project. The result was the first. Lin Mo was late for class in the sky, and when He Luoyi asked him the reason, he didn’t want to say. In the end, He Luoyi asked him to run the penalty lap according to the rules of the sports team. Also let the whole class accompany.

Lin Mo was practising crazy in the classroom of the music club, and then he came out to breathe. Director Chen called the principal. He felt that there were only three people left in the music club. The competition should be impossible, so he hoped to be able to Disbanded early. However, the principal felt that according to the regulations, less than five talents could dissolve the club. Director Chen said that they could use this time to prepare a new club and then participate in the competition. The principal was a little moved. These words were heard by Horoy.

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