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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 21 Recap

Zhong Wumei was worried about Lin Luojing, but he said duplicity that he didn’t want to go, and asked Zhang Ji if he wanted to see the magpies. He probably also wanted to follow. However, Zhang Ji said that he now has not only the letters from the magpies, but also the purse she has sewn by herself, and even the damage on the clothes has been repaired for him. She is already satisfied.

Tang Meng pretended to be overwhelmed with alcohol and asked Lin Luojing to find her a quiet room to rest. Tang Meng took advantage of Lin Luojing’s departure and put the medicine in the water, stunned Lin Luojing, and went out. Tang Meng told the magpie that Lin Luojing had returned home, and the magpie had also left. Tang Meng called Liu Xiuwen into the room. There was a smoke in the room. Liu Xiuwen fainted by the bed as soon as he entered the room.

Lin Luojing was missing, Zhong Wumei brought someone to Qiyu’s palace to search and found Lin Luojing in a room. Lin Luojing and Jiang Xuanyu were lying on the same bed. That night, Yiyi saw Tang Meng fainting Liu Xiuwen and Lin Luojing in the room. He happened to see Jiang Xuanyu passing by, so he stunned him on the bed. Liu Xiuwen brought it out.

As soon as Zhong Wumei opened the quilt, he saw Lin Luojing leaning against Jiang Xuanyu’s arms and sleeping soundly. The two who had just woke up looked dumbfounded, and Zhong Wumei furiously expelled Lin Luojing from Shengjing. Liu Xiuwen confused Yiyi as Lin Luojing. He wanted to forget her every day, but he dreamed of her every day. Even though she had a right to belong, he still couldn’t let her go.

Jin Chen has not found a way to unlock the crystal beads. He wants to take the beads away. He will find a way to unlock them. Liu Xiuwen agreed.

After Zhong Wumei went through this incident, he got drunk and admitted many court ladies into the palace. Lin Luojing and Jiang Xuanyu were driven out of Shengjing, so they had to cook their own food and made a charcoal roast chicken, which was evenly black.

Zhong Wumei believed in Lin Luojing and Jiang Xuanyu very much. Believing in their innocence, they would not betray him. This was clearly an intentional frame. Hua Yingchi Zengjin told Zhong Wumei that there is a crystal bead in Lin Luojing’s body, which is divided into one yin and one yang from the crystal bead guarded by the Zhong family. It can protect the mountains and forests of Shengjing. When the two beads are combined, Can realize the wishes of the owner. Shengjing City is no longer safe, Zhong Wumei used his plan to send Lin Luojing and Jiang Xuanyu out of Shengjing City and performed a good show.

That day, Jiang Xuanyu saw Tang Meng walking in Liu Xiuwen’s mansion with his face covered. He woke up in Liu Xiu’s study room. Tang Meng looked panicked when the incident happened. After returning, he did not accuse him. He suspected that this incident was from Tang Meng’s office. for.

Jin Chen thought about how to open the crystal beads in his old lair, and walked around in the cave. He picked up the book containing crystal beads on the shelf. Opening the book, he found that there was a totem on a page in the book. After touching the totem, an entrance appeared not far away. He suddenly realized that he entered from the entrance and saw a young woman sitting there leisurely playing the piano. The woman named Hua Yingyun. He grabbed Hua Yingyun with a net, and Hua Yingyun looked at him with horror, trying to open the net.

Magpie and Lin Luojing came to the lake to catch fish. Lin Luojing had been thinking about the crystal beads. Lin Luojing cut a wooden fork and hit a fish in one hand, but none of the magpies were caught. But Magpie knows how to cook, and Magpie said that she would let her taste the fish she grilled tonight. Speaking of grilled fish, Lin Luojing proposed to have a barbecue in the wild to grill everything that can be grilled.

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