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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 40 Recap

The C4 plan went wrong. Sha Qing said that Lanev sent another Japanese doctor at the same level as Lu Mingsong. All they had to do was accompany the doctor to finish the experiment. Lanev was very satisfied with Gan Tianlei in the last airport incident.

Gan Tianlei suddenly realized that the CR Group is up to Ranev. Ouyang Hui received Dr. Ito and asked him to meet with Yasuzuki. He asked Yasuzu to cooperate with Dr. Ito’s work. Ouyanghui advised Yasuzu to cooperate with him well.

After all, the police have been on him, and Lu Mingsong will not protect him. Gan Tianlei took the experimental video and sent it to Ni Yongfeng, saying that Lanev must have any plans and he needed a helper.

New York, USA. Lu Mingsong is studying withdrawal drugs. The professor warned him that withdrawal pills are angels and demons, and he must use them cautiously. Lu Mingsong received a video of Dr. Ito. The professor said that this was the Japanese brother he mentioned, but he did not recommend them to cooperate, because Dr. Ito is a science maniac, and Lu Mingsong is even more. Lu Mingsong asked Secretary Linda to find out Dr. Ito’s trajectory in Gandu and find out whether Anquan has completely reversed the water.

When Linda came to get the experimental materials, Chen Xiaofeng was very embarrassed. These materials had to be transferred only after Anquan’s authorization and records. Gan Tianlei came to send Japanese food to Dr. Ito. By the way, he talked a few words and couldn’t understand what Lu Mingsong meant to bring light to the darkness.

Dr. Ito sighed that Lu Mingsong was originally an emotional person. He was his senior, but they could not cooperate because he was a scientific man. Lu Mingsong was different. Dr. Ito explained it in Chinese and Gan Tianlei that there was something wrong with the C4 plan and that he would be addictive, but Dr. Ito was looking for a safety threshold.

Gan Xiaonuan thought that the C4 plan might be a conspiracy. If the CR group controls the safety threshold, it can make laboratory drugs, which is enough to set off a bloody storm. Chen Xiaofeng advised her not to think too much. They can’t defeat Lu Mingsong.

Gan Xiaonuan said that she had what Lu Mingsong wanted, which was the way to control the threshold. Gan Tianlei asked Dr. Ito what he thought of Lu Mingsong. Dr. Ito thought that Lu Mingsong was not a scientist, but an artist. He and Lanev also cooperated for scientific glory. Gan Tianlei also wanted to ask, but Dr. Ito did not answer again.

Gan Tianlei said that this place was not safe and they needed to change the place. He would ensure his safety. Yang Xiaolei told Sister Wang that they suspected that the C4 plan was involved in drugs. Sister Wang promised to help her steal the plan information. As a result, she went into the office and turned on the computer. Linda received a prompt.

Linda knocked Sister Wang unconscious, thinking that Sha Qing’s people stole the information. Sha Qing quickly explained that Linda asked Sha Qing to deal with the people and not leave the horse’s feet. Yang Xiaolei, who was waiting downstairs, couldn’t sit still.

Finally, she found out that Sister Wang had an accident and quickly contacted the ambulance. There is also a new situation on the Zhao team side, and it is found that Mr. Wu’s gang has appeared in the city. After Lu Mingsong returned to China, Linda had found the location of Dr. Ito, and Dr. Ito did not have investigation information. Lu Mingsong said that what information was a pile of waste paper compared with Gan Xiaonuan, as long as Gan Xiaonuan was fine.

Linda told Sister Wang to enter Lu Mingsong’s studio to investigate the information, but she couldn’t figure out what reason she had to do so. Chen Xiaofeng told Anquan that Linda came to check the information today. Anquan understood that Lu Mingsong doubted himself and quickly expressed his loyalty.

Lu Mingsong did an experiment as soon as he came back, and he did not allow Dr. Ito to get involved in his dream. Sister Wang was rescued, but she was not so easy to wake up. Yang Xiaolei was staring at in the hospital first. She was an important witness. Sha Qing was preparing to attack her in the hospital.

Yang Xiaolei suggested a formal investigation into CR Group, but Xiong Guoliang did not agree to fear that he beat the grass and startle the snake. At the same time, when Xiong Guoliang investigated Mr. Wu, he found that Tan Xiaosi had come back and quickly made people stare at him for a pot.

As soon as Gan Xiaonuan went to work, she learned that Sister Wang jumped off a building last night. She quickly called Yang Xiaolei, who told her to take care of herself and leave others alone.

Lu Mingsong found Gan Xiaonuan. One of Gan Xiaonuan’s puzzles is that Lu Mingsong is Su Ling’s classmate and good friend, but Su Ling wrote in his diary that he did not want to share the research results with Lu Mingsong very much. Lu Mingsong said that they had some unpleasant ideas at that time, but their private relationship was still very good. Sha Qing pretended to be a colleague to visit Sister Wang and was stopped by the police.

Gan Xiaonuan said that Su Ling thought that giving up medicine was a medicine to save people from suffering, not Pandora’s box. Lu Mingsong and Gan Xiaonuan talked about the big truth. Gan Xiaonuan said that she could not understand, but she would think more.

Lu Mingsong proposed to read Su Ling’s diary, which would be helpful to their research and development, and Gan Xiaonuan agreed. Che Lizi, who listened to the dialogue, scolded Lu Mingsong, and Gan Xiaonuan did not fully believe Lu Mingsong.

Gan Xiaonuan called Yang Xiaolei and was heard by Linda. Linda followed her into the elevator. Tan Xiaosi thought of three things that Tan Xiaoshuai told him when he left, so that he should not mention Tan Song, that is, Lu Mingsong.

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