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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 39 Recap

Lu Mingsong said that he had money to buy Douglas crab many times, but the taste was not as delicious as that made by Suring. It was probably time. Tan Po once asked Mr. Wu to help Asong. She went to revenge in person, so she gave the Tan family to him. When the test failed, Lu Mingsong was very dissatisfied and gave Anquan the last seven days, as long as the result did not process.

Lu Mingsong asked Gan Xiaonuan to meet Anquan. Gan Xiaonuan wanted to borrow the laboratory to use it. She found an experimental record of Su Ling, so she wanted to have a try that may be helpful to their project. Lu Mingsong told Anquan that Gan Xiaonuan was Su Ling’s daughter, so she was expected to do everything. Che Lizi was listening in the dark and scolded his grandson secretly when he heard Lu Mingsong’s words.

Sister Wang hurriedly gave Yang Xiaolei a piece of information and went to work. Anquan also took Gan Xiaonuan to the laboratory, but turned on the monitoring. Lu Mingsong met Mr. Wu. It turned out that he was A Song in Tan Po’s mouth and also the descendant of the Tan family.

It’s just that Lu Mingsong does not want to take over the Tan family. Since he changed his surname to Lu at the age of 13, he has swore to his mother’s portrait, and has nothing to do with the Tan family since then. Mr. Wu said that he was bleeding from the Tan family, and he had to shoulder the responsibility.

Lu Mingsong had no choice but agreed, but Fuchun would be more complicated than they thought. Only when the C4 plan was successful could he have the opportunity to contact a higher level. Now he is almost a blind introduction. Lu Mingsong’s experimental results are only one step away, which makes him crazy.

Sha Qing asked Gan Tianlei to escort Lannev to the VIP room. Gan Tianlei quickly contacted Xiong Guoliang to investigate Lannev and asked him to arrange more people at the airport. Zhao team checked Mr. Wu’s information, and Tan Xiaosi’s appearance in Mr. Wu’s car was by no accident. Lu Mingsong is on a business trip today, and Lannev is going to talk to him at the airport.

When Ranev went through the security check, he found a bottle of white powder suspected contraband, so he was taken for inspection. The police went to Mr. Wu’s company to investigate Tan Xiaosi’s car. The staff vaguely fooled it over, and then quickly called Mr. Wu. Wu suddenly became nervous and made concessions when talking business with Mr. Sun, on the condition that he could prepare three passports.

Ma Lie pretended to be an airport security inspector. Gan Tianlei finally made Team Li agree to help act, and then came to pick up Lanev. Seeing Gan Tianlei, Ma Lie quickly said that it was an old friend of his father, explaining that Lanev was carrying a bottle of white powder, and they suspected it was contraband. Gan Tianlei said that he was willing to write a guarantee letter to Team Li in the name of himself and CR Group.

The things were still put here, and he wanted to pick them up. Gan Tianlei left the VIP room smoothly with Lanev. He met Lu Mingsong. Lu Mingsong refused the Japanese doctor of the Lanev faction, and the ready forces of the Tan family made Lanev suspicious of Lu Mingsong. Lu Mingsong said that his family had nothing to do with the plan.

Lanev warned that Sha Qing would stare at Lu Mingsong 24 hours a day, one was to protect his safety, but if he failed to achieve his goal, he would not make him feel too comfortable. Lu Mingsong advised Lanev not to target himself like this.

They are from the same boat, but Lanev was obviously not brainwashed. He warned Lu Mingsong not to let him down again, otherwise the consequences would be serious.
Lanev left. Lu Mingsong didn’t expect Sha Qing to trust Gan Tianlei so much. If he was Gan Tianlei, he would take good care of Gan Xiaonuan at home and would not wade into this troubled water. Gan Tianlei did not answer.

Everything he did was for Gan Xiaonuan. Gan Xiaonuan was busy studying the information left by Su Ling and found that all odd pages in the diary were passive. At this time, Chelizi suddenly came. Gan Xiaonuan was surprised to see that Chelizi was not dead. It turned out that Chelizi had prepared someone to answer him in advance, and also caused the illusion that he had been eaten by a crocodile.

Che Lizi said that Lu Mingsong was not a good person and wanted Gan Xiaonuan to be careful of him. Su Ling said that Lu Mingsong was Su Ling’s classmate. Che Lizi said that he knew the face but not the heart. Su Ling only trusted two people in his life. One was that he was alone in heaven. In short, he should be careful of Lu Mingsong.

Dao Yuhan came to the anti-drug detachment in Gandu. Yang Xiaolei was surprised to see her. Dao Yuhan and Xiong Guoliang are getting married. Xiong Guoliang has gone to Fan Yongfeng to sign, and Yang Xiaolei rushed to be the bridesmaid. Anquan sent his wife to the United States, saying that he would not go to the United States to find her and her son until he had dealt with the matter here.

Sha Qing called and said that Dr. Ito had arrived and asked Yasuzumi to handle the matter. Xiong Guoliang came back with the letter signed by Fan Yongfeng, saying that he had not told everyone the case a while ago. Now he wants to get the certificate quickly. Yang Xiaolei flirted himself to be a bridesmaid. Xiong Guoliang quickly expressed his loyalty to Dao Yuhan. The information given by Sister Wang is useless. Yang Xiaolei decided to stop fighting until she couldn’t achieve her goal.

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