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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 38 Recap

Sha Qing brought Gan Tianlei to dinner with Ouyang Hui. Ouyang Hui took out the gun directly. Gan Tianlei suddenly became a little nervous, saying that the job seemed not as simple as he thought. Unexpectedly, Ouyang Hui found out the details of Gan Tianlei. All his credit cards were issued by the Anti-drug Detachment of Gandu. Ouyang Hui took out his gun and pointed it at Gan Tianlei. Gan Tianlei wanted to fight back with his backhand, but Sha Qing stopped it.

Ouyang Hui questioned Gan Tianlei, and Gan Tianlei reluctantly said that these cards were handled for him by a black policeman, nicknamed the 13th Yao. Sha Qing immediately dialed the phone, and Xiong Guoliang was puzzled when he received the call, and then he responded that he wanted to apply for a card and asked Gan Tianlei to come to him for money. Xiong Guoliang and Ma Lie found out that Tai Yongfeng’s cards were all issued under the name of the Anti-drug Detachment. Xiong Guoliang quickly asked Ma Lie to go to the bank to fix the loophole and go to Tai Yongfeng himself.

Gan Tianlei was obviously in contact with Sha Qing purposefully, and Ouyang Hui asked him what his purpose was. Gan Tianlei said that it was because of his daughter and there were some problems between them. Sha Qing believed it, saying that even if this matter was over, they were a family after drinking this glass of wine. Ouyang Hui and Sha Qing left, Gan Tianlei escaped, and hurriedly asked Xiong Guoliang to fill in the loopholes in the bank card. Gan Tianlei told Yang Xiaolei that he might not be able to buy her a bite in the future.

His relationship with Gan Xiaonuan eased a lot, so he wanted to move out. Yang Xiaolei respected his opinion, but when will he and Gan Xiaonuan come back to her? All are welcome. On the way to work, Yang Xiaolei was very sad and cursed Gan Tianlei as a stone that was not hot. Gan Tianlei also knew that doing so would make him sad, but this mission was too dangerous and he didn’t want to involve Yang Xiaolei.

Lu Mingsong approached Gan Tianlei and said that he wanted to apologize. Because the company had some remarks, Gan Tianlei said that Gan Xiao Nuan was at ease by his side. Lu Mingsong felt that Gan Xiaonuan’s heart was tied to Su Ling, so he asked Gan Tianlei to return to his house to chat. Xiong Guoliang asked Gan Tianlei if he had the opportunity to contact the project department. He wanted the C4 project book to be used internally by the company. Gan Tianlei reluctantly agreed, saying that he would mention it during dinner with Lu Mingsong. Cherie pretended to be a cleaner and ran to hire someone to open a thing.

Gan Tianlei and Lu Mingsong ate together. Lu Mingsong persuaded him to take on the responsibility of being a father, believing that Gan Xiaonuan’s ice would melt. Lu Mingsong talked about his family background. He came from a criminal family and his mother died because of it. Lu Mingsong broke with his family because of this. He hoped that Gan Xiao Nuan would not be like himself. Lu Mingsong also investigated Gan Tianlei, and knowing his experience, Gan Tianlei said that his heart was broken the moment Cong Suling died. Lu Mingsong said that Su Ling was a very kind girl. She didn’t have a good time when she was studying. She had to go to school and take care of children alone. Cherie opened the contents of the courier box, took a photo, and asked someone to recover it.

Gan Tianlei asked Lu Mingsong that the abstinence drug developed by Lu Mingsong is addictive after taking too much. Lu Mingsong said that there is another developer of this project, Su Ling, and the abstinence drug is Su Ling’s dream. His, he wants to continue their common cause. Gan Tianlei asked Lu Mingsong again if his kindness to Gan Xiaonuan was just because of Su Ling?

After all, that happened a long time ago, but Lu Mingsong said that only what is lost can be cherished. Lu Mingsong left Gan Tianlei with a business card. This number is exclusively for Gan Tianlei. He can find him if he has something to do. Of course, if he has something to find Gan Tianlei, he must not refuse. No matter what he chooses in the adult world. , Have to bear the corresponding results.

Che Lizi flipped through the Tan family’s affairs, not understanding the relationship between Lu Mingsong and the Tan family. Lu Mingsong persuaded Gan Xiao Nuan not to avoid Gan Tian Lei, because in the end she could only choose to forgive, and she didn’t want her to go her own way. Gan Tianlei came to deliver food to Gan Xiao Nuan, but Gan Xiao Nuan was very resistant, saying that he would send it secretly in the future, otherwise his colleagues would always laugh at her.

Yang Xiaolei asked Sister Wang for dinner and said that she was investigating a case. She hoped that she would help to get some information to study and study. Sister Wang said that it was a taboo to provide information in this industry, but Yang Xiaolei promised not to disclose it, and Sister Wang agreed.

Che Lizi installed a monitor in the CR office. Lu Mingsong and Gan Xiaonuan ate together. They said that he and Su Ling didn’t make much money. One day, when Lu Mingsong was exhausted, Su Ling invited him to eat at home. After a meal of Douglas Crabs, Lu Mingsong vowed from that time that no matter what happened to Su Ling, he would try his best to help her. Lu Mingsong said that Su Ling’s notes are very clear. If Gan Xiaonuan finds it, it will be of great help to her. The C4 project is an opportunity for Gan Xiaonuan to prove herself and fulfill Su Ling’s unfinished dream.

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