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The Message 风声 Episode 27 Recap

The east building of Qiuzhuang was on fire. Wang Tianxiang’s men knocked on the door of the room, but couldn’t wake Gu Xiaomeng. Li Ningyu grabbed the guard’s gun in desperation and opened the door. After entering, she found that Gu Xiaomeng was unconscious. To ensure safety, Longchuan temporarily arranged Li Ningyu and Gu Xiaomeng in the West Building cell, where they lived together with Wu Zhiguo.

In Gu Minzhang’s villa, Pan Hanqing judged that among the five people, except for Jin’s fire, based on the time when the window was on during the fire, the other two might have been killed. Ms. Zhao suggested that someone might have run out before turning on the light. Pan Hanqing said this possibility is extremely high. Xiao, because the fire broke out and the window was lit for nine minutes, at this time the guards would definitely rush to the east building to wake up everyone.

To prevent being attacked, they would not enter the room without turning on the lights. Gu Minzhang made sure that Li Ningyu and his daughter were alive. . Because Jin Shenghuo has the highest rank among the five with the oldest qualifications, he should live in the larger room on the far left, and this room has not been lit, which confirms that his judgment is accurate.

The people next to Jin’s fire should be Wu Zhiguo, Li Ningyu, Bai Xiaonian, and Gu Xiaomeng in order. So Li Ningyu was the one who turned on the lights in the first room, and Gu Xiaomeng was the second. But Gu Minzhang discovered that the fire had been on for nearly 13 minutes. It just lights up, so he judged that his daughter should have been injured and lost the ability to move. In this case, violent rescue has no chance of winning.

In the cell, Li Ningyu approached the seriously injured Wu Zhiguo late at night and used Morse code to persuade him to escape as soon as possible. Wu Zhiguo replied: He was seriously injured and could not send her away, let alone go alone. There is a news. She can protect Li Ningyu out alive instead of herself.

Wang Tianxiang told Longchuan that the wildfire might have been set by the Communist Party in order to save people. Fortunately, their rapid response prevented the Communist Party from taking advantage of it. But Longchuan thought that this might be a temptation of the Communist Party. They knew Qiuzhuang. The person is dead, but it is not certain whether the dead person is an old ghost.

Long Chuan asked Li Ningyu and Gu Xiaomeng to return to the East Building, but Gu Xiaomeng said that the East Building was poisonous and feared living in him. So Li Ningyu applied for Gu Xiaomeng to live in his room, and Longchuan agreed.

Wang Tianxiang added a bed to Li Ningyu’s room and installed a wiretap under the bed. After they left, Gu Xiaomeng asked Li Ningyu whether he was good or fake. When the fire broke out, Li Ningyu ran to see her, her eyes were so dramatic. Gu Xiao dreamed of her own mother. Her mother was accidentally injured by a stray bullet in Shanghai in the 21st of the Republic of China. Li Ningyu told Gu Xiaomeng that no matter how good she was to her, she would not harm her. Her mother was also waiting. She went home.

Wang Tianxiang felt headless after listening to this monitoring recording, but Long Chuan believed that the conversation between the two at least showed that Gu Xiaomeng did not fully trust Li Ningyu. After she was poisoned, she did not go to Li Ningyu to conspire. Now although the doubts point to Li Ningyu , But there is still no evidence.

Wang Tianxiang pointed out that he had many ways to deal with female prisoners. Long Chuan reminded him: After Li Ningyu deciphered the second-generation machine, the Ministry of Intelligence applied for a reward from the Headquarters. If he accidentally killed Li Ningyu during the interrogation, there is no conclusive evidence. The Ministry of Intelligence would not let him go. He deliberately kept Wu Zhiguo, Li Ningyu, and Gu Xiaomeng together in the fire. He knew that what the old ghost cares most about is the interests of the organization, that is, the identity of the oriole.

Li Ningyu found the wiretap under the bed, which proved that the intelligence that Wu Zhiguo passed to her in the cell is true. The content of the intelligence is: the rape sneaked into their system a year ago. His ancestry was Hangzhou and he was in charge of Shanghai, Nanjing, and Hangzhou. Information transmission. Li Ningyu knew that with this key information, it was easy to find out the true identity of the oriole.

If she could pass this information out, the oriole would undoubtedly die, so that the entire intelligence line including the old gun would be safe. But Li Ningyu thought at the same time: Obviously, sending Gu Xiaomeng into his room to install a wiretap was a fish hook set by Longchuan. He was betting against him to see if she had the courage to play the game with him. .

Longchuan and the CCP intelligence agent Eagle joint. Eagle learned that Longchuan had not found out the identity of the old ghost. He was very dissatisfied. He pointed out that the person who followed him last time almost killed him. Eagle emphasized that his relationship with Longchuan is only trading.

There is no order and obedience. Longchuan asked the Eagle to cooperate with his plan to do two things: The first is to instruct the old turtle to enter Qiuzhuang to contact the remaining three people. This time they learned important information. If the old ghost is among them, they will be desperate to make peace. The old turtle touches, if there is no contact, it means that the old ghost has died among the two.

The second thing is that the eagle immediately applied to organize and arrange the old gun to rescue the old ghost within three days. The eagle was surprised when he heard that he had twice suggested to the organization to rebuild the intelligence station to replace the old man and was rejected by the organization. This time he proposed to rescue the old ghost with the old gun, and he was not far from being exposed. Longchuan threatened the eagle and the two of them.

Once his transaction is leaked, he will be unable to bear the consequences. The old demon also reminded Longchuan that his secret is more deadly than his own. He can cooperate with Longchuan’s operation, but there are two conditions: the first old ghost will go home after he is caught, and the second is Longchuan to help him find his brother. Long Chuan promised, saying that he had found a clue to Brother Eagle, and would arrange for them to meet regardless of the success of this operation.

Gu Xiaomeng told Li Ningyu in the room: Today is her twenty-fifth birthday, but she has no plans to live to be twenty-five, because the god of death has always been her servant on the journey, she has the courage to go with death, Li Ningyu bluntly said that Gu Xiaomeng Too ignorant. Death is like Jin Shenghuo’s life’s desires, and it’s like Bai Xiaonian’s exquisite face but can’t escape other people’s calculations. Even like Wu Zhiguo’s humiliation, filthy, and extremely painful without seeing the end, with Gu Xiaomeng Those romantic adventurers thought it had nothing to do.

Gu Xiaomeng was angry that even his father supported him to enter the general headquarters of suppression. Why did Li Ningyu point fingers at her. Li Ningyu kindly persuades her, saying that Gu Xiaomeng’s father will not stop her, perhaps because she wants her to wake up by herself instead of paying a high price for it. In any case, her father hopes that she can spend her 25th birthday and every birthday thereafter. . Li Ningyu said that he would prepare a special birthday gift for Gu Xiaomeng in the evening.

After turning off the monitoring, Long Chuan told Wang Tianxiang that he couldn’t understand conversations like this, or pretended not to understand. He also prepared a gift for Gu Xiaomeng and would invite the old turtle to the birthday dinner. When Wang Tianxiang left, Longchuan asked him to tell him what he would write on his epitaph in the future. Wang Tianxiang would write: loyalty and filial piety, Longchuan laughed mockingly, saying that even the epitaph like Wang Tianxiang would be falsified. People are not worthy of Gu Xiaomeng.

Pan Hanqing observed with a telescope that only one room in the East Building of Qiuzhuang had been lit for two consecutive nights. Gu Minzhang told him: Li Ningyu and Gu Xiaomeng lived together, because his daughter always turned on the lights when drinking water at night. Every time someone turns off the light again.

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