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The Message 风声 Episode 26 Recap

Li Ningyu advised Wu Zhiguo not to be stubborn. He can’t save He Jianzhu now, but Wu Zhiguo insists on giving Li Ningyu his life. The subordinate reported that Gu Xiaomeng was ill and was now in a coma. After Wang Tianxiang rushed to the room, he found that Gu Xiaomeng seemed to be poisoned. He was arranging to call a military doctor. Suddenly, he found Wu Zhiguo rushing out with a gun. He had a desperate duel with several guards in the hall.

Until the bullets ran out, he was wounded and killed all the guards and then went to the cell where He Jianzhu was detained. Although Longchuan had been prepared for a long time, what he did not expect was that Wu Zhiguo shot and killed He Jianzhu.

Long Chuan used electrocution on Wu Zhiguo. He thought that Wu Zhiguo and the organization behind him heard that they were going to send He Jianzhu to the comfort camp to rescue her at all costs, but he didn’t expect Wu Zhiguo to kill her. Longchuan asked Wu Zhiguo who the old ghost was. Wu Zhiguo remained silent. Longchuan threatened to use electric chromium iron to engrave on Wu Zhiguo’s face.

Wu Zhiguo was not afraid. Longchuan claimed that Wu Zhiguo was instigated by Li Ningyu and sent him to the comfort camp. The person who is not He Jianzhu but Li Ningyu, Wu Zhiguo shouted angrily like a wolf after hearing this sentence, then someone came in to report: Bai Xiaonian is dead.

Long Chuan rushed to the cell to confirm that Bai Xiaonian was dead. When Wang Tianxiang rushed over, Long Chuan instructed him to ensure that Gu Xiaomeng was alive. He next ordered Wang Tianxiang to sentence Wu Zhiguo. That night, Wang Tianxiang ordered his subordinates to bring the words to Commander Zhang no matter what method they used.

Early the next morning, Commander Zhang came to Qiuzhuang and asked to take away the bodies of Jin Shenghuo and Bai Xiaonian. Longchuan refused, saying that the suspicions of the two had not been resolved. Commander Zhang said that if this was the case, he would leave the rest. The three living people were taken away, and Longchuan was still not allowed. Commander Zhang reminded Longchuan: There is no big problem with killing Bai Xiaonian and Jin Shenghuo, but the remaining three people: one is a deciphering genius, and the other is a heroic hero. ,

One is Chairman Wang’s best friend. If they have any accidents, Longchuan still can’t find out who the old ghost is, I’m afraid he won’t be able to deal with each other. After Commander Zhang left, Wang Tianxiang reported to Longchuan that Gu Xiaomeng was awake. Longchuan had no interest and only asked whether Wu Zhiguo had confessed.

Wang Tianxiang found out that the tea on Gu Xiaomeng’s table contained amoeba bacteria. Gu Xiaomeng knew that it was a plague bacterium studied by the Japanese. She guessed that the Japanese wanted to kill herself. On the other side, Long Chuan tied Li Ningyu to Wu Zhiguo, and wanted to execute Li Ningyu in front of him. Wu Zhiguo remembered what Li Ningyu had said: Faith can save any life that has gone astray, so he stared at Li Ningyu and decided. Suddenly bite his tongue.

Wang Tianxiang reported to Longchuan that Wu Zhiguo was rescued, but he was seriously injured. He believed that since Jin Shenghuo was not an old ghost, and the news was passed after Jin Shenghuo left Qiuzhuang, only they had the opportunity to contact the outside world that night. And among those who came that day, Ms. Zhao was personally received by Longchuan. Bai Xiaonian’s uncle did not come at all, and only Li Ningyu was left. Long Chuan added that there is Bai Xiaonian’s godfather, Commander Zhang.

Even if Bai Xiaonian dies, the spy can swallow the information, or even stuff it into his intestines and stab it on his scalp. So Commander Zhang asked himself in the morning. The behavior of the corpse is too suspicious, who is telling the secret? Wang Tianxiang’s statement was definitely not him, because he wanted to hide this matter more than anyone else.

Longchuan also couldn’t figure out how the information was transmitted. He felt that something must have been missed, so he ordered from today to ban all items from outside Qiuzhuang, including garbage and the corpses of the two people, Wang Tianxiang’s face was embarrassed.

Claiming that the weather is too hot and the body will not last long, Longchuan asked him to do the same and warned him: Even if there is no record of sending the telegram, it is still possible to find out who sent the telegram. The next time, let Wang Tianxiang and those The corpses lie together. Long Chuan asked the forensic doctor to dissect Bai Xiaonian’s body. Wang Tianxiang couldn’t stand it, so he called his subordinate Liu Xiaozhong privately and asked him to get more formalin enough to soak five people.

In front of the breakfast stall, Pan Hanqing heard the food delivery from Qiuzhuang saying that moldy tofu should not be delivered. He quickly went back to listen to the monitor call. He quickly found the call that Liu Xiaozhong asked the hospital to get formalin to Qiuzhuang.

Pan Hanqing asked Gu Minzhang for morning tea and told him about Qiuzhuang’s call for formalin. He judged that five people had died in Qiuzhuang from the dosage. Gu Minzhang comforted him not to worry because three days ago, Bai Xiaonian’s uncle Both Mrs. Qian entered Qiuzhuang, but Pan Hanqing felt that even so, at least two of the original five people in Qiuzhuang had died. Gu Minzhang proposed to speak in another place.

He took Pan Hanqing to his villa on the back mountain of Qiuzhuang, where he could observe Qiuzhuang with a telescope. Pan Hanqing suggested that Gu Minzhang and him jointly hire the top professional killers in Shanghai and Hangzhou to rescue Li Ningyu and Gu Xiaomeng.

Gu Minzhang believes that the success of this is too small, because the construction structure of Qiuzhuang is easy to defend and difficult to attack, but Pan Hanqing insists on tightening the carving fort. There are also defensive blind spots, so Gu Minzhang asked Ms. Zhao to show Gu Minzhang the architectural structure of Qiuzhuang. He introduced Ms. Zhao as a protégé of a famous German architect, and she never forgot. Miss Zhao said that she walked into Qiuzhuang that night and found.

The structure of the east building and the west building is symmetrical, so she drew the architectural structure of the east building based on the structure of the west building that she walked in. Gu Minzhang felt that Qiuzhuang’s structure was impeccable, but Pan Hanqing told them there was a chance to rescue them based on the analysis of professional agents. But wait until tonight. At night, the East Building of Qiuzhuang was on fire, and Longchuan was awakened in his sleep.

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