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The Message 风声 Episode 25 Recap

Wang Tianxiang reported to Longchuan: He Jianzhu was rescued, but he is still in a coma. Longchuan arranged for Wang Tianxiang to interrogate Li Ningyu and Gu Xiaomeng, and he came to interrogate Bai Xiaonian.

Holding the record of the previous two interrogations, Long Chuan asked Bai Xiaonian for the first time that he was a private detective in Shanghai, and was entrusted by Commander Zhang to support Steward Zhao, who is He Jianzhu’s father, and that he was Qiu the second time. The owner’s youngest son, in order to avenge his father, named Bai Xiaonian to enter the headquarters.

His purpose in doing this was to disassociate himself from the He family’s father and daughter, but the second wife of Commander Qian, even Wang Tianxiang, only saw her profile once, and just last night, Bai Xiaonian treated her when he saw He Jianzhu His feelings cannot be concealed, so he guessed that He Jianzhu should be Bai Xiaonian’s offline, and Bai Xiaonian was the old ghost. Bai Xiaonian smiled bitterly and said that if he had already admitted that he was an old ghost, he would never tolerate Long Chuan killing her father in front of He Jianzhu.

Wang Tianxiang went to Gu Xiaomeng’s room for interrogation first, and pointed out that when Li Ningyu said that she was an old ghost last night, Gu Xiaomeng immediately admitted that she was too, and her purpose in doing so was to disturb their sight. Gu Xiaomeng explained that she believed that Li Ningyu was definitely not an old ghost, so she had to cover her, and at the Qingdao meeting last year, Li Ningyu deciphered a secret telegram and saved Chairman Wang’s life. The Communists would not do this.

Wang Tianxiang retorted that it might have happened last year. Li Ningyu was very likely to be bought in the first few months. Gu Xiaomeng laughed and said that the old ghost is an important intelligence officer of the CCP’s underground party. Such a level can never be bought in a few months. . Wang Tianxiang reminded Gu Xiaomeng not to be obsessed with Wu Zhiguo for making improper actions for Li Ningyu, and Gu Xiaomeng scolded him away.

Wang Tianxiang went to Li Ningyu’s room for interrogation. Li Ningyu confessed that she admitted last night that it was an old ghost to survive, because Longchuan’s emotions were out of control at that time and she did not want to be Longchuan’s vent. Wang Tianxiang claimed that she was lying. Li Ningyu was calm when Longchuan killed He Jianzhu’s father, but she couldn’t sit still when she killed Jin Ruoxian. This was probably because Jin Shenghuo told her the secret of the greatness. Li Ningyu said Wang Tianxiang has no humanity. Jin Shenghuo only asked his colleague to take care of his daughter, but she broke his promise. Wang Tianxiang sneered and said that Wu Zhiguo entered the torture room and Li Ningyu ignored him, why he was so caring about Jin Shenghuo?

This shows that Jin Shenghuo is an old ghost, and Li Ningyu is his downline. Jin Shenghuo saw her before he died. Explain how Li Ningyu got in touch with his superiors after his death. Li Ningyu laughed that Wang Tianxiang was so stupid to be the chief, she was deeply ashamed. Wang Tianxiang threatened to put Li Ningyu on the torture frame and then confess.

Li Ningyu said that since Longchuan killed two people and asked who the old ghost is, it fully shows that Jin Shenghuo was wronged. How could he be the downline of his development? Moreover, Jin Shenghuo is a spy trained by the army. If he is a Communist Party, he can only kill and then quickly. How could he entrust himself to take care of his daughter? Li Ningyu satirized Wang Tianxiang’s next interrogation and remember to keep his mind.

Wang Tianxiang was humiliated by Li Ningyu, but he couldn’t apply to Longchuan for torture. Longchuan told him that it was useless to torture people like Li Ningyu. If he wanted to catch a ghost, he must first turn himself into a ghost to get into her heart.

At the dinner table, Wu Zhiguo’s chopsticks fell, and he couldn’t pick it up for a long time after being tortured. Li Ningyu went to help him pick it up and fed him the meal gently one by one. Gu Xiaomeng saw that the military doctor in the hospital left, and sighed that He Jianzhu and Bai Xiaonian were still alive or dead. Wang Tianxiang told them that He Jianzhu had been rescued and that Bai Xiaonian was still alive.

Long Chuan waited for He Jianzhu to wake up and sent her to the comfort camp to treat the Japanese army. Li Ningyu was shocked, and Gu Xiaomeng slapped Wang Tianxiang angrily. Long Chuan told Bai Xiaonian that if a woman like He Jianzhu arrived at the comfort camp, it would take less than three days at most. Bai Xiaonian had better persuade her to confess the old ghost as soon as possible, otherwise he would feel more lost than his father. More painful.

Li Ningyu played the piano in the living room after dinner. Gu Xiaomeng approached her and said softly that she knew that Li Ningyu was an old ghost, because Jin Shenghuo had proved that he was not, Bai Xiaonian was for revenge, and Wu Zhiguo was for love. Li Ningyu. Li Ningyu claimed that the person who assassinated Morita was Gu Xiaomeng. How did she prove that she was not an old ghost? At that time, Jin Shenghuo and Wu Zhiguo’s plan was to hijack Morita and escape when the lights were off. However, Gu Xiaomeng killed Morita. She must have been beaten.

The more deadly threat of execution on board, it is likely that Morita exposed that Gu Xiaomeng is an old ghost. In order to protect her comrades, she had to give up her escape plan and hurried assassination. Gu Xiaomeng explained that she had missed for a while. Li Ningyu retorted that it was fatal, not a miss. She had known that Gu Xiaomeng assassinated Morita but helped cover up the truth because they were both from the headquarters.

If she was identified as the murderer, it would be difficult for her to escape, but she could prove It was Gu Xiaomeng who deliberately let herself eat licorice tablets, which caused her serious injury and had to let her participate in deciphering. There is also Gu Xiaomeng bribing gold to make a fire, and despite her own opposition, many people, including Zhao Xiaoman, can prove that she was kidnapped by Gu Xiaomeng and not an accomplice.

Gu Xiaomeng marveled that it has only been an hour since Wang Tianxiang interrogated Li Ningyu. Li Ningyu reasoned that such a rigorous plan is not a genius. Therefore, she said that she saved herself on the boat for self-protection. Li Ningyu said indifferently that she could understand that. Who is the old ghost has no interest at all, but feels that they should not insult a woman like this.

In the middle of the night, Wu Zhiguo knocked on Li Ningyu’s door. He bluntly said that Li Ningyu was upset and that he must pay back what he owed her. Li Ningyu emphasized that Wu Zhiguo did not owe him. Wu Zhiguo talked about their acquaintance: He was seriously injured and kidnapped Li Ningyu on the train. After that, Li Ningyu went into a coma and took him for fifteen days in the wilderness to find the doctor. Wu Zhiguo knew He was full of blood debts, but he kept his life until now to send Li Ningyu out. Li Ningyu sighed that Wu Zhiguo could not send him away this time because she was an old ghost.

At this moment, Bai Xiaonian and He Jianzhu were in tears, recalling the same scene in different cells: their childhood sweethearts, carefree… Wu Zhiguo told Li Ningyu that whether she was the Communist Party or the Kuomintang, her life was left to her. Li Ningyu later claimed that meeting Wu Zhiguo on the train was the last thing she regretted in this life. Wu Zhiguo questioned what she had put in the book. The wiretap also imitated his handwriting. Li Ningyu explained that it was a deliberate forgery of suspicion against him. Wu Zhiguo laughed and said that the first suspected person is often the least suspect. This is the practice of interrogation. He is in the wolf den.

Growing up in this world, he doesn’t belong to this world, and he is a ghost alive. Wu Zhiguo asked He Jianzhu, Li Ningyu told him: Back then, the owner of Qiu Zhuang’s family was killed in Shanghai, and the young master disappeared. He Jianzhu left Qiu’s family and ran to Shanghai by herself, and later became a red dancing girl at Parkson Gate. , And met Qian Huyi and returned to Qiuzhuang again with him.

Although Wu Zhiguo had never seen He Jianzhu, He Jianzhu took Wu Zhiguo’s call and remembered his voice, knowing that Qian Huyi had inquired about Qiu. Zhuang’s secrets and a deal with him were reached, so He Jianzhu believed that Wu Zhiguo and Qian Huyi had conspired to kill the owner of Qiu Zhuang’s family, so she married Qian Huyi to take the opportunity to take revenge, but she did not expect Bai Xiao who she could not ask for. Nian was always by her side.

Wu Zhiguo knew what happened afterwards: Qian Huyi threatened Wu Zhiguo to kill Bai Xiaonian. Wu Zhiguo suspected that he had another attempt and secretly investigated. The result was an alarm to Bai Xiaonian. He Jianzhu wanted to protect his lover. He had to conspire with her father to murder Qian Huyi and attempted suicide. Li Ningyu rescued her, named her He Jianzhu, and developed her into his own comrade, codenamed Old Man.

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