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The Controllers 阳光之下 Episode 20 Recap

Feng Xiaosheng asked Xiaowu to come to the dock. He knew that the other party was feeling uncomfortable, but he did not expect that Ke Ying would be so cruel. Xiaowu returned the bank card Feng Xiaosheng had given him, saying that today one hand is fifty. Ten thousand, a life of ten million tomorrow will also kill oneself. But who let himself be unlucky and offend Feng Xiaosheng’s fiancée?

When Ke Ying finally finished reading the large pile of materials, when he stood up and moved his muscles and bones, he unexpectedly discovered that there were surveillance cameras in Feng Xiaosheng’s office. At this moment, Feng Xiaosheng’s secretary came in to deliver food, and Ke Ying took the opportunity to chat with him and talked about the stinky female director and the company’s powerful man, but the secretary did not dare to disclose too much.

Feng Xiaosheng and Xiaowu returned to the company after meeting, and asked whether the family of Ke Yingfeng was really as rich as the outside world said. Ke Ying paused, only to say that although the book is beautiful, the actual situation is not optimistic. If you need to confirm, you need to see the company’s financial certificate.

Feng Xiaosheng took a deep look at the woman, but for a while, stacks of books were moved over. The female director was not a vegetarian, and made trouble in every way. Fortunately, Feng Xiaosheng broke the siege in time and fooled the person.

Director Yuan Fenfang touched a soft nail on this side and immediately called his confidant Feng. At this time, this confidant was accompanying Feng Yong to deal with several major banks. Now the wind is tight, and no one dares to invest money in Fengshi. . After complaining about the bank, my confidant talked about what Feng Xiaosheng and Ke Ying had done in the company today.

Old man Feng was dissatisfied. The things that crawled out of the gutter seemed to have not been seated yet, so he wanted to seize power and told his confidant. You must tell Fenfang that the key books are hidden and no one can give them.

After consulting a lot of information, Ke Ying learned that Feng’s current is an empty shelf, supported by banks. In the past two years, Feng’s family has stopped and stopped domestic projects, and even the previously promising projects have also been abandoned. It’s really strange that a lot of funds have been returned to overseas.

Feng Yong remembered that when the real Feng Xiaosheng died, he was still persuading himself to treat Shen Shijie as his biological son to help the Feng Family Group get out of the crisis. For this real Asheng, Feng Yong was full of pity, and now only This way.

Feng Meng took the old oil gun to his lover’s restaurant, claiming that he would tell him one thing. If it succeeds, the old oil gun child will have the money to go to the United States to study for two lifetimes…

The next day, Feng Xiaosheng came to Xiaowu’s residence. He himself has been walking on the streets since he was a child. He pays most attention to the morality of the world. Feng Xiaosheng knows that Xiaowu is a man of righteousness, and the two are very close friends, because that day Ke Ying hurt the staff. He also bought a Mercedes-Benz as a gift to him.

Because of Feng’s affairs, Ke Ying had to ask for leave from the school. The leader regretted her talents and persuaded Ke Ying’s family to be important, but they should also devote a certain amount of energy to career. After hearing this, Ke Ying was not happy. Not only the school leader, but even Yu Chengbo was very surprised by her decision. How could Teacher Ke yield to that person?

After sending Feng Xiaosheng to the company, Xiaowu left. When waiting for the elevator, Feng Xiaosheng clearly noticed that someone was following him. He pretended to enter the elevator, and the people behind hurried to catch up. In fact, the person who was following was not The other person is Chen Hemiao, the daughter of Lao Chen.

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