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The Controllers 阳光之下 Episode 19 Recap

Facing Feng Xiaosheng, Ke Ying said frankly that although he hated him, he could not beat Feng Xiaosheng alone, so he simply took advantage of the trend to make his life more comfortable. Ke Ying will do his best to help him, but he has to trust himself, he must enter the company to understand all the accounts and projects, and that is, Xiao Wu…

After eating, Feng Xiaosheng sent Ke Ying home, and also called Xiaowu up. She looked at Xiaowu and said quietly: Do you know what it feels like to be chopped by someone? Xiao Wu only felt cold sweat on his back. Before he could react, the pen in Ke Ying’s hand was neatly inserted into the back of Xiao Wu’s hand, and Xiao Wu fell to the ground and rolled in pain. Feng Xiaosheng was very surprised for this woman, and he sent Xiaowu to the hospital.

After sitting down, Ke Ying began to ask him how to change his identity. It turned out that he jumped off the cliff that day and planned very carefully. They specially prepared a safety air cushion and a corpse for him, and there were still corpses left in the cave. Fingerprints and hair. When Feng Xiaosheng woke up, he didn’t know where he was. He even wondered if he was in hell. In fact, he was crossed over the ocean and transported to an ancient castle in Spain. The real Feng Xiaosheng is dying ill.

The other party told him that he was still Shen Shijie at the time: The two had a common father and revealed to him a crazy plan. This plan also completely changed the fate of Shen Shijie and many others. He was arranged into that plan and received plastic surgery. The operation became Feng Xiaosheng and returned to the Fengshi Group for that person.

However, when the police compared the DNA, they determined that the body was the cause of Shen Shijie, and Feng Xiaosheng refused to disclose it.

Xiao Wu came back from the hospital and lay on the bed. He received a call from him. The other party asked him to meet him in the old place for a drink, saying that there was a major event. The so-called old place was a bar. It turned out that there was a gangbang girlfriend. It was birthday today, and when the old oil gun Xiaowu rushed to the entrance of the bar, the people inside had already been ordered by the police for gambling.

Feng Meng was furious. A phone call called the two of them. After asking the reason, he turned his attention to Xiao Wu next to him. After learning that Xiao Wu was now Feng Xiaosheng’s driver, he asked about the injury on his hand. what’s going on. Xiao Wu froze for a long time and didn’t say why. The old oil gun knew that his second uncle was not a good stubble, so he simply pressed Xiao Wu’s hand to the table and took out a knife to pick up the gauze, exposing the wound. Xiao Wu could only lie that he was accidentally pierced into the back of his hand by a nail. Feng Meng knew that this was the other party’s prevarication, but he didn’t ask much, and smiled and pulled the two to sit down and drink.

After coming out of the second uncle, the old oil gun forced him to ask him about the wound. Xiao Wu was really anxious when he saw the other party, and could only say the name of Ke Ying. This woman was really cruel enough to spread her anger on her body and seal her up. The husband didn’t care, his pain was almost dead. After hearing this, the old oil gun consoled Xiaowu in turn. Maybe this was a test Feng Xiaosheng put on him. He would still have to go back when he recovered. The future depends on Mr. Feng, the big tree.

Lian Lian gave full play to her professional expertise and squatted underneath Ke Ying’s house for a long time before seeing Ke Ying who had come back from the morning run. Ke Ying knew about the other party’s seizure of the clan group, and learned from her that Feng clan had used despicable means to turn industrial land into commercial land a few years ago, but no real evidence could be found. Feng clan must have covered it up. The actions of the Feng Family Group were deeply ingrained, and Lian Lian could not shake them. Ke Ying worked hard to persuade her not to make trouble again, nor to trouble her deputy mayor’s mother. Lian Lian left angrily after hearing this, and all of this passed through the monitoring equipment to Feng Xiaosheng’s ears.

Ke Ying came to the Fengshi Group and asked to consult the company’s relevant information. The female director secretly scolded Ke Ying that it was nothing. Before she married Feng Xiaosheng, she began to put on airs.

When Xiao Tongbin and Xiaowu met, they remembered that on the third day of Lao Chen’s death, Ke Ying came to the bureau and said that Feng Xiaosheng was Shen Shijie, but she was afraid and hated Feng Xiaosheng and was almost choked to death in the hospital. Be engaged to him? This Ke Ying is really not easy…

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