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The Controllers 阳光之下 Episode 18 Recap

Ke Ying knew that the man in front of him had a hard time. The real Feng Xiaosheng was a noble son who had grown up in a crowd. If there was no one to help cover him, he would show up sooner or later. Ke Ying said that he can prove his identity and help him gain real power, and truly control the Fengshi Group, and the Fengshi Group is now transferring a large amount of funds overseas. He has no time to gradually seize power, so trusting himself is the only thing. Method.

Xiao Wu remembered what happened during the day and couldn’t stand the torment of his conscience. Finally, he called Xiao Tongbin to come out to meet him. First, he told him about the bug. At first, Feng Xiaosheng suspected that Xiao Wu did it. After checking it out, he found out that it was the second uncle. Xiao Tongbin couldn’t help but laughed at himself. He tried his best to sell the news to Feng Meng. He also expected how much trouble he would make. The result was nothing more than that, which was really unsatisfactory. At the same time, he also encouraged Xiao Wu not to be so timid. Normal people are afraid of some things, but they can’t shrink back because of fear.

After Xiao Wu listened, they were silent, and then the two of them turned their heads and talked about the incident of cutting off the finger of Ke Ying’s boyfriend yesterday, and Feng Xiaosheng named Xiao Wu by name, probably because he had doubts in his heart. Xiao Wu couldn’t bear it and didn’t do anything. Then a bastard named Lengtou cut off Yang Yuze’s fingers. Later, the severed finger was thrown on the road and was run over by a car, and there was no hope of replanting.

Speaking of this, Xiao Wu hesitated for a long time, hesitating to say that he wanted to quit. Today Feng Xiaosheng can let him chop off the manpower, and tomorrow he can let him unload someone else’s leg. The day after tomorrow, it may be a murder. After Xiao Tongbin listened, he patted Xiaowu on the shoulder, saying that if he thought it out, he could let him retreat all over, but to be honest, it is hard to say that Feng Xiaosheng could not get under the boat.

At the forum site, I have not seen Ke Ying. Yu Chengbo and Chen Hemiao were anxious, and no one answered the phone. Not only them, but also Lian could not contact Ke Ying. She was busy investigating the Yongcheng project these past two days. I can’t even talk about my mother’s phone. To be honest, for this daughter, even the mother, who is the deputy mayor, is helpless. She can get to where she is today. She has a clear view of the world, but hopes that her daughter will not be swallowed by the dark side of this society.

Lian Lian came to the Environmental Protection Bureau and found Director Wu who had asked to check the water samples in Yongcheng before, but the other party seemed to be under some pressure and pushed her to a Yongzhou friend named Liao and left.

Ke Ying stayed at home alone. She was isolated from the outside world these days, and no one’s phone was answered. When Yu Chengbo and Chen Hemiao came to see her, they happened to see Ke Ying getting in Feng Xiaosheng’s car downstairs in the community. .

This time there was no driver. Feng Xiaosheng drove by himself. He didn’t know where he got the news. Yang Yuze was going to the UK today, and he came to see Ke Ying on purpose, claiming to send her her former boyfriend together. Seeing that Ke Ying had come with Feng Xiaosheng, Yang Yuze paused and said nothing, pulling the suitcase and leaving Ke Ying’s sight.

After Xiao Wu got off work, he came to a public telephone booth, secretly took out a cell phone hidden inside, called Xiao Tongbin, learned from the other party, Yang Yuze withdrew the report, saying that he accidentally cut it off while cooking. With fingers, it seems that I want to be private. Also, Feng Meng seems to want to send money abroad recently, so Xiao Wu pays more attention.

Lian Lian’s investigation into Yongzhou was blocked when his mother knew about it. Lian’s mother claimed that the central government had sent an investigation team. If there was a problem with Feng’s family, it would be clear sooner or later.

Ke Yingzhong returned to campus, and her game with Feng Xiaosheng gradually grasped the initiative, and she became vigorous again, and the gossip behind her colleagues could not defeat this indomitable woman. She knew that Feng Xiaosheng needed her own assistance, so she took the initiative to call him to meet. While in the car, Ke Ying took the initiative to talk to Xiaowu. Xiaowu knew that she still had a grudge about Yang Yuze’s affairs, and she might have some hostility towards herself. When he arrived at the western restaurant, Feng Xiaosheng had already waited. He also asked if Ke Ying missed him, so he asked to meet him.

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