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The Controllers 阳光之下 Episode 17 Recap

When Ke Ying returned home, Yuze was anxious, but Feng Xiaosheng, how could she like such a person? Or do you want to wait for an opportunity to approach him and find out that Feng Xiaosheng is Shen Shijie? Facing Yuze, Ke Ying’s heart is like a knife. She slowly took off the ring on her right hand, trying to control her trembling voice, telling Yuze word by word that she had made a mistake, and Feng Xiaosheng was not like that. In a series of investigations, she accidentally fell in love with Feng Xiaosheng and persuaded Yuze to let go and stop pestering her.

Ke Ying knew that all the words he had just said to Yuze were transmitted to Feng Xiaosheng’s eyes through the monitoring equipment. Now she is in hell, and only hopes that this demon can let go of her lover and let Yuze go. A way of life.

When Ke Ying woke up the next day, Yuze was gone. She picked up the phone at home and dialed the other party’s mobile phone, only to learn that Yuze had gone to Fengshi Group. Ke Ying was confused for a while and hurriedly came to Fengshi. As soon as he entered the office, he saw Yuze tied to a chair, surrounded by Feng Xiaosheng’s bodyguards, and Feng Xiaosheng himself called this People rushed in and attacked him. As for the injuries on Yuze’s face, he explained that he was just defending.

Ke Ying knew that there was no reason to talk to the man in front of her. She suppressed the anger in her heart, lowered her eyebrows and apologized for Yuze Xiang Feng Xiao, but the other party didn’t seem to want them to leave so easily, before leaving. Shi was still stuck in Ke Ying’s neck, reminding her not to forget to accompany herself at night with the loudness that Yuze could hear.

Yang Yuze was furious, how could he endure the hatred of taking his wife, but a weak scholar was not Feng Xiaosheng’s opponent at all. He raised his hand and pointed at the man in front of him with his index finger, but was dragged down by Ke Ying. She knew that head-to-head is not the answer. She took the risk of feeding the tiger in front of the media for the safety of her family. For the time being, I’m asking for everything.

When Old Oil Gun and Xiao Wu were chatting, they received a call from Feng Xiaosheng. The other party confessed one thing and told him to do something cleaner. Feng Xiaosheng called to find herself personally, but the old oil gun didn’t dare to neglect, and called the brothers of the upper hand, and even Xiao Wu, who was unknown, was stuffed into the car.

After this incident, Yang Yuze seemed to have noticed something, and kept asking if Ke Ying was coerced by Feng Xiaosheng, and then had to break up with him. After hearing this, Ke Ying forcibly endured his grief, saying that he had changed his heart and abandoned him. The original oath has nothing to do with others. At this moment, a knock on the door suddenly sounded, and it was the old oil gun and a group of people who came in. It turned out that Feng Xiaosheng told him to lead someone to cut off Yang Yuze’s fingers. He wanted to give Xiaowu a chance to do meritorious service, but Xiaowu Wu couldn’t bear it in his heart and resented that he took off his mask, but he didn’t do it. After all, someone did it. Yuze lost his finger.

After Ke Ying broke free of control, he hurriedly sent Yuze to the hospital, but the broken finger was still with Feng Xiaosheng. She came to the Fengshi Group in despair, and asked the other party to leave Yuze a way out and return the broken finger to her. But Feng Xiaosheng learned from the old oil gun that his severed finger was thrown on the street after the matter was finished.

The gods were not beautiful. When the old oil gun and the others rushed to the scene with Ke Ying in the evening, there was heavy rain. She was holding a flashlight and she was soaked all over. Feng Xiaosheng was standing by the roadside. Because Xiaowu gave him an umbrella, the rain did not touch this imposing face. He looked at this crazy woman indifferently. It is no wonder that he had no father or mother since he was a child. How could Shen Shijie, a lover, understand this emotion.

After strenuous efforts to find the severed finger, Ke Ying immediately drove to the hospital. After she left, Feng Xiaosheng kicked the old oil gun to the ground, let this guy chop his hand, and chop a finger for himself? The old oil gun was frightened and said that he would go after him immediately and promised to get his finger back, but he was still slapped.

Xiaowu was instructed by the old oil gun and came to the hospital. He learned that the police had been involved in the matter. After Feng Xiaosheng got the news, he immediately called Ke Ying and threatened her with her parents and Yang Yuze in secret. He was not allowed to tell the police. In fact, Ke Ying knew that the lunatic was forced to do everything in a hurry, so when the police questioned him, he denied Yang Yuze’s testimony.

Facing the injured Yuze, Ke Ying felt very guilty. She could only continue to fulfil the lie she had told before, claiming that she had always been competitive and unwilling to be a university teacher. This was how Feng Xiaosheng was. What happened today was Feng Xiaosheng’s impulse. If he insisted on investigating, he would go to the police station and surrender himself, saying that he instigated someone to beat him.

After returning to the car, Ke Ying was not relieved from what had just happened, and Feng Xiaosheng was dragged into his Cayenne. She sat in the co-pilot and calmly stated that she would be tight-lipped, please Feng Xiaosheng shouldn’t have to make an inch of it, otherwise he would rather die with him. Facing Ke Ying’s threat, Feng Xiaosheng was indifferent. In his opinion, Ke Ying was just like a cat with its teeth and claws. If he wanted to, then she and Yang Yuze could die together. Of course, you can. Counting his father and his mother, let their family reunite underground.

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