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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 32 Recap

Yang Xun said that he would go to Shanghai again and buy some clothes for Xun Jianxiang. Xun Jianxiang said that he didn’t need it, and asked them to eat at night without waiting for him. Song Yunhui called to say that he wanted to see Liang Sishen off and asked Yang Xun to accompany him for dinner, and Yang Xun immediately agreed.

Xun Jianxiang also went to see Liang Sishen, and the two had not seen each other for many years. Liang Sishen is looking for Jianxiang because Song Yunhui was deeply hurt by her a few days ago. Song Yunhui said to see her off tonight, so I hope Xun Jianxiang will also help and persuade Xun Jianxiang. Xun Jianxiang refuses to make peace. Regardless, Liang Si resolutely told the truth and presented her work plan after returning to the United States.

As long as Song Yunhui has patience, she can persuade Luoda’s board of directors. Song Yunhui doubts her character because of her negotiating methods, so she can only find Jianxiang gave this to Song Yunhui. After hearing the truth from Liang Sishen, Xun Jianxiang finally agreed, but hoped that Liang Sishen would persuade Yang Xun not to make a four-star hotel. The second and third phases are about to start, and he still owes so much money.

Liang Sishen and Xun Jianxiang came to the hotel where Song Yunhui had arranged. Song Yunhui, Cheng Kaiyan and Song Yin were already waiting in the private room. Song Yunhui was taken aback when he saw Xun Jianxiang, and Cheng Kaiyan was also very embarrassed when he saw Liang Sishen. Liang Sishen greeted Cheng Kaiyan and bought a gift for Song Yin.

Then another person came in in the private room, Yu Shanqing. Xun Jianxiang couldn’t help but rushed up when he saw him. Song Yunhui hurriedly stepped forward to stop him. Yu Shanqing sincerely apologized to Xun Jianxiang, after all, what happened to Xun Jianxiang had done a great deal of harm to Xun Jianxiang. Song Yunhui and Cheng Kaiyan quickly told Xun Jianxiang that Yu Shanqing had gone to protect him when he had an accident.

At that time, Yu Shanqing could not find Xun Jianxiang’s watch and it was very likely that Xun Jianxiang would be classified as a robbery. Yu Shanqing was also frank, that he didn’t want to go, but Song Yunhui bought a new watch. Yu Shanqing knew that he was sorry for Xun Jianxiang, so he let him out. Xun Jianxiang tried to calm down, and Song Yin came to comfort him sensibly.

Everyone finally sat down to eat peacefully. Yu Shanqing is now in PD Chemical and is with Liang Si. Liang Sishen sarcastically said that after Luoda left, Song Yunhui was about to discuss a joint venture with PD, and he was a little angry for a while.

Song Yunhui asked Xun Jianxiang how to come with Liang Sishen, and Xun Jianxiang said that she dragged herself to give Song Yunhui something, but Liang Sishen interrupted her before she finished speaking. Yang Xun hurried to the box with a gift, saying that he was late, and that he had regarded Liang Sishen as a master, but Liang Sishen said that they were just friends.

After all, sometimes the teacher might not believe his students. Liang Sishen’s remarks were obviously angry with Song Yunhui. Yang Xun and Yu Shanqing exchanged business cards and told Song Yunhui that he planned to build a four-star hotel. He had already negotiated with Xiao Ran to let him use the market as a mortgage loan. Xun Jianxiang was very dissatisfied. .

At present, there is no way to register the hotel, so Yang Xun decided to join Xiao Ran. Xun Jianxiang was anxious on the spot and said that he should not believe that Xiao Ran and the two almost quarreled. Liang Sishen suddenly said that he could register a foreign company and give the company to Yang Xun. He didn’t need to be affiliated anymore, and Yang Xun was naturally happy.

Song Yunhui and Yu Shanqing drank, wishing the cooperation success, Liang Sishen was not happy at the time, and turned around to drink with Yang Xun. Song Yunhui also asked Liang Sishen to provide some information to Yu Shanqing. Liang Sishen gradually became angry. PD is a listed company, and foreign cooperation will only be more cautious than Luoda.

Liang Sishen thought that Donghai wanted the best equipment but did not provide the conditions. Song Yunhui was also angry and told her to put away the American arrogance. No one of the joint venture parties could always give in. He thought that Liang Sishen went abroad to open his vision and could make more To understand the needs of the motherland, at least not to discriminate, but Liang Sishen has become even stronger than them. Liang Sishen was also anxious. She did not discriminate against her motherland.

They had never experienced real discrimination. Since arriving in the United States, Liang Sishen has experienced all kinds of discrimination in his career in the United States. The reason why he returned to invest in his country is because the status of overseas Chinese can be improved only when the motherland is strong.

Liang Sishen and Song Yunhui gradually calmed down and said that they had given Xun Jianxiang a plan for her to return to the United States, trying to persuade Jean to give in. The two were quarreling just now. Song Yin hid in Cheng Kaiyan’s arms and was a little scared. Song Yunhui asked Yang Xun and Xun Jianxiang to send them back.

He wanted to discuss this matter with Liang Sishen again. Liang Sishen said that roads and bridges can also be included in the Donghai Investment. Song Yunhui explained that he had chatted with them early in the morning. Liang Sishen said that he would refund the ticket and wait for his news.

Yang Xun sent Cheng Kaiyan and Song Yin home. Song Yin fell asleep on Cheng Kaiyan’s shoulders. Cheng Kaiyan sighed deeply. He sat outside and looked at the lights at home, feeling very complicated. Cheng Kaiyan burst into tears when he met Cheng’s father and Cheng’s mother who had come all the way from thousands of miles away.

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