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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 31 Recap

Liang Sishen agreed to help Xiao Ran persuade Liang Fan. At this time, he received another long-distance call from the United States. It was Jean who said that the board of directors had rejected the cooperation plan. Liang Sishen immediately cancelled the vacation and returned to the room with a lot of information, saying that he was too busy today to accompany Grandpa Liang.

Grandpa Liang felt that Liang Sishen was in a relationship, and used work as an excuse. When leaving the hotel, Xiao Ran said that Yang Xun didn’t understand him, and he also advised Yang Xun to conquer a girl like Liang Sishen to improve his professionalism, and stalking candlelight dinners doesn’t work. He has never been interested in such a prickly girl. Yang Xun was stunned when he said this in his friendship with Yang Xun.

Grandpa Liang asked Liang Sishen to handle the matter within ten minutes. Liang Sishen helplessly explained the current situation to him. Donghai finally got the land approval, but Luoda repented and put forward an impossible condition to leave her alone. Go and inform Donghae. Grandpa Liang seemed very interested, and asked Liang Sishen to accompany him on a walk, and by the way tell the story.

Liang Sishen decided to go back to the United States tomorrow to talk to Gene in person, and try to find the opportunity to persuade them to give in face to face with the board of directors, or he would resign and force Gene to resign. Grandpa Liang laughed. They were waiting for her to resign. After Liang Sishen resigned, they would send someone to talk about it immediately.

As long as the conditions were lowered, the business would be negotiated, because Liang Sishen had already helped them to be bad guys before. Liang Sishen thought for a while and felt that it really made sense, so she could not go back to the United States, but went to the East China Sea. In any case, she had to talk about this matter. Grandpa Liang told her that the conflict between her and the boss must not be known to her opponent. The old house was demolished, and Grandpa Liang planned to buy another house in Shanghai.

Gao Xiangrong came to Song Yunhui and said that he had bought a few computers from him and the factory leader had one. Gao Xiangrong brought a piece of logistics experience in Shanghai Gaoqiao’s foreign joint ventures. He also said that the living supporting plan came out and asked Song Yunhui how to proceed. Song Yunhui said that Ma Baoping was catching this matter. Song Yunhui was so busy that Gao Xiangrong left when he saw this. Liang Sishen went to Donghai again and said that Luoda’s board of directors would help Donghai improve its conditions, but hoped that Donghai would invest 5 million US dollars in cash or equivalent assets.

Song Yunhui was very dissatisfied with the result. After the meeting, Liang Sishen told him that she had won from the board of directors. Very favorable terms, this part of the money can be converted into shares, which means that the future joint venture company Zhongdonghai will take control. Song Yunhui was very angry and took out a call record sheet.

At the beginning, Luoda proposed to increase the land by 2,000 acres. Song Yunhui also offered to exchange terms. Liang Sishen said he wanted to ask the headquarters but the number was domestic. Song Yunhui believed that Liang Sishen had deceived himself, and he would not accept such a condition in any case. The two broke up unhappy, and the cooperation might really be impossible to negotiate.

Han Zegang was very anxious to learn about this, and wanted to invite Japan back. Ma Baoping said that he must wait until the ministry has a definite reply. Ma Baoping put Han Zegang in charge of supporting life, no matter what, foreign capital will enter the East China Sea in the future. Gao Xiangrong heard Han Zegang’s words and immediately entered Ma Baoping’s office, and Han Zegang was very dissatisfied with him, because Gao Xiangrong fawned on Song Yunhui, but he did not have these treatments when he talked with the Japanese company. Han Zegang rushed away, and Ma Baoping was not satisfied with Gao Xiangrong. Gao Xiangrong said that he has seen people’s hearts over time.

Father Cheng was ignored by the people in the factory, and he returned home with a stinky face and called them a white-eyed wolf. Mother Cheng didn’t look very good either, because she received a letter. Father Cheng became anxious when he saw the letter. He cursed on the spot. The things in the letter were completely spreading rumors. Song Yunhui couldn’t do such a thing. Even for my own future, I can’t do such a thing.

Song Yin had to use scissors to cut the potted plants, Song mother reluctantly agreed, and Cheng Kaiyan came back and saw that she had been taught on the spot. Song Yunhui said that he would entertain guests for dinner in the evening, and let Cheng Kaiyan and Song Yin go together. When Cheng Kaiyan came back, he bought some vegetables and fish, so that Song’s father and Song mother could have a good meal.

Cheng’s father said he didn’t believe it, but he still called Cheng Kaiyan and asked her how the relationship was with Song Yunhui, saying that he had received a letter and was worried about her. But she didn’t want Cheng Kaiyan to receive the letter, and also said that she would not believe a word of the letter. Yang Xun took a field trip to open the hotel and took notes seriously, but Xun Jianxiang had no interest at all.

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