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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 30 Recap

Sibao suffered a lot of trouble. Lei Zhengming rushed home. His wife blamed him on the counters that Yang Xun gave him. They shouldn’t need them. They hadn’t opened them for more than a month. They signed a big order and asked him to go to Jinzhou. This order was introduced by Xiaolei’s family, and it was the small mountain at the peak sales point.

Lei Zhengming went to Yangtze Street in Jinzhou, Xiao Lei went to deliver goods, Lei Zhengming checked the account book, the business was not good, Xiao Lei introduced the business to others, Lei Zhengming asked him to leave, Xiao Lei’s family does not support People who eat inside and out. Xiaoshanzi quickly explained that he had introduced the business to him.

Although others did not know that Erdong was his wife’s cousin, but when they got married, Xiaoshanzi and Erdong met each other. Xiaoshanzi said that he wanted to go back to the factory to talk to him. Lei Zhengming did it and took out the real account book. The other one was for the village inspection. Lei Zhengming asked Xiaoshanzi to make up for the black eight hundred yuan, and he must be clean when doing things with him.

At Shanghai Airport, Liang Sishen and Liang Mu came to pick up Grandpa Liang. Liang Sishen had prepared the itinerary in advance and was ready. Grandpa Liang is not a simple character. He arranged his schedule early and said he wanted to invest in Shanghai. Grandpa Liang asked Xiao Wang to take his luggage to the hotel and walked around with Liang Sishen and Liang’s mother. Grandpa Liang came back this time and felt that Shanghai and his life for more than 40 years had not changed much, and he also praised Liang Sishen’s article in Wall Street newspapers as good. Grandpa Liang said he wanted to see for himself whether Shanghai’s economy was vigorous, and went straight to the stock exchange, and Liang Sishen reluctantly led the way.

Grandpa Liang and Liang Sishen were quarreling while visiting the booming Shanghai. When they returned to the hotel, Liang Fan had been waiting, and they also booked a private room for Grandpa Liang. Grandpa Liang had to go back to the hotel to change his clothes, but the change lasted forty minutes, and Liang Sishen’s patience was worn out. Grandpa Liang came to the private room and gave Mother Liang a pair of rings, saying that he and Grandma Liang had worn them back then, and let her and Father Liang wear them. Grandpa Liang also brought a meeting ceremony to Liang Fan, and Liang Fan bowed deeply to express his gratitude.

Today Liang Sishen and Grandpa Liang argued about the Chinese economy for a day. Grandpa Liang still doesn’t think that China’s economy is vigorous. Liang’s mother laughed and said that Liang Sishen returned to China for a visit two years ago and what he said was exactly the same. The rapid development of Shanghai over the past three years has changed her mind. .

Liang Fan agreed with Grandpa Liang’s opinion and said that he had built an office building in Shanghai and he could give him the best floor. Grandpa Liang asked Xiao Wang to give him a business card, saying that he should directly contact the department manager for such a small-sized project, and that he should keep his eyes on the investment. Liang Sishen is much better than Liang Fan. Grandpa Liang asked Liang Sishen to accompany him to Waigaoqiao at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, and Liang Sishen was very helpless.

Grandpa Liang came to see Liang Sishen for breakfast. Liang Sishen had an appointment to eat with Yang Xun for breakfast, so he refused. At this moment, Xiao Ran suddenly came. Grandpa Liang thought her date was Xiao Ran and left with wink. Xiao Ran Xingye and Cheng came to send information to Liang Sishen, and wanted to report to her the latest developments of herself and Liang Fan’s company, so as to dispel her worries. Liang Sishen refused to say that he had an appointment with someone else and couldn’t jump in the line.

Yang Xun had a romantic meal in the restaurant, only to see Xiao Ran following Liang Sishen’s buttocks, and quickly said he wanted to eat together, but Liang Sishen was obviously unwilling. Xiao Ran had to go to another table, and Liang Sishen didn’t bother to talk to him. It was very difficult for Yang Xun to be caught between the two. After all, they were all his ancestors, but Liang Sishen saw Xiao Ran as an eyesore, and Yang Xun immediately said that he would be sent away.

Yang Xun ran to persuade Xiao Ran. Xiao Ran heard that he was going to build a hotel and said that he could tell him which piece of land he was interested in, but he hoped that Yang Xun would avoid it first. He and Liang Sishen had very important things to discuss. Yang Xun said that Liang Sishen was still angry and advised him to leave first. Xiao Ran simply came to Liang Sishen and advised her not to embarrass Yang Xun, after all, he could not offend neither of them. Xiao Ran said that Liang Fan would terminate the cooperation with him.

Liang Sishen was a little surprised. Xiao Ran explained the cause and effect. He said that after reading Liang Sishen’s information, he thought it was indeed difficult to build an office building, so he wanted to hoard the land for the villa project, but Liang Fan did not Agree, it is precisely because Liang Sishen said that Liang Fan listens to Xiao Ran, and Liang Fan has always been against him recently to show his IQ. Xiao Ran said that the current disbandment had limited influence on him, but it had a great influence on Liang Fan. After all, everyone knew his abilities. Xiao Ran brought the villa project plan. He made classic-style villas, each with its own characteristics. Liang Sishen has some interest, but reminds him that it is just a different design that cannot beat everyone, but Xiao Ran’s goal is to let the company survive first.

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