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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 32 Recap

Cheng Nan came to Shanghai with her mother to see a doctor. The doctor told Cheng Nan that his mother’s tumor was close to the artery and it was not certain whether it was benign or malignant. The patient’s life is in danger at any time, and he recommends surgery.

Cheng Nan went to see Lu Ke and told her that his mother had an operation in the afternoon. Lu Ke said she would go to see her aunt. Her mother never knew about their breakup. When Cheng Nan asked Lu Ke to see her, could she not find her first? He worried that she could not stand the stimulation. Lu Ke went back to discuss with Zhang Mang. Zhang Mang was not very willing, but in the end he agreed to go, just reminding her that she can go to acting but the scale should be careful.

Then Lu Ke came to the hospital and Cheng Nan gave her the ring at the door of the ward. Lu Ke put it on and walked into the ward with him. Cheng Nan’s mother was very happy to see Lu Ke and asked why she had lost weight. Did Cheng Nan bully her? Lu Ke said Cheng Nan was very good to her. Cheng Nan’s mother had an operation that day. Lu Ke rushed to the hospital again until she had the operation. Cheng Nan asked her if she would come tomorrow. She said she would bring some soup tomorrow. Cheng Nan didn’t expect her to care about his mother so much. My heart is warm.

Siyi was surprised when she learned that Lu Ke was acting with Cheng Nan. She joked that if she was Zhang Mang, she would have to beat both of them. Lu Ke said she would make it clear when his mother was discharged. Siyi feels that Cheng Nan is complicating simple things. Lu can ask her to go to the showdown for Siyi. Siyi said no. She feels that Cheng Nan has not given up on Lu Ke. Lu Ke said that even if he has ideas But she didn’t.

Guan Yue went to talk to people about cooperation, but he didn’t expect that the other party said that she and Jia Xiaoning had a lot of online comments, and they had to assess the risks first. Guan Yue saw that some people said that she was very annoyed when she touched porcelain. Hasn’t she clarified everything? Siyi said that these black powders are nothing but trouble. Ye Zhou asked Siyi if he could delete comments in the background. Siyi felt that deleting comments was useless. Guan Yue’s statement could not be serious. The more serious they were, the more fierce they were.

Lu Ke felt that Guan Yue could not experience the second one after experiencing an online violence. Guan Yue was worried about how to change the way these black fans think about him. When they were discussing the matter at the bar, they just saw an anchor introducing the bar on the live broadcast and couldn’t help being inspired. They asked Guan Yue to also start the live broadcast. Guan Yue made a funny look at the camera and amused Siyi, Lu Ke and Ye Zhou. .

After Cheng Nan and Lu Ke went back to the supermarket to buy things, he asked Lu Ke to give him another chance. Seeing Lu Ke’s surprise, he laughed and said that he was joking. Lu Ke told Siyi about this, and Siyi thought that Cheng Nan was testing Lu Ke. Anyway, after his mother’s operation was done, Lu Ke wanted to wait until his mother was discharged from the hospital.

She came to the hospital again that day. Cheng Nan’s mother seemed to have guessed that they were separated. After hearing Lu Ke say that they had been separated for more than a year, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for her son and couldn’t bear Lu Ke. One month later, Cheng Nan’s mother was discharged. Lu Ke returned the ring to Cheng Nan. Cheng Nan invited her to dinner, saying that he had never let her go and asked her to give him another chance. Lu Ke said that it was impossible between them. .

On this day, Lao Huang received a text message from Cheng Nan saying that he was leaving for a while, but Lao Huang called him and failed to get through. He once heard Cheng Nan talk about the four big things, and he was worried that Cheng Nan could not think about it. Later Huang returned home, and saw that Cheng Nan had searched Yamu Mountain on his computer, and it was even more disturbing. The place was very dangerous and many people went there and never came back. Lao Huang, Lu Ke and the others went to the station to search separately.

He saw a back that looked like Cheng Nan. He ran over to see if it was him. He could not help holding Cheng Nan tightly so that he could almost breathe out. Cheng Nan saw Everyone was surprised when they came. He said that he was going to go cycling in Tibet. Yamu Mountain was one of the attractions. Old Yao asked him how his phone was turned off. He said that the phone was dead. Lao Huang wanted to go with Cheng Nan. He took out his mobile phone and booked the tickets immediately. When everyone saw that Lao Huang was with Cheng Nan, they were relieved.

A week later, Lao Huang and Cheng Nan came back. Everyone had a happy party in the bar. They saw Lu Ke and Zhang Mang laughing happily. Although Cheng Nan felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, he felt that Zhang Mang was more suitable for Lu Ke than him.

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