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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 31 Recap

President Ye was angry when his son Ye Zhou was about to quit his job and wanted to continue to be a policeman. The father and son had a dispute in the company. At this time, haggard Xiaotian appeared at the door of the office. His father fell ill and was admitted to the intensive care unit because of the order. He begged Mr. Ye and his factory to need this order and let him give them a chance. Ye always feels that doing business is not doing charity, and there is no legal effect if they don’t sign a contract.

Desperate Xiaotian suddenly picked up the paper cutter on the table and put it on his neck, asking them to give him an explanation. Upon seeing this, Ye Zhou hurriedly persuaded him to put the knife down, saying that he was still striving for this order, and Mr. Ye tried to comfort him and persuade him to calm down. At this time, the security rushed to hear the news. President Ye, Ye Zhou stopped him to take the knife, and Xiaotian was immediately controlled by the security guard. President Ye couldn’t help but feel distressed when he saw Ye Zhou’s hand being cut and bleeding.

Ye Zhou felt that Xiaotian was just impulsive. He didn’t call the police and told Xiaotian to go back. After returning home, Mr. Ye thought about it and felt that he was indeed a bit eager for quick success. Although the order was not discussed, he planned to invest in Xiaotian’s factory. Ye Zhou was very happy.

Father and son drank and chatted, seeing his son want to be a police officer, Ye Zong finally agreed. To help Ye Zhou realize his dream, Guan Yue formulated a detailed study plan for him and supervised his running training. Looking at Guan Yue’s attention, Lao Huang couldn’t help but lament the power of love.

Shen Siyi went to Hangzhou on a business trip and went to Anji to see Yao Yuan. Yao Yuan could not help but feel that she had changed when she saw her helping the children pick up the football. She would not do it before. Siyi teased Yao Yuan and changed, becoming exactly the same as the locals. Yao Yuan took her to Gu’s house for dinner. Gu told Si Yi that Yao Yuan was a nice person, but sometimes it seemed that there was something on his mind when she was alone. Siyi looked at the homestay Yao Yuan was working on and found it very good. She asked him if he planned to stay here and not return to Shanghai. Yao Yuan felt that he was very calm and could concentrate on doing things. In the evening, Yao Yuan asked Si Yi to choose a room to rest. She laughed and said what if she chose his room. Watching Yao Yuan approach her, she said she was joking.

When Guan Yue heard that Siyi went to Anji to find Yao Yuan, he asked Lu Ke if the two of them would get back together. Lu Ke laughed and said that Siyi had gone to Hangzhou on a business trip. Guan Yue has been eating healthy meals with Ye Zhou these days. That night, she was greedy and ate the bad fried chicken and had a stomachache. Ye Zhou sent her to the hospital. The next day she woke up and saw Ye Zhou by her side thinking that he missed the physical fitness test and couldn’t help but regret it. She didn’t expect him to show her the pass book from behind. Guan Yue was very happy after seeing it.

Yao Yuan has been living in Old Man Gu’s house in Anji, and he feels very sorry to see that Gu’s old house will soon be demolished. He believes that this old mansion that carries many memories of the elderly need not be demolished. In order to keep it, Yao Yuan and Siyi went to find Mr. Wang who planned to plan the hotel here. President Wang was moved by Siyi’s words, and when he heard Yao Yuan’s idea of ​​the house, he felt very creative.

He also wanted a better hometown when he opened the hotel, so their ideas coincided. He plans to cooperate with Yao Yuan and let him be responsible for the design of this old house. I heard that Siyi was going back to Shanghai, so Yao Yuan took her to see the waterfall. Siyi asked him if he was going back to Shanghai. He said to go back. Siyi said she was waiting for him in Shanghai.

Cheng Nan returned to Shanghai. On this day, he found a job and returned to his residence. He was blocked by the debt collector. Cheng Nan took out a few hundred yuan from his wallet and gave them to them. Qing, they wanted Cheng Nan’s patent to be rejected, and they went to get his computer and was blocked by Cheng Nan. The two sides pulled Zhong Lao Huang and rushed over. Seeing this, he immediately took a wine bottle and pointed at the debt collector, and then he helped Cheng Nan returned part of the money. At this time, Cheng Nan’s father called and said his mother was seriously ill. Cheng Nan was very anxious. He asked Lao Huang to help him in the hospital he had consulted in Shanghai. Then he packed up his things and hurried home.

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